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Mark Douglas-Home (Pdf epub) The Malice of Waves Cal McGill Sea Detective #3

Summary Ì E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¹ Mark Douglas-Home

Read The Malice of Waves Cal McGill Sea Detective #3 The Malice of Waves Cal McGill Sea Detective #3 characters È 109 Mark Douglas-Home ¹ 9 characters Haeologist and a former intelligence officer have failed to uncover what happened to fourteen year old Max Now Cal McGill an oceanographer with expertise in tracking bodies at sea has taken up the uest and finds himself caught between a father hell bent on vengeance a fami In brief enjoyableIn fullI came across this book about Cal McGill the sea detective and found it was the third in the series I m always concerned about starting reading part way through a series however the premise was intriguing so I decided to give it a try and I m glad I did Five years ago a 14 year old boy has gone missing from a Hebridean island His father has been obsessed by the disappearance He continues to suspect a closeknit community on the closest occupied island of concealing the truth Cal McGill comes on to the scene in his role as an oceanographer He seeks to find where a body may have ended up I found the start held my attention and was entertaining always assuming you find the idea of using a dead pig in the sea to try and work out where a human body may have goneThe writing is easy to read and has a well written feel to it The characters of both the investigators and the island community emerge and feel fairly well rounded and interesting In particular the character of Cal somewhat understated I thought was very good indeed As with so many of the literary investigators he is a loner and in Cal s case someone who is happier watching and trying to understand the sea rather than anything else He also seems to be uite a good listener The other character which is very well worked and utilised is the setting evocative writing paints a good picture of windswept isolation I do have one or two reservations about this story I found the family of the boy who went missing the Wheelers less well developed sadly I get the fact that the father is simply obsessed and overwhelmed by the disappearance of his son and that that is very much part of the story however the other siblings three girls did not really emerge as people until late in the book The other reservation is over the character and storyline surrounding Stanley Pryke this didn t really work for me I d prefer not to give anything away about the details of the story and anyway I enjoyed the bookI intend to read of Cal McGill who I found an interesting and fairly original character in a well written storyhttpviewsonorgukfictionmalice

Read The Malice of Waves Cal McGill Sea Detective #3

The Malice of Waves Cal McGill Sea Detective #3

Read The Malice of Waves Cal McGill Sea Detective #3 The Malice of Waves Cal McGill Sea Detective #3 characters È 109 Mark Douglas-Home ¹ 9 characters Ly riven by tragedy and a community resentful at being accused of murder As Cal goes about his investigation he discovers an island that provokes dangerous passions in everyone that sets foot on it And he has a nagging worry if Max was murdered why shouldn't it happen agai I loved the first two novels in this series but The Malice of the Waves just dragged on and on with too many people just chewing on the mystery What a shame

Summary Ì E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¹ Mark Douglas-Home

Read The Malice of Waves Cal McGill Sea Detective #3 The Malice of Waves Cal McGill Sea Detective #3 characters È 109 Mark Douglas-Home ¹ 9 characters For five years Priest's Island has guarded the secret of Max Wheeler's disappearance Each anniversary the boy's family gathers at the scene to mourn his loss and to commission a new inuiry into the mystery So far a retired chief constable a private detective a forensic arc This is an atmospheric intelligent intense and compelling crime story set in the Outer Hebrides Priest s Island is historically interwoven with the tragedies that have befallen the Wheeler family The mother dies in a accident and the teenage Max disappeared whilst camping on the island owned by his father David Max is presumed murdered although it could have been an accident Wheeler is a shell of a man now he has lost his home and business in his attempts to find the body of his son and his murderer To that end through the years he has funded a number of investigations which have come to nothing He has three daughters Joss Chloe and Hannah who are lost and adrift with a grief stricken and obsessed father who is barely aware that they even exist It is all about Max and David s hatred of the locals who he feels have deliberately closed ranks and protected a murderer The location the seas and the weather plays an all encompassing central and majestic role in the novelCal McGill oceanographer and detective is ostensibly engaged by Wheeler to find out what happened Cal is carrying out experiments to discover where the local currents could deposit the body He meets unwavering hostility from the locals who see him as an instrument through which David Wheeler continues to persecute the community Cal does not limit himself to the science and finds himself caught up with the people in the case Interwoven in to the story is Pinkie Pryke a collector of rare erythristic bird eggs who in his efforts to secure the rarest of Raven eggs comes to Priest s Island DS Helen Jamieson goes undercover in the community to access local intelligence Bella and Catriona run the local Deep Blue cafe which forms the central hub for the locals acting as a barometer for gauging their feelings and actions With ominous premonitions and two devastating storms hitting the area one after the other the malice of the waves is certain to wreak havoc on the locals and others The past revisits the present as tragedies continue to visit the doomed Wheeler family as Joss turns up dead This brings a storm of media interest in the case and the locals Is a murderer striking again Where will it all end Cal finds the case reawakens his insecurities about his relationship with his own father who has gone on create another family in Africa Cal is a fascinating and offbeat character who seems to embrace the itinerant lifestyle Through him the author does a sterling job in informing the reader about the intricacies and the science of the seas but in such a way that it adds unexpected depths to the locale and the story The plotting was superb and the story is compelling I have no hesitation in recommending this book Thanks to Michael Joseph for an ARC

  • Paperback
  • 364
  • The Malice of Waves Cal McGill Sea Detective #3
  • Mark Douglas-Home
  • en
  • 22 March 2018
  • 9781908737748