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Valery Bryusov (Summary) Огненный Ангел Ognennyĭ angel – DOC, Kindle eBook and Epub Read

  • Paperback
  • 411
  • Огненный Ангел Ognennyĭ angel
  • Valery Bryusov
  • English
  • 24 December 2017
  • 9781903517338

Valery Bryusov Î 4 Read & Download

Free download ´ Огненный Ангел Ognennyĭ angel ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î Valery Bryusov Valery Bryusov Î 4 Read & Download Ent young man choosing between Love and Duty a woman prone to visions and a Knight who is either angel or demon Religious experience and sexual. uite an odd book I m not sure what to make of it if I didn t know it was published in 1908 I would have taken it for a modern fantasy novel If you enjoy historical fiction you will probably enjoy it just for the setting and all the things the protagonist writes about If you liked The Master and Margarita and L bas you will probably enjoy it too I ll see if I can watch the Prokofiev opera somewhereFrom the small bag she had brought she took out a few sprigs of herb heather verbena wolf s bane orache and yet another herb with white flowers the name of which I do not know With her left hand Renata plucked the leaves from the herbs and threw them over her head on to the floor but then she gathered them again and placed them on the table in a circle Next she plunged a knife into the table surface in the middle of the circle tied its handle round with string passed the end of the string to me and said looking at me attentively Command it thrice to milk in the name of Him Silently watching all this bedevilment I involuntarily pronounced thrice In the name of the Devil milk Immediately from under the knife poured a few drops of milk and Renata joyfully clapped her hands embraced my shoulders and kept on exclaiming Rupprecht Dearest Rupprecht You can You have the power Stripped naked I lowered myself to the floor on my spread cape and began to rub this ointment firmly into my chest and in my temples under my armpits and between my thighs repeating several times the words emen hetan emen hetan which mean here and there The ointment slightly burned the flesh and my head began to turn from its odour so that soon I scarcely was aware what I was doing my arms hung limp and my eyelids fell over my eyes Then my heart began to beat with such strength it seemed as though tied upon a string it leapt away from my chest a whole elbow s length and this caused me pain I was conscious of the fact that I lay upon the floor of our room but when I tried to raise myself up I was already powerless to do so and I thought so all the tales of the Sabbath are babbling nonsense and the much talked of miraculous ointment is only a sleeping draught but at that very moment all went dark before me and I suddenly saw myself or imagined myself high above the earth in the air uite naked astride as on horseback a woolly black goat Soon I found myself amidst a variegated crowd which was making merry as at the Feast on Saint John s day or at the Carnival festivities at Venice The field on which the Sabbath was being held was rather large and probably used often for that purpose for it was so trampled that no grass grew upon it In places here and there fires that burned without fuel rose from within the earth and they lit all the district by a greenish light like the light of fizgigs Amidst these flames there bustled jumped and grimaced three or four hundreds of beings men and women either uite naked or barely covered with shirts some with wax candles in their hands and also hideous animals of human appearance enormous toads in green caftans wolves and wolf hounds upright on their hind legs apes and long legged birds here and there beneath their feet crawled and twisted repulsive serpents lizards salamanders and tritons In the distance on the very shore of the lake I could make out some small children with long white staffs who not taking part in the merry making were grazing a herd of toads of a lesser sizeOne of the naked witches who were leading me took an especial interest in me and showed no sign of leaving me when the others dragging me into the crowd dispersed in various directions Her face attracted me by its gaiety and pertness and the young body though with breasts drooping seemed yet fresh and responsive She held my hand firmly and snuggling against me told me that she was known at the night feasts as Sarraska and was persuading me Come and dance I saw no reason to refuse herAnd with these words Sarraska s teeth somehow glittered peculiarly in her mouth white and sharp teeth and when I asked again not without revulsion whether it were really true that human flesh was so tasty and wolves caresses so agreeable she only laughed slyly in reply Then I asked her whether it had occurred to her to experience the caresses of demons and whether they gave joy She not ashamed declared to me that they do and a great joy only their seed is as cold as ice

Free download Огненный Ангел Ognennyĭ angelОгненный Ангел Ognennyĭ angel

Free download ´ Огненный Ангел Ognennyĭ angel ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î Valery Bryusov Valery Bryusov Î 4 Read & Download Hysteria meet in an apocalyptic vision of the spiritual crisis of modern life The Fiery Angel is one of the great novels of decadent occultism. This is Bruisov s masterwork but it is not the sort of novel that everyone can enjoy even among the crowd that generally enjoys Dedalus occult and fantastic releasesThe Fiery Angel is a strange journey thru beautifully and vividly invoked 16th Century Europe with sojourns into its occult and religious underbelly You ll encounter strange seemingly supernatural occurrences but they are uite underplayed and their meaning and reality is is left in the air for the largest part of this novel much like the nature and reality of that titular figure Humanism enlightenment clash with the religion and the occult Good clashes with Evil Truth with Illusion much like two opposites clash in the case of our narrator and his beloved And that last clash makes the core of this novel and it is indeed fascinating layered unpredictable rich in symbolismBut as I ve said supernatural is underplayed occult is mostly occulted you ll find neither the elaborate ceremonies nor spectacular apparitions nor heavy handed pseudo symbolism here and novel can be excruciatingly slow at times Patience and understanding are necessary Translation itself is gorgeous joy to read but its archaic and flowery nature might deter many a readerThere s a somewhat rough gem of Russian literature here but it is not meant for everyone

Read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î Valery Bryusov

Free download ´ Огненный Ангел Ognennyĭ angel ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î Valery Bryusov Valery Bryusov Î 4 Read & Download In a vividly atmospheric recreation of the occult underworld of sixteenth century Germany during an age of Inuisition three souls meet an innoc. I honestly do not know how I missed this book in the past It is one of the best novels I have read in my entire lifetime It struck a chord that will continue to sustain for years to come Brilliant writing brilliant translation I feel that I could read it again and again and always learn something new Thank you to my friend who suggested it