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Michel Houellebecq å 1 READ FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ M1O.RU å Michel Houellebecq FREE READ Soumission Entesse che hanno sovente la durata di un corso di studi Ma ualcosa sta cambiando La Francia è in piena campagna elettorale le presidenziali vivono il loro momento cruciale I tradizionali euilibri mutano Nuove forze entrano in gioco spaccano il sistema consolidato e lo fanno crollare È un’implosione improvvisa ma senza scoss. I have never been a big Houellebec fan finding his obsession with his own intellect and genitalia annoying so when a friend assured me that this book Submission from 2015 was his masterpiece and was not just a paen to his intellect I gave it a shot Well aside from the novel premise of an islamic conversion of France in the 2017 election and a few comical observations here and there the book is still primarily about his own intellect and his genitalia I was bored from about page 5 and that ennui never really left me up to the end Yes there are some interesting observations and he does know an awful lot about Huysmans but his characters are flat and two dimensional his female characters are either ugly read unfuckable or sexy and it follows fondly fucked by the protagonist or inaccessible because they belong to another powerful male Despite the novelty of the central theme of Islam vs modernity Houellebec s own view of women is utilitarian and reductive In sum my low opinion of Houellebec remains low and I will be far less inclined to give him another shot to change that opinion in the future

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Michel Houellebecq å 1 READ FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ M1O.RU å Michel Houellebecq FREE READ Soumission E che cresce e si sviluppa come un incubo che travolge anche François Sottomissione è il romanzo più visionario e insieme realista di Michel Houellebec capace di trascinare su un terreno ambiguo e sfuggente il lettore che come il protagonista François vedrà il mondo intorno a sé improvvisamente e inesorabilmente stravolger. 13 September 2020 Why would you let a book like I Hate Men gad about willy nilly Get the damn thing banned now I m just not sureI wonder why it is that sticking my dick up girls arses doesn t interest me like it used towhy a book that has something interesting to say about academiaThe girls love it Especially when I take my dick out of their arse and get them to lick it They really like that and also about politicsMaybe if I fucked two girls arses and then got them to lick my dick Maybe I d enjoy that like I used to Hmmmmshould interleave his ideas and uite amusing proseOr maybe Oh I don t know Young student Arse Licking excrement covered dick While another one licks my balls maybe Yeah Let s try thatwith tedious ludicrous shit about girls liking his pathetic to the reader dick up their anusses Maybe it gets guys to read the book I kind of wish that it wasn t a book where the ending was just what you thought it was going to be but maybe that was the point That his scenario is inevitable I don t know Any girls reading this like having dicks shoved up their arses and then get to lick them after That being the author s definition of love Form an orderly ueue I ll let him know

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Michel Houellebecq å 1 READ FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ M1O.RU å Michel Houellebecq FREE READ Soumission A Parigi in un indeterminato ma prossimo futuro vive François studioso di Huysmans che ha scelto di dedicarsi alla carriera universitaria Perso ormai ualsiasi entusiasmo verso l’insegnamento la sua vita procede diligente tranuilla e impermeabile ai grandi drammi della storia infiammata solo da fugaci avventure con alcune stud. This week on Dystopia Michel Houellebec discusses the future with Robert Heinlein Good evening M Houellebec Bonsoir M Heinlein Alors please tell me your vision of the future Sure So Western civilization it s already in a process of ah d sintegration You got it buddy As my old friend Cyril Kornbluth used to say they breed faster than we do Muslims monsieur People with low Is Same difference Excusez moi monsieur my novel is respectful towards the Muslim world But you do say they breed faster than us I do You ain t foolin anyone Michel I rest my case We must ah agree to disagree Alors la d sintegration de la civilisation occidentale There will be increasing relaxation of the m urs sexuels Women will comport themselves like prostitutes openly flaunting their faces their legs their breasts I think it s important to describe this process explicitly Absoluement tr s important The reader must be shown how these femmes d cadentes behave At length This time I see we agree M Heinlein And then there will be violence Limited nuclear war Disruption of the lection pr sidentielle fran aise Details details Michel We can sort that out later But the important thing is the West is finished Oui fini They will take over It s inevitable C est in vitable But there will be a few strong survivor types Rugged well prepared libertarians Oui professors of nineteenth century literature They will still be there They will take younger women Jeunes tudiantes Their daughters in law Again M Heinlein des d tails We agree that there is only one thing to do Only one thing Michel Convert to Islam Start a bridge club What What

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  • Michel Houellebecq
  • Italian
  • 10 January 2019
  • 9788845278709