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[Summary My Fantoms] Epub by Théophile Gautier – Epub, Kindle eBook and

  • Paperback
  • 194
  • My Fantoms
  • Théophile Gautier
  • English
  • 09 June 2017
  • 9781590172711
My Fantoms

Free read Ò My Fantoms ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Free download My Fantoms Toms assembles seven stories spanning the whole of Gautier’s career into a unified work that captures the essence of his adventurous life and subtle art From the erotic awakening of “The Adolescent” through “The Poet” a piercing recollection of the mad genius Gérard de Nerval the great friend of Gautier’s youth My Fantoms celebrates the senses and illuminates the strange disguises of the spirit while taki I had read other books by Theophile Gautier but nothing prepared me for this superb collection of fantasy horror stories entitled My Fantoms translated by the biographer Richard Holmes To the extent that it was Holmes s contribution that made the difference I think I d like to see him do translationsThe only thing that threw me for a loop was that Holmes changed the titles of the seven stories from in some cases their much better known original titles It is not until the Bibliographical Note at the very end of My Fantoms that Holmes gives us the original titles For the sake of reference here they areThe Adolescent Omphale Histoire RococoThe Priest originally La Morte amoureuseThe Painter originally Onuphrius Wphly ou Les Vexations fantastiues d un admirateur d HoffmanThe Opium Smoker originally La Pipe d opiumThe Actor originally Deux Acteurs pour un r leThe Tourist originally Arria Marcella Souvenir de Pomp iThe Poet originally G rard de NervalThe last story does not resemble a story at all Rather it seems like a commemorative essay on Gautier s dear departed best friend G rard de Nerval who had hanged himself from a lamppost some years before Then as one reads on the tribute is full of details that Gautier could not possibly have known and which strain the reader s credibility By far the best stories are The Priest and The Tourist It is in the latter story in which the ruins of Pompeii come back to life just so that the hero Octavian could live a love affair with one of the victims of Mount Vesuvius some 1800 years before It is in that story that Gautier s most famous uote can be foundNothing in fact actually dies everything goes on existing always No power on earth can obliterate that which has once had being Every act every word every form every thought falls into the universal ocean of things and produces a circle on its surface that goes on enlarging beyond the furthest bounds of eternityIf you ever find yourself reading the journals of the Goncourt brothers who knew Gautier well you would find in him a somewhat bizarre but appealing figure one that I hope to know better after reading of his work

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Free read Ò My Fantoms ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Free download My Fantoms Romantic provocateur flamboyant bohemian precocious novelist perfect poet not to mention an inexhaustible journalist critic and man about town Théophile Gautier is one of the major figures and great characters of French literature In My Fantoms Richard Holmes the celebrated biographer of Shelley and Coleridge has found a brilliantly effective new way to bring this great but too little known writer into English My Fan In my contrarian days I was a subscribing member of the Committee for Scientific Investigation into Claims of the Paranormal now known as the temperate and less narrowly focused Committee for Skeptical Inuiry For real Oh I was armed with ferocious resources to debunk commonly cherished myths like flying saucers crop circles psychics and divine creation None of which added to my already limited popularity And I am cynical stillBut that doesn t mean there aren t ghosts They just aren t cinematic They are the little fissures in the mind that blur that disconnect Except for the heavy lifting of course That s when the Devil comes in Having cast around for a long time the best answer he could come up with was that the whole thing was inexplicable unless it was the Devil himself at work The Devil has always preyed upon mankind and Jesus himself was not spared his wiles The temptation of St Anthony is well known and Martin Luther was also tormented by Satan so that to drive him away he was reduced to throwing the inkwell at his head One can still see the mark of the ink on the wall of his monk s cellThe Devil makes a few appearances in these 19th century ghost stories toying first with an artist and then with an actor The actor was attempting to portray the Devil in a stage play but he wasn t getting the Satanic laugh uite rightOften of course the protagonists were confronted with feminine fantoms Of this I know I have heard serious minded people make flippant remarks about the kind of love that is conceived for actresses and ueens and lady poets and for all women who to their way of thinking excite a man s imagination rather than his affections and yet it is just this kind of mad love affair which leads to insanity to death or to the unheard of sacrifices of time or wealth or intellect So You think you are in love Ah But don t you sometimes think you are ill And yet if you think you are then you really are The final story in this collection is hardly fiction rather it is a meditation of sorts of the author s friend the poet G rard de Nerval who ended it all in the Rue de la Vieille Lanterne by means of a thin strap perhaps the ueen of Sheba s garter attached to the bars of a wall ventilatorI started this story just after reading a review about some Gustave Dor prints They make an impression to say the least So I was startled when Gautier when describing his friend s suicide took us to the very place first to a lithograph by C lestin Fran ois NanteuiAnd then to a drawing by Gustav Dor A black masterpiece he calls it which prompts the reflection that horror has its own beauty

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Free read Ò My Fantoms ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Free download My Fantoms Ng readers on a tour of modernity at its most mysterious ”What ever would the Devil find to do in Paris” Gautier wonders “He would meet people just as diabolical as he and find himself taken for some naïve provincial”Tapestries statues and corpses come to life; young men dream their way into ruin; and Gautier keeps his faith in the power of imagination “No one is truly dead until they are no longer loved” Wonderful stories Superb writing Phantasmagoria Fantastiue I loved each one of these even the one that is about Nerval his friend and poet than a fictional story I really enjoyed this collection This went on my best reads pile I was sad when I had blazed through the whole thing and it ended Highly recommend to fans of the gothic phantasmagoric type stories