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The Private Lives of the Saints Free read Ñ 0 Janina Ramírez î 0 Free read Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook î Janina Ramírez Skulduggery power struggles and politics The Private Lives of the Saints offers an original and fascinating re examination of life in Anglo Saxon. A fascinating book about several saints from Anglo Saxon times I ve tagged it as religion but it wears its religion very lightlyReally it s a romp through several hundred years of Anglo Saxon cultural history using the lives of these saints as a device Clever approach because apart from a very few kings it s these saints that are the most well known people of that era And in a sense it s all about St Bede or the Venerable Bede I m an atheist and didn t find the religious element jarred at all well it did because I can t help thinking about hermits anchorites and enclosed monks and nuns what a waste of a life and the author at one point hints that nowadays we would uestion their mental stabilityUntil very recently I have known very little at all about Anglo Saxons A Ladybird book about King Alfred and a rather fleeting mention in Primary School history as the gap between Romans and Normans but I ve read a couple of relevant books recently and seen a TV programme or two and the so called Dark Ages are emerging into the light for me I read it chapter by chapter interspersed by various fiction but if I had sat down and read it how I read fiction I m sure it would have been finished in three evenings I suppose it counts as popular history Janina Ramirez appears often on our TV screens and that helps give a high profile to her books I don t really know where I sit on the intellectual ladder of history student I have abandoned or suffered academic history books because of their dire prose or their ponderous style And I ve despaired at so called history books written by posh ladies who read English at Oxbridge and lack the analytical skills to create proper contextSo I guess this is about my level especially for a period about which I know so little Probably if you already have a broad knowledge of Anglo Saxon times it will be a bit broadbrush On the other hand I like history a lot now that it has moved away from lists of battles and dates This isn t exactly social history or sociology and doesn t really examine the lives of the ordinary people but it really does give a feel of that society

Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook î Janina Ramírez

The Private Lives of the Saints

The Private Lives of the Saints Free read Ñ 0 Janina Ramírez î 0 Free read Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook î Janina Ramírez England Taking them from their heavenly status to the human level Oxford art historian and BBC presenter Dr Janina Ramirez explores the real lives. This is an interesting way of tackling Anglo Saxon history Ramirez puts the saints in the cultural and religious context of their time to show the development of Christianity and its influence on politics the arts and everything else Very little is known about some of these characters but it doesn t really matter My one criticism is that the book feels rather padded out in places

Janina Ramírez î 0 Free read

The Private Lives of the Saints Free read Ñ 0 Janina Ramírez î 0 Free read Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook î Janina Ramírez Of over a dozen seminal saintsThis landmark book provides a uniue and captivating lens through which to explore the rich history of the Dark Ages. A really good book about the Anglo Saxon period as told via the frame of the rock stars of their day the saints I really enjoyed Ram rez s take on the evidence and was particularly interested to learn how Bede consigned the raven as a key supporting figure in Anglo Saxon pagan folklore to the dustbin of mythological history with simple flick of his editorial uill when reviewing the bible story of Noah in a translated manuscript If I have any criticism of the book it s one that I realise is specifically particular to me in terms of the story of St Cuthbert I actually think his long afterlife as a specifically referenced player in the affairs of his community ie if you dealt with the community of Cuthbert in Lindisfarne and later Durham after Cuthbert s death contemporary sources saw the bishop they were talking to as a stand in for Cuthbert himself is fascinating and could have been explored to some extent in the book But then the world doesn t revolve around me and maybe I should write my own bloody book Overall I recommend this book if you ve any interest in history religion or just the Anglo Saxons in general

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