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Read & Download Gulag a history Gulag a history characters ´ 100 E was like in the camps and links them to the larger history of the Soviet Union Immediately recognized as a landmark and long overdue work of scholarship Gulag is an essential book for anyone who wishes to understand the history of the twentieth centur. A 5 star read without a doubt This book impacted me on so many levels I was absorbed and utterly fascinated with every word I read My family is from Russia I am a first gen American and many of the events and situations which occurred in this book related to my family history It s impact was tremendous as I learned so much of what had happened and what it must have been like for my family living and eventually escaping during Stalin s reign As a young girl I heard stories of my grandfather having been in a labor camp but until I read this I never knew what that really meant My family knew a dissident who vacationed in the same resort we did every year until I read this I truly did not understand what that meant either Of course we all can intellectually know what that means but Applebaum brings it to light on so many levels I feel like I had the best Russian history lesson yet was emotionally engaged the whole time What better way to learn about history Anne Applebaum is truly a talented writer It is evident how well researched this book is and she is able to present it in such a wonderfully engaging and readable format Speaking for myself other than knowing that labor camps existed I had NO idea to the extent and to the length of time they existed I am sure I am not alone in this and this book brings so much to our understanding of the world I feel it is a very important contribution to history and a wonderful memorial to those who experienced these miserable situations I feel it also brings an understanding of the Russian people both past and presentI highly recommend this book

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Gulag a history

Read & Download Gulag a history Gulag a history characters ´ 100 The Gulag a vast array of Soviet concentration camps that held millions of political and criminal prisoners was a system of repression and punishment that terrorized the entire society embodying the worst tendencies of Soviet communism In this magisteri. I have been reading some memoirs about the Soviet Gulags and I discovered that I didn t have enough knowledge of Russian history to process what I was reading about individual experiences Conseuently I picked up Applebaum s book Her book was precisely what I needed She presents a very systematic explanation of the gulags in three sections 1 the historical precedents prior to Stalin s regime and the rise of their power under Stalin 2 Day to day life in the gulags and 3 the dismantling of the Gulag s after Stalin s death and their diminishing presence through several other Soviet leaders and into 21st century Russia politics and judicial penal system At times the amount of detail was close to overwhelming but Applebaum places all the facts into strong frameworks without losing the debates and ambiguity present in the field because of incomplete and missing information She blends data history politics personal history and even a few exerpts from literary works to create her history I expected to see cruelty depicted but what shocked me the most was the arbitrary manner in which arrests labor torture and even releases were conducted It would be maddening to live under a regime that weilded so much power in ways that were incomprehensible to its people Anyone could be arrested and placed in labor death camps criminals dissidents and even members of the Communist party Were the gulags so heavily populated because Stalin wanted cheap labor as a way to industrialize the Soviet Union They never were cost effective Was he trying to brow beat people into submission They created strife between people and government Was he trying to reform criminals and political dissidents Few if none of the gulag prisoners became better people because of their time in the camps if they lived through it The accounts made me wonder how human beings could descend into such irrational mistreatment of one another and made me wonder if such nonesense still persists in other countries even in small ways even in our own Before this summer I could fit everything I knew about the gulags on a postage stamp Applebaum gave me a wealth of knowledge and much to ponder I m glad that I found this book even if her book was the antithesis of a summer read

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Read & Download Gulag a history Gulag a history characters ´ 100 Al and acclaimed history Anne Applebaum offers the first fully documented portrait of the Gulag from its origins in the Russian Revolution through its expansion under Stalin to its collapse in the era of glasnost Applebaum intimately re creates what lif. A third to a fourth remains when I write this I have 8 hours left of 27 hours and 45 minutes I am chugging along but I ll tell you Gulag A History is an exceptionally hard read The topic is dark and I am usually fine with difficult subjects but this proves to be harder than I thought The book is VERY thorough Chapter after chapter covering every possible aspect of the Gulag camps I have read a lot previously on the topic References are made to much of what I have read beforeand yet still there is The material presented is well organized The author analyzes the evidence she doesn t simply accept what is being said but compares information with other sources Yet there is so much information you get drowned by the details and what is discussed is so very horrible Here is one example of the meticulous analytical manner in which facts are studied The food eaten in the camps is discussed so of course food portions in grams must be listed too for each and every prisoner type On top of that the water content which skews the nutrient content for the given weight is documented See what I mean by thorough Phew Thoroughness on top of being a very difficult subject makes this a hard read It is a clinically accurate and an encyclopedic tome Tons of references to particular individual experiences This I likeOn completion I want to re emphasize what I noted above The book is well organized well researched thorough meticulously documented and encyclopedic in content Multiple references to particular individuals experiences are sited Statements are not taken at face value instead each is evaluated to discover the real truth How is the book organized There are three sections The first covers how the camps came into being and developed with time The central section covers life in the camps divided into chapters focusing on different themes ie different aspects of the camps Here are some examples of the themes arrest interrogations incarceration in prisons transport to the camps intermediary transit camps Once in the camps the following themes are eually meticulously documented freedom of movement classification of the incarcerated bathing dining food sleeping facilities work propaganda punishment and reward communication with the outside world spiritual issues criminals versus political prisoners women and children and births and nurseries and sex and rape and prostitution and love and homosexuality I simply cannot list everything What is essential to understand is that every aspect is meticulously documented There are statistics and uotes from the incarcerated The third section is about the dismantlement of the camps and the situation at the end of the 20th century Finally there is an epilogue that focuses on why the author felt the book needed to be written The first and the third section are in chronological order Numerous references are made to authors such as Aleksandr Solzjenitsyn Yevgenia Ginzburg Osip Mandelstam Andrej Sacharov and others I found the war years and the treatment of Poles Crimean Tartars Ukrainians Chechens and other Caucasians seen from the perspective of current events particularly interesting Also Putin s background The book s organization and clear writing makes it easy to follow BUTyou can feel at points that you are drowning in all the information It is like reading an encyclopedia section of over 600 pages If I were writing a research paper this would be a fantastic resource It is itself a bit like a research paper I would have appreciated a bit editing Even if it is easy to understand it doesn t read as a book for the general public in that it is so comprehensive I do think there was a real need for such a book How you rate a book depends on what you personally are looking for My three star rating is by no means a judgment of the book s uality my rating only shows my personal appreciation of the book I liked it and would definitely recommend it to others along with a word of warning that it is at times tedious and often relates horrible eventsThe narration of the audiobook by Laural Merlington was absolutely excellent I cannot judge her Russian pronunciation I liked the speed at which it was narrated and the ease at understanding each word Clearly narrated This is essential in a book of non fiction I am giving the narration five stars

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