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Soraya Diase Coffelt (epub) Its Not about You Mr. Santa Claus

  • Hardcover
  • 34
  • Its Not about You Mr. Santa Claus
  • Soraya Diase Coffelt
  • en
  • 26 February 2018
  • 9781630472634

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Its Not about You Mr. Santa Claus Free read Ý 109 Yone euates Santa Claus and the giving of gifts with Christmas but what event was the catalyst behind this centuries old traditionThis delightfully illustrated children's story is sure to. After reading the first two books in this series my youngest two children and I were really looking forward to this one This book like the others in the series begins with a little boy writing a letter this time to Santa Claus Unlike the normal Christmas wish list the boy decides to ask Santa Claus if he knows where all this gift giving really started Being a Christian series the history and background surrounding Christmas concentrates on the birth of Jesus Christ It s always a delight to read this to the kids but I love the way this author weaves Santa Claus in while telling the tale of Bethlehem Neither the fun fantasy around the North Pole nor the respect for Christ s birth is lost as the little boy explains everything to Santa in his letter So bonus points for thatThe illustrations are perfect colorful and fitting to the story They don t simply follow along with the written words but add to the story My daughter especially liked flipping through these again and againI also enjoyed the addition of King Herod to the Christmas story someone who is often forgotten in traditional tellings The evil king s intentions add just the right dash of adventure which kids will loveand it s so fitting to the little boy writing the letterSummed up this is a delightful read right before Christmas I wouldn t recommend it to the youngest readers since the story is a bit longer for a picture book but kids 4 will enjoy it It carries everything needed to explain Christ s birth while allowing kids to keep the tradition of Santa Claus It s a book kids will love to listen to while drinking some hot chocolate nibbling on a few Christmas cookies and snuggling close together near the Christmas treeI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Summary Its Not about You Mr. Santa ClausIts Not about You Mr. Santa Claus

Its Not about You Mr. Santa Claus Free read Ý 109 Become a tradition for you and your family as the holiday rolls around each year Christmas is a special time of celebration and one in which we have time to reflect on what is most importa. I think this is a well written book Thank you Goodreads for this children s book It s Not About You Mr Santa Claus is a religious book The author very clearly tells the story of Christ s birth in a way that young children can understand I am not particularly religious so it came across as preachy to me But if you want to explain the religious aspect of Christmas to a young child I recommend this book

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Its Not about You Mr. Santa Claus Free read Ý 109 Where Did Gift Giving BeginChristmas is one of the most important holidays celebrated in most countries around the world yet the true origin of this special day is often missed Almost ever. There are plenty of children who write letters to Santa each year But how many letters to Santa include the gospel message In this picture book a young boy does just that Dear Mr Santa Claus It s me again a kid I know I ve written lots of letters to you before with long lists of gifts I wanted for Christmas Well not this year This letter is different I discovered the real meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with you at all It is about a very special gift I want to tell you about this gift By the way how are you and Mrs Santa Claus doing Have you lost any weight Did your helpers the elves grow any taller Do you still like cookies and milk Are you still wearing that red furry outfit I ve always wondered what do you wear in the summer timeIt s a simple book with a timeless message Which timeless message Well I suppose I could pick one or two that stand out First that Christmas is not about Santa and presents and shopping It is actually about celebrating Jesus Second that the gospel is too good to keep to yourself The gospel is for sharing The real Christmas story began a long time ago when a Roman emperor named Caesar Augustus ordered that a census be taken A census is when all the people had to be counted At that time A man named Joseph and his wife Mary had to take a long journey to the city of David known as Bethlehem for the census It wasn t an easy journey as Mary was going to have a baby soonThe focus of this book is on retelling the Christmas story and communicating the gospel message Probably leanings toward retelling I was pleasantly surprised by the illustrations I thought they were very nicely done Will this book please every single reader Probably not It may not be a perfect fit for every family this holiday season But I think for some it will be a great find