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Rumours of Rain Read & download ô 2 Characters Ð PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ André Brink Winter in South Africa a time of searing drought angry stirrings in Soweto and the shadow of the Angolan conflict cast across the scorc. There comes a day when for the first time violence is used not because it is unavoidable but because it is easier There comes a day when for the first time a leader is allowed to promote his own interests simply because he happens to be the leader There comes a day when for the first time the weak one is exploited not in ignorance but because he cannot offer resistance There comes a day when for the first time a verdict in a court case is given not on the basis of what is right but on the basis of what is expedient This long and angry dispatch from the heart of apartheid South Africa can be an oppressive read though for understandable reasons Less understandable perhaps were the frankly terrifying number of modern parallels that emerged from this putatively historical documentThe narrator at the core of the novel Martin Mynhardt is a hugely successful Afrikaner businessman and one of the very pillars of white supremacist society who thinks of himself as contributing to the good of his community and his country He doesn t hate black people rather he likes to believe that apartheid is probably good for them on balance Extending real political power would be a mistake they ve simply not developed far enough to handle such sophisticated forms of Western organisation A matter of evolution Through Mynhardt we re introduced to a complex web of interlinked friends colleagues lovers and family members who represent a cross section of 1970s South African society from the rural farmstead matron to the idealistic city student the determined black businessman to the angry white activist lawyers witchdoctors religious figures and expatriates all of them ultimately grappling with the same basic fact of lifeIf you have the stomach for it experiencing the world through the eyes of a proponent of apartheid should be an educational experience My problem was that despite his ingratiating and plausible self justifications Mynhardt is made into something a bit too much like a cartoon villain It is not enough for him to be a stalwart of racism he is also a neglectful father an unfaithful husband an appalling friend a heartless capitalist people are essentially economic propositions a manipulative son and a serial user of the women he eyes up as ripe and than ready to be bruised It may be that Brink is making a point about what s now called intersectionality the ways racism can be related to other social or sexual hierarchies and privileges Indeed at one point these links are made uite explicitly by one of Mynhardt s playthings You re an Afrikaner so you must be a male chauvinist I fail to see what the two can have in common Everything She sat down opposite me again on the edge of the chair her knees primly together Because this is a man s land don t you see Big game rugby industries power politics racism You Afrikaners have no room for women The only place you assign to us is flat on our backs with our legs open for the Big Boss to in and out as he pleases But I don t believe this is representative the whole issue with apartheid and similar systems is that the people who support it are very often kind hearted folks good family men attentive partners and loving parents who simply live by means of colossal sustained acts of cognitive dissonance By making Mynhardt wholly objectionable Brink loses I think several opportunities to make us as readers sympathise with him which would have been a much troubling and interesting response than simply loathing him completely from start to finish I have tried with so much care Mynhardt says towards the end to keep all the elements of my life apart and intact His emotional apartheid is heading for a violent collapse that will mirror the one about to overtake society as the riots break out in Soweto there are symmetrical eruptions of tragedy and abuse in his own circle Despite the novel s conceptual issues it all makes for a very dark and powerful climax as the rumours of rain finally end in the kind of downpour only Africa can produce Read it for future tips as well as historical context

Characters Ð PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ André Brink

Rumours of Rain

Rumours of Rain Read & download ô 2 Characters Ð PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ André Brink Hed bush Martin Mynhardt a wealthy Afrikaner plans a weekend at his old family farm But his visit coincides with a time of crisis in hi. And with this book the 1978 Booker shortlist ends with a whimper This started out promising but it soon became tiresome Fundamentally I just don t think it s properly a novel In 1978 the fashion for novels as moral and historical edification was perhaps not what it has become now but I did read it now and I am heartily tired of this mode One comes away from this book thinking that the message appears to be that apartheid is bad and so is the war with Angola Again perhaps this was a necessary message in 1978 than it is now but I was convinced of this before I read page one The characters appear to exist largely to personify various issues and types and not as characters in their own right and metaphors of apartheid as male compartmentalization are heavy handed I also simply do not believe that a woman like Bea would date our narrator nor he her if it comes to that adding disbelief to her role as symbol of the woman who feels things as we all should It s sad that the most interesting and real character would be the narrator and even he lapses into treatise style discourse as Brink appears to be trying to put the case for apartheid up next to the case against it I was frankly relieved to reach the end I know it s possible to write big novels of ideas and I do love them but this is a novel of an idea a novel with a message and it s not the same thing

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Rumours of Rain Read & download ô 2 Characters Ð PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ André Brink S personal life In a few days the security of a lifetime is destroyed and Mynhardt is left to face the wreckage of his future back cove. A great South African novel Very crafty with great dialogue and plot construction The hero is not a likeable guy but one sees a very important world through his eyes and his senses and his distorted cultural and political thinking Very important look at the seventies in the country a crucial periodThe prose is very how shall I describe it without using a cliche I can t so it s spare and robust The descriptions of the African countryside and the weather and the horizon are all wonderful evoking incredible feelings and memories and providing atmosphere that you can cut with a knifeA very enjoyable and absorbing read

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  • Rumours of Rain
  • André Brink
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  • 05 July 2019
  • 9780006540137