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N.J. Walters [Kindle ePUB / Pdf] The Way Home

  • Trade Paperback
  • 197
  • The Way Home
  • N.J. Walters
  • English
  • 01 November 2017
  • 9781599982526
The Way Home

The Way Home free read Û 6 Ience she agrees to his offerBut becoming a family is not an easy journey for any of them Both she and Jake have their own insecurities and challenges to overcome if their marriage is to have a chance to survive But unforeseen problems test their new relationship and threaten to destroy what they've just begun to bui. Very laidback story not much to the characters There is conflict but not much of it

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The Way Home free read Û 6 So will you marry meAlthough not a particularly romantic proposal Rebecca Gentry seriously considers accepting because it comes from Jake Tanner the man who she's secretly loved for years Rebecca has been alone for most of her life but she's made a life she's content with She has her own sewing business a lovely apar. The second book in the Jamesville series by NJ Walters A charming but emotional read

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The Way Home free read Û 6 Tment and a few good friends But it's her special friendship with Jake that has always been most important to her Now he is proposing a marriage of convenience as he finds himself in need of a wife to help him raise his orphaned niece Convinced that she can teach him to share a real marriage rather than one of conven. This is second book of Jamesville series I enjoyed it Like previous book it was easy and uick to read The hero Jake had issue about trusting women The heroine Rebecca was too good too be true persona way too forgiving Jake s niece Casey made interesting plot into this story Jake make marriage proposition to his 7 years friend Rebecca because he needs wife to help him take care of his orphaned niece He brutally honest with Rebecca that he didn t plan to fall in love Despite the cold hearted proposal like business proposal though Rebecca consented to be his wife because he deeply in love with him and beleive in time he will reciprocate her feeling Their relationship wasn t a smooth one Jake keep pushing away Rebecca almost treat her cruel IMO and finally she decide to leave him The groveling scene uite nice and the way he make amends was beautiful and thoughtful I give 3 stars not because this story wasn t great it s just rather plain for my taste compare to other books of these series Again NJ Walters written modest romance with this one