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read The Shrine Virgin Sugawara Akitada #14 epub author I.J. Parker – Epub and eBook

  • Kindle Edition
  • 413
  • The Shrine Virgin Sugawara Akitada #14
  • I.J. Parker
  • English
  • 06 February 2018
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Free download ✓ The Shrine Virgin Sugawara Akitada #14 å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free N becomes known putting his life in jeopardy he persists with the unlikely help of a dwarf Meanwhile Tora and Saburo left to look after the new province in their master’s absence get involved in local problems and jeopardize Akitada’s new appointment and his care. Excellent as always These are anti stress detective stories that I read in 3 days What am I going to do when I finish the series

Read ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Å I.J. ParkerThe Shrine Virgin Sugawara Akitada #14

Free download ✓ The Shrine Virgin Sugawara Akitada #14 å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free When an imperial princess disappears from the Ise shrine Akitada new governor of Mikawa Province has barely had time to settle there with his family before he is dispatched by imperial order on a secret assignment to find her The world Akitada finds at Ise turns out. In this book Akitada is called away from home on a secret assignment to find a missing shrine virgin encountering multiple murders and bandits along the way Many of the usual cast are left behind at home and thus have adventures of their own while the master is away But Akitada meets an interesting new fellow who assists in his investigationIt s a somewhat low key adventure I think but absorbing It also feels a little like a lead in to some further domestic developments in the various characters lives I really enjoyed it and look forward to finding out what s next for our hero As usual the writing is very competent and it flows right alongAlso the little historical essay at the end frames the narrative in context and is worth reading

Free read The Shrine Virgin Sugawara Akitada #14

Free download ✓ The Shrine Virgin Sugawara Akitada #14 å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free To be anything but spiritual The pilgrimage town is a murky dangerous place where no one can be trusted and where someone wants him dead Gangs of robbers work the roads and forests and two young women are murdered within days of each other Although Akitada’s missio. This is a hugely entertaining entry into the Akitada series but with a couple of caveats Akitada with his family and retainers has barely settled into his new position as governor of Mikawa province when he receives from the capitol an assignment to cross the bay to the Ise temple complex and locate a missing princess who s vital to the reputation of the Japanese nation and possibly to its peace My criticisms are that the book is thematically thin and that it misses a number of opportunities for serious suspense and depthThere s little in the way of a moral to the story except a very light treatment of Parker s consistent illumination of the evils of the caste system of Heian era Japan More noticeably this particular novel traverses a number of situations with opportunities for suspense but either passes them by entirely or offers resolutions that play out too uickly and easily to grip the reader in a page turner sort of way As a result the story is melodramatic when it could have been nail biting epic Caution Potential spoiler alert In addition the subplot involving Tora and Saburo s investigation of piracy remains separate from the main milieu involving Akitada almost as if the former were presented as a mere setup of conflict with local law enforcement for future editions I d been expecting the missing princess and piracy cases to be somehow intertwined therefore complex and intriguing as a whole but they were separate I was also surprised that the titular character the princess who s the Ise Shrine Virgin only appears in a single scene a virtual walk on role I d expected her story to be told in tandem to the enrichment of the main plot but she s only referenced in third personAnother general criticism is that Parker has chosen a chronological rather than episodic format for the series In this book in particular we get a lot of references to both Akitada and Saburo aging and therefore becoming reduced in their physical capacities That s an obvious nod to authenticity but with a heavy downside It diminishes the stature of both characters and therefore the novel as a whole I m not sure it s possible to present a character who traverses life events like becoming a widower remarrying and expanding a family without also referencing aging but given a series based on a repeating character he either has to be presented as timeless or at some point retiring which latter would mean ending the Akitada series and nobody wants that In the case of a secondary character like Saburo he could retire and remain a minor character while another enters the cast like the intriguing character Junichiro But Akitada is the focal point of the series which means he has to remain sharp and functional for the series to maintain its appeal In this novel he seems soft and almost coddled by Parker even when he s in peril we don t really fear for him much and his emergence from harm is generally too facile certainly so than the gripping ordeal he escaped in Island of ExilesOn the significant upside we re immersed once again in an atmosphere that s palpable in its realism and surrounded by a cast of vivid characters The era comes alive in Parker s prose almost as if you re standing there in person and plot and setting alike are intriguing and memorable I m looking forward to diving into the next in the series but I m also hoping it will have depth and suspense than this one Nonetheless excellent entertainment and time well spent