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Summary [ Axes of Evil Epub ] BY Alex S. Johnson – PDF, Kindle eBook & TXT

Summary Axes of Evil

Summary Axes of Evil ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Alex S. Johnson ï 9 Free download Summary Axes of Evil Shed books including The House of Pain and Borrowed Flesh Terry M West author of What Price Gory director of the cult classic horror film Flesh for the Beast Del James author of The Language of Fear music journalist songwriter Guns N' Roses Testament etc And 30 of the finest writers in the horror field today I have determined that this astounding collection of horror is not merely an anthology but a cod. What s better than a big book full of horror fiction The answer is a big book of horror stories that are about Heavy Metal music Axes Of Evil is a heavy metal anthology for people who are passionate about metal music and horror fiction There are 34 stories in this collection that go from supernatural horror to comedy to splatterpunk Axes of Evil is edited by music journalist and horror writer Alex S Johnson and it includes stories from Sephera Giron Terry M West and Charie D La MarrThere are so many good stories in Axes Of Evil that its hard to pick just a couple to talk about but one of my favorite story in this collection was The Plaster Casters Rise Again by Charie D La Marr Since I love stories that combine horror humor and smut this one really appealed to me It s about a woman who makes molds of Rock Stars privates and goes to a metal show to get a mold from a rock st

Free read ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï Alex S. JohnsonAxes of Evil

Summary Axes of Evil ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Alex S. Johnson ï 9 Free download Summary Axes of Evil Carnage Blood Damage Diatonic scales Bone shards Blast beats Chaos Chromatics Gore Guitars Diabolism Double bass Riffs Wreckage Monsters Music AXES OF EVIL An original anthology of heavy metal themed horror stories edited by music journalist Metal Hammer and author Alex S Johnson Featuring Lucy Taylor Bram Stoker Award winning author for The Safety of Unknown Cities Sephera Giron author of over 15 publi. I really wanted to like this book as I m a lifelong fan of both horror and heavy metal Maybe my expectations were too high because I was disappointedFirst of all the book should be about half as long There are 36 stories and of those I liked 11 That made the book a chore to get through Most of the rest of the stories weren t actively bad they were just meh I m sure I won t remember them in a week Second I expected of a connection to heavy metal Some of the stories felt like the author shoved in a couple of metal references to fit an existing story in to the anthology Third don t start an anthology with the best story Mourningstar by Del James is far and away my favorite of the collection and it was EXACTLY what I wanted the book to be The metal and horror elements were perfect and Del James is an expert in each After such a rousing start the rest of the 550 pages could nev

Alex S. Johnson ï 9 Free download

Summary Axes of Evil ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Alex S. Johnson ï 9 Free download Summary Axes of Evil Ed Grimoire of magic Robin Dover As a reader and avid horror fanatic I often find myself saturated with supposedly great horror fiction only to be let down by the uality With this anthology I got everything I could possibly want; Horror and Metal Thirty four stories with bite and balls make this a must read Axes of Evil isn't just a book; it's an epic tome of brutality Dale Herring LET THE SHREDDING BEG. There are just some thing you think there should be of but you don t realize it until you see it for the first time It s like when the Eggo waffle folks finally got around to making their own syrup How hard of an idea was that to pop out And how long did that take them It s not rocket surgery folks I felt the same way when I heard about Axes of Evil an anthology of horror stories based with heavy metal music as the central theme Heavy metal and horror the chocolate and peanut butter of my world together in the written word I could peeAxes of Evil is a huge almost clocking in at 600 pages collection of stories ranging from the brutally hilarious to the downright evil Personal favorites of mine include Keltorrian by Jacurutu23 Extremophiles by Lucy Taylor Battle of the Bands by Joel Kaplan and Tones of Skin and Bones by Michael Faun The absolute gem of the anthology in my

  • Paperback
  • 578
  • Axes of Evil
  • Alex S. Johnson
  • English
  • 15 July 2018
  • 9781497360563