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REVIEW Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Maryann Jordan FREE READ Gabe Alvarez Security #1 100 Alvarez Security Agency Former Special Forces brothers in arms now working together to provide an elite security service in the southern city of RichlandGabe Malloy dedicated to his brothers spent his weekends with cheap booze and easy women When some of his friends finally settled down he wondered if he would ever find the woman of his dreams He just never expected to encounter. Free on 82817Originally read November 2015RevisedI forgot to mention the heroine Jennifer I was in such awe of Gabe I got ahead of myself See belowWow I really enjoyed this book It was than I was expecting There was plenty of suspensemystery to go with the romance I have to say Gabe was a perfect hero I don t care that he was a manwhore before Jennifer Once he met her it was all about her everything Every thought and action centered around her He truly regretted his manwhore days They do come back to bite him in the assHe deserved it but it was all good He never wavered He went after her the moment he met her He even stalks her once he finds out where she lives HE WAS AWESOME I m saying that I love you I think I loved you from the moment I saw your pixie face popping out from behind the dumpster I don t care that there was some other woman drama It was handled and straightened out uicklyHe immediately fell in love with her brother Ross too This just adds to his desirability Jennifer was a very likable heroine and was easy to relate to She was kind loving and strong She truly enjoyed taking care of the people at the elder care center and fighting for them to have a better life And she loved her brother Ross than anything She was very insecure in the beginning with Gabe She knew he had been with the actress and other wealthy women But Gabe did a wonderful job of showing her she was his one and only and that he didn t remember anyone before her It s all new with her Everything The sex The feelings Everything I loved the epilogue It gives us a little taste of the futuremaybe about RosshmmmmmSafety gang view spoilerThere is a scene in the prologue of Gabe waking up in another woman s bed after getting drunk He doesn t even remember her name It is not detailed at all This is when he decides he s had enough of the ONS s If you want to read this just skip the prologue and start at chapter 1 It s not really neededGabe has had sex with a client the infamous actress She pretty much bugged him to death until he gave in and had sex with her a few times She causes some drama with Jennifer and says some nasty things to her Jennifer is upset for about 12 hours He immediately comes to her when he finds out and won t leave it alone so he can straighten it all out He doesn t let her stew about itJennifer sees him with the actress just minutes after they met And she sees him with a woman at a bar who decides to just plop her ass in Gabe s lap He was sitting there thinking about Jennifer when this happens Jennifer walks in and sees him But again at this point they haven t said but a few words to each other and he doesn t have her number or know where she lives yet These are the only OW scenes He is NEVER with anyone after meeting Jennifer the first time hide spoiler

REVIEW Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Maryann Jordan

Gabe Alvarez Security #1

REVIEW Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Maryann Jordan FREE READ Gabe Alvarez Security #1 100 Her in an alleyJennifer Lambert worked as a social worker for the city and would often take food to the elderly residents in her building One night in an alley behind a restaurant she was startled by a tall handsome man wanting to assist Giving him the cold shoulder she leftbut dreams of him followed her long into the nightGabe knew the independent Jennifer was a women worthy o. 35 StarsBasic InfoStandalone or Part of a Series view spoilerPart of a series but can be read as a Standalone hide spoiler

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REVIEW Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Maryann Jordan FREE READ Gabe Alvarez Security #1 100 F knowing but convincing the beauty that she needed him was the challenge Raising her young brother plus the responsibilities of the elder center had kept her from looking for lovebut she took a chance on Gabe Now that he found her can he keep her safe when someone threatens her and those she loves Calling upon his brothers Alvarez Security races to save her before it is too lat. I love me a story about a reformed rake and when Gabe meets Jennifer he finally realizes that his reputation as a love em and leave em type has come back to haunt him The story has some angst but mostly it was sugary sweet Gabe did everything he could to prove himself worthy of Jennifer and I loved how he was with Ross The rest of his security team were also amazing guys Memorable Moments I liked that Gabe owned up to his past and regretted his promiscuous life style because it affected his relationship with Jennifer Watching him go above and beyond to earn her and Ross trust was something we don t see enough of in contemporary romance Would I recommendYes I liked Gabe and Jennifer and definitely want to check out Vinny s story SAFETY INFO view spoilerAges Jennifer is 24 and Gabe s age I don t remember if it was disclosed or not but I d say he was a few years older 26 maybe Neither were virginsCheating None OMOW drama There is some OW drama with an actress who chases after Gabe He was her security detail for a time and they slept together a few times She tries to stir up trouble and causes some jealousy Gabe is head over heals for Jennifer and he never waivers from his feelings for her The OW is only a glitch on his radar and only because she s a pain not because he has any feelings for herSeparation NonePushPull Being guardian to her eight year old brother and used to handling things on her own Jennifer does hold out with Gabe She s hesitant to start anything with him from the beginning and it takes some time to convince her to give Gabe a chance Main Pursuer of relationship Gabe is the main pursuerTriggers some OW drama past man hoe HHEAHFN Ends on a HEA and a cute little epilogue 13 years later We see babies and an all grown up Ross hide spoiler

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