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[ Summary ] Beyond the Pale BY Emily Urquhart – TXT or Kindle eBook

  • Hardcover
  • 288
  • Beyond the Pale
  • Emily Urquhart
  • en
  • 19 April 2018
  • 9780062389169

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Emily Urquhart Ì 9 characters characters Beyond the Pale ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Some attacks on people with albinism in Tanzania rooted in witchcraft she feels compelled to travel to East Africa her sun shy toddler in tow in an effort to understand these human rights violations Upon her return to Canada she discovers a family photograph from the past that might illuminate her daughter’s present While navigating new territory as a first time parent of a child with a disability Emily embarks on a three year journey across North America and Africa to discover how we explain human differences not through scientific facts or statistics but through a system of cultural beliefs Part parenting memoir part cultural critiue and part travelogue Beyond the Pale as the title suggests takes the reader into dark and unknown territory in the search for enlightenme. Albinism is a rare genetic condition where pigment fails to form in a person s skin hair and eyes Those with albinism suffer from poor vision and sensitivity to the sun often developing skin cancer When Emily Uruhart gave birth to a daughter with albinism in 2010 her life took an unexpected turn Living in Canada Uruhart set out determined to learn everything she could about the condition and the implications for her daughter s health and wellbeing in the years to come Beyond the Pale is Uruhart s memoir of this period of discovery and as the blurb says it is part memoir part cultural critiue and part genetic travelogueUruhart consulted a myriad health professions and attended the NOAH National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation conference in the USA She travelled to Africa to meet children with albinism and hear about their traumatic experiences first handUruhart is a folklore scholar and journalist and I was very interested in reading about the superstition and folklore surrounding albinism in different cultures and across time Unfortunately there just wasn t enough and given this was the primary reason for my reading I was deeply disappointedThe last section of the memoir covered Uruhart s efforts to map her family tree and trace the albinism gene back through the generations She shares all the ins and outs of her family tree and I uickly lost interest in this geneology deep diveIn hindsight I think I d have been better off spending 30 minutes learning about albinism online rather than reading this specialised memoir It really wasn t for meRecommended reading for memoir lovers parents who have a child with albinism those with an interest in geneology In Tanzania 1 in every 1429 babies born have albinism and the population believes those with albinism have magical powers As a conseuence those with albinism are often hunted and their body parts are sought after for use by witch doctors to heal the sick Tragically it is sometimes the family members who offer their children to the albino hunters in return for money Not something Uruhart s beautiful daughter Sadie will ever have to worry about

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Beyond the Pale

Emily Urquhart Ì 9 characters characters Beyond the Pale ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub The story begins on St Stephen's Day 2010 in St John's Newfoundland when the author gives birth to a baby girl named Sadie Jane who has a shock of snow white hair News of the child's icy locks travels across the hospital and physicians and nurses from all wards visit the unusually beautiful newborn as she lies sleeping in her plastic bassinet The maternity floor janitor however feels something is amiss Her eyes wide incredulous and panicky the janitor asks Is she an albino The idea is immediately dismissed but after three months of medical testing Sadie is diagnosed with albinism a rare genetic condition where pigment fails to form in the skin hair and eyes She is visually impaired and faces a lifetime avoiding the sun She will always have the otherworldly appearance that. I am fairly conflicted about this book and I have mostly myself to blame for that I did not really read the description before reuesting it and going mainly off the title of the book I expected the folklore part of this book to play a bigger role And I would have loved that book the one I imagined in my head I mean I am sure of it Using something as personal as the birth of one s child with albinism as a stepping stone to discuss larger themes of folklore and discrimination and mystery Yes please And the book did do that in part but not in any kind of depth This is especially sad considering that Emily Uruhart has academic experience in this area of research and it could have been glorious The parts where she talked about different myths were definitely my favourite but I think they could have been fleshed out and the conclusions drawn a little bit researched and less on the noseOn the other hand who am I to tell her how to write her story A story she obviously mostly wrote for herself and for her daughter to make sense of her now changed world It is heartwarming to read of all the things she does for her daughter and the book gives a clear sense of how much Emily and her husband adore their daughter and want just the best for her I do enjoy reading memoirs so I was also fine with her telling the story of her daughter s first few yearsWhere the book did lose me was in the weird structure Emily Uruhart does jump from topic to topic and does not tell the story chronologically either and sometimes that got a bit frustrating to read I also was not the biggest fan of the visit to Tanzania while I enjoyed reading about the myths and also the dangers faced by people with albinism in this country and learning about Tanzania Emily Uruhart s reasoning why she just absolutely had to leave her daughter behind to explore the connection she has with people in Tanzania as a mother to person with albinism was not convincing for meI received an arc of this book curtesy of NetGalley and Jacaranda Books in exchange for an honest review Thanks for that

Emily Urquhart Ì 9 characters

Emily Urquhart Ì 9 characters characters Beyond the Pale ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Drew the awestruck hospital staff to her sideA journalist and folklore scholar accustomed to processing the world through other people's stories Emily is drawn to understanding her child's difference by researching the cultural beliefs associated with albinism worldwide What she finds on her journey vacillates between beauty and darkness She discovers that Noah's birth story is believed to be the first record of a baby born with albinism and that the Kuna people in Panama revere members of their society with albinism seeing them as defenders of the moon in the night sky She attends a gathering of people with albinism in St Louis and interviews geneticists social scientists novelists and folklorists in Canada England and the US But when she uncovers information about grue. A wonderful read exploring the many cultural beliefs and understandings surrounding albinism This is a non fiction book focusing on a subject in which Emily Uruhart has poured her heart and soul Having given birth to her daughter Sadie Emily uickly discovered there was something that set her daughter apart from the rest she had albinism Being a passionate folklorist Emily took it upon herself to discover everything there is to know about albinism from all over the planetWhat I loved about this book was the unfaltering determination from Emily to unearth the secrets of her family so that she could one day share them with Sadie You see Emily and her husband come to terms with the fact that Sadie will always be impaired in some way or another but they combat that with pure courageousness and open minds It was a truly eye opening read and I would highly recommend to all I had never read anything to do with albinism before and this one definitely taught me a lot