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[PDF/EPUB] The Best Interface Is No Interface BY Golden Krishna

  • Paperback
  • 256
  • The Best Interface Is No Interface
  • Golden Krishna
  • en
  • 22 November 2017
  • 9780133890334

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Summary ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¹ Golden Krishna Download È The Best Interface Is No Interface ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Times a day responding to the addictive buzz of Facebook or emails or TwitterAre you sick There's an app for that Need to pray There's an app for that Dead Well there's an app for that too And most apps are intentionally addictive distractions that end up taking our attention away from things like family friends sleep and oncoming trafficThere's a better wayIn this book innovator Golden Krishna challenges our world of nagging scree. Not just one of the best books I ve read as far as content goes but the way the book plays with the format to make its points is incredibly uniue Highly recommend

Summary ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¹ Golden Krishna

The Best Interface Is No Interface

Summary ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¹ Golden Krishna Download È The Best Interface Is No Interface ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Our love affair with the digital interface is out of control We've embraced it in the boardroom the bedroom and the bathroomScreens have taken over our lives Most people spend over eight hours a day staring at a screen and some technological innovators are hoping to grab even of your eyeball time You have screens in your pocket in your car on your appliances and maybe even on your face Average smartphone users check their phones 150. Design professional Golden Krishna has become frustrated with graphical user interfaces The novelty has worn off putting every important function into a smartphone app and the ubiuity of touchscreens has made ordinary people subservient to their technology Think about it does your refrigerator really need WiFi compatibility and a streaming Pandora feed Even better is driving enhanced when drivers have in dash Facebook demanding their attentionKrishna comes from a background in User Experience UX a design paradigm emphasizing how we can maximize users positive response to new technology This often parallels with another discipline User Interface UI which specifically focuses on graphical user interfaces or as they re called in the industry interfaces These two disciplines have become so entwined that many job seeker websites now advertise UXUI as a single field confining end user experiences to a screenNo says Krishna this is wrong This attitude encourages sameness resulting in finished products not sufficiently differentiated and poorly attuned to user needs Design meetings begin with enthusiastic goals to re envision some task we all undertake they finish by creating another smartphone app impractical website with fifty page usage agreement or another screen stuck somewhere it doesn t belong Graphic interfaces on curbside trash cans ReallyRather than repeating past success Krishna advocates three core principles1 Embrace Typical Processes Instead of Screens2 Levarage Computers Instead of Serving Them3 Adapt to IndividualsKrishna refines these three principles into new outlooks on the design process He asks his colleagues uestions that have gone largely unasked is this process better efficient useful than what came before Is a smartphone app to unlock your car practical than your key No Can simple screen free technology make difficult tasks simpler Can household technology learn user preferences without cumbersome insulting screen appsIn some respects Krishna s vision overlaps with prior visionaries and critics Jaron Lanier springs to mind Both inveigh against technological passivity Computers and other doodads are fine Krishna asserts if they serve human needs and make human life simpler But addictively colorful phone apps unhelpful multistep processes for simple tasks and ad space colonizing screens like Spanish moss has made life palpably less simple and enjoyableTechnology is capable of learning human needs While it s impossible for designers to create separate experiences for the millions potentially billions of individual users technology is capable of adapting itself Krishna cites several examples from a simple fuzzy logic home thermostat to Deep Blue the chess playing computer that beat Garry Kasparov of devices and systems that see human uniueness as a virtue not a bugTo emphasize his message Krishna has made this book a paragon of design Though running north of 200 pages plus back matter Krishna s text is actually much shorter with visual diagrams photos dialogs and non traditional use of white space He writes with the compressed energy of a TED talk and uses his book to demonstrate his principles He doesn t wallow in nitty gritty tutorials Instead he invites readers to share an evolving visionA prior reviewer wrote Make no mistake This is a sermon It s not a practical guide It s not a set of concrete steps to improve If I may speak for Mr Krishna that s essentially the point UXUI has become dominated by step by step instructions and closed process approaches which render customers and designers both functionally passive Krishna speaks against that techniue demanding content creators and experience designers remain actively engaged with their productKrishna s stated principles will undoubtedly receive much criticism Not just from those whose career paths rely on tech companies doing what they ve always done either He repeatedly stresses the importance of design ethics of prioritizing users well being above monetizing eyeballs Can you imagine say Mark Zuckerberg telling shareholders that this uarter s dividends have gone down because he d rather do right by users than sell ad spaceMe neitherThat said he s not wrong Today s epidemic of people glued eyes first to laptops tablets and phones didn t just happen UXUI professionals designed it Enrapt audiences are good customers and accurately good product which corporations can tranch and resell to ad peddlers see also Marc Goodman Much as I enjoy Facebook it s impossible to deny that first generation coders didn t have our best interests in mindNo this isn t a how to book It s a vision of what Golden Krishna believes computers should be capable of It s a manifesto for future designers to apply themselves to making technology simpler for us not dominant over us It s a vision of a future in which I d willingly live

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Summary ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¹ Golden Krishna Download È The Best Interface Is No Interface ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB N based bondage and shows how we can build a technologically advanced world without digital interfacesIn his insightful raw and often hilarious criticism Golden reveals fascinating ways to think beyond screens using three principles that lead to meaningful innovation Whether you're working in technology or just wary of a gadget filled future you'll be enlighted and entertained while discovering that the best interface is no interfac. As a computer functioning individual a book about technology is a little out of my normal wheelhouse but I found this book engaging and compelling This book was about ways to make technology seamlessly integrated into daily and social life which was fascinating but the points I found the most compelling were a little selfish This book really made me take a look at the way I interact with technology my cellphone that never leaves my pocket or hand and ways that I should improve that area of my life A worthwhile and challenging read