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Louise Henderson (PDF Kindle ePUB) Cornered

  • Kindle Edition
  • 78
  • Cornered
  • Louise Henderson
  • English
  • 12 October 2017
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SUMMARY Cornered 109 Louise Henderson ë 9 SUMMARY READ Cornered Born in 1975 Louise was living a happy normal life as the much adored only child of two loving and hard working parents But then the tragic deaths of her father and grandfather within two years of each other turn her life upside down Having moved in with her mother's parents after the death of her father Louise finds that her grandmother's increasing reliance on the local church for comfort afte Sad StoryThis is a sad story of child abuse It s a worldwide problem that too often goes unreported The perpetrator knows just how to make the child feel like it s all their fault so they should keep uiet about it I believe Louise proves this theory in her book To make her believe she is demon possessed so he could have his way with her is sickening Gave it 4 stars for poor editing

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SUMMARY Cornered 109 Louise Henderson ë 9 SUMMARY READ Cornered R her husband's death draws a soon to be unwelcome guest to the family home the verger Mr Jarvis Whilst outwardly paying attention to her widowed grandmother he also seems to be focussed on Louise herself and abuses his position of trust both at the church's Sunday school and in the family home to force his unnatural obsessions on her Even after Louise's mother remarries and she can finally look Too shortI had so hoped to learn about the impact of not only Louise but her family and that sick pig I only hope as life continues on Louise will continue to share her story so that people such as myself a victim realize we are not the cause of such actions

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SUMMARY Cornered 109 Louise Henderson ë 9 SUMMARY READ Cornered Forward to moving away from Mr Jarvis Louise must endure one harrowing attack before he is finally caught out But even then with child protection teams still very much in their infancy in the early 1980s Louise still lives with the conseuences of her unstable childhood WARNING This book is based upon a true story of child abuse and as such contains passages that some readers may find disturbing New perspectiveMy heart broke for Louise as I felt her fear so deep understood it cause I faced it as a child from a trusted family friend it helped me to release a few of my own demons