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Bound by Love

Bound by Love review ´ 103 Ht so hard to get in the first place Luca’s trust The trust of a man who never allowed himself to trust someone unconditionally before Can their love survive in a world of betrayal and deat. Well this being the final book I was hoping that the dumbfuckery was going to be kept to a minimum But ohhhhhhh no After 5 books already I should have known betterYep my faithful old Dumbrella had to be bought out as it was really stupid out thereWhy I ll tell you whyFirstly the 50% was a total abet shorten retelling of the first 4 booksI kid you notSecondly I now understand why the author decided on the name Aria A AirheadedR RecklessI IgnoramusA AsshatReally Aria You thought going to Chicago ALONE was a wise decision Yep the dumbrella was needed to protect me from the this Dumbvirus that these Scuderi sisters seem to have no immunity against So I m going with 3 as I too have contacted CRVD Cora Reilly Dumb Virus as I m now going to finish her Camorra Chronicles Series which I swore I wasn t going toothat s addiction for you

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Bound by Love review ´ 103 Nobody expected them to fall in love When Aria was given to Luca in marriage people were sure he’d break her Aria feared the worst from a man like him A man without mercy But somehow she ga. 4 Smut StarsFinally a 4 star read for me and Cora Reilly I m excited I ve read several of her books over the last year and they were always just short of being a 4 star read for me but I kept trying because I just felt like it was always thisclose Happy it finally clicked for me Off to read Remo s story nowand yes I know I m totally going out of order now But what can I say sucharebel Tall Man Riding read for me and Cora Reilly I m excited I ve The 7 Components of Transformative Organizing Theory read several of her books over the last year and they were always just short of being a 4 star The Big Golden Book of Poetry read for me but I kept trying because I just felt like it was always thisclose Happy it finally clicked for me Off to NITRO: The Incredible Rise and Inevitable Collapse of Ted Turner's WCW read Remo s story nowand yes I know I m totally going out of order now But what can I say sucharebel

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Bound by Love review ´ 103 Ined his love Love a weakness a Capo like Luca shouldn’t risk When Aria betrays Luca by going behind his back for her family she realizes too late that she might have lost what she’s foug. That s how I felt when I saw that this book was finally released in December I d been waiting on this book for so long and it was like a mini Christmas gift to download a copy and find out what s been happening with Aria and Luca ever since Bound by Honor ended My long time GR friends will know that I m a creature of habit I often stick with my Harleuin Presents and my Regency Historical Romances A novel has got to be super fabulous for me to step outside of my comfort zone and give it a chance I will not lie I loved this book and I love Luca and Aria This was a sexy intense drama and angst filled marriage in peril story There wasA lot of hot sex OMG the sex scenes were better than erotica An obsessed possessive and totally besotted Luca A lot of hot naked Luca all 6ft 4 inches of scorching panty melting masculinity An adeuate amount of the reuisite mob violence where Luca finally reveals to the reader how he earned his diabolical nickname The Vice Intriguing cameo appearances by other well loved characters from the Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles Fantastic dialogue And most importantly there is absolutely NO INFIDELITYCHEATING in this bookAria and Luca are one of the sexiest couples in contemporary fictional Romancelandia ever in my opinion But before getting into this review let me deal with the obvious elephant in the room vis a vis Bound by Honor Their story in Bound by Honor is one of a select few where I ve been able to overlook the H s infidelity Those who had read their first novel Bound by Honor are aware of the scene in that book very early in their marriage when Aria walked in on Luca and the skank Grace It was an awful heart wrenching scene but somehow I was able to live with it because of the nature and status of the MC s marital relationship at that point in time There are very few occasions in which I can overlook infidelity and one of those include a situation where MC s1 Have not developed feelings for each other as yet 2 Were forced into the marriage by their parents 3 Have not yet been intimate ie have not had sex as yet Another couple in Romancelandia who ve become a favourite is Rush and Blair from Fallen Too Far and its seuels In Fallen Too Far Blair had walked in on Rush having sex with some woman It was also awful but Rush and Blair had not yet been involved with each other they d not even shared much conversation or kissed In those circumstances I can overlook the nasty sex scene with the OW even though I wished the author had chosen not to include it Anyway sometimes a story captures my imagination so much and thrills me from the beginning to the end that certain triggers of mine don t seem to make much of a difference Another book that is loaded with triggers for me but I still loved was It Ain t Me Babe I don t read Tillie Cole any though because she makes me cry and puts my emotions in a wringer And finally there s Sinister Kisses and its 3 SKALS seuels with a sociopathic obsessive jealous and controlling dark anti H Sebastian Bass There was no cheating in the SKALS uartet but Sebastian was such an anti H that I still don t know why I loved those 4 books The point I m making is that usually I can t handle stuff that aggravates my triggers but a few books are just so good that the story itself outweighs the negativity of the triggers Bound by Honor had an early scene that detailed infidelity but I still ended up loving the book Maybe that makes me a huge hypocrite and you guys have my permission to judge me but I am not gonna lie and pretend to dislike a book just to get approving pats on my shoulder from anyone And NO this is NOT an ARC review I don t do ARC reviews in any event I m just an ordinary amateur reviewer like most of my GR friends who reviews books because it s become a little hobby of mine I do it for me not for any author or for anyone with a vested interest in publishing This novel deals with the external struggles that plague Aria and Luca from the time Bound by Honor ended The MC s are totally in love with each other when this story begins and Luca who is now the Capo has become a devoted loyal and obsessed husband It s clear that Aria is his one weakness in life and that s exactly how a man is supposed to feel about his wife In Luca s own words But I don t care because loving you is the only pure thing in my life Aria froze eyes filling with tears Crying and begging had never softened my heart but with Aria they spoke to a part of me I hadn t known existed You love me she asked eyes full of hope and disbelief Yes even if I shouldn t If my enemies knew how much you meant to me they d do anything to get their hands on you to hurt me through you to control me by threatening you The Bratva will try again and others will too When I became a Made Man I swore to put the Famiglia first and I reinforced that same oath when I became a Capo dei Capi even though I knew I was lying My first choice should always be the Famiglia But you are my first choice Aria I ll burn down the world if I have to I ll kill and maim and blackmail I ll do anything for you Maybe love is a risk but it s a risk I m willing to take and as you said it s not a choice I never thought I would never thought I could love someone like that but I fell in love with you I fought it It s the first battle I didn t mind losing Cora Reilly Bound By Love Kindle Locations 73 86 Kindle Edition This was so romantic and I always felt that these MC s love for each other was strong and sincere It s not often that a romance novel hits that special spot in my sentimental romantic heart In fact I ve recently become a little disillusioned with the run of the mill romance novels that I keep coming across So when I am fortunate to read a book that gives me positive chills and goosebumps and makes me almost wish that these MC s were real people I know I ve found a winner This book made me happy sad angry frustrated annoyed and lots of other feelings on my emotional spectrum There are not many novels that can do that At times I wanted to pull my hair out and even slap Aria for being stupid and putting her family before her marriage In this novel I felt that Aria really tested Luca s love for her Don t misunderstand me she wasn t unfaithful to him but she betrayed his trust 3 times when she went behind his back in order to help her 3 siblings I even reached a point where I was so fed up of Aria that all I could think wasThis is Luca the HThis is Aria the heroineThis story led me on an emotional roller coaster ride where I kept waiting anxiously for the point where Luca would finally reach his breaking point with Aria She allowed her siblings drama to play such an important role in her life that it almost ruined her marriage 3 times She failed to understand that sometimes a woman needs to put her husband first and on the first two occasions Luca forgave her He was angry and he felt betrayed but he forgave her because he knew how much her sisters meant to her The first time was on the behalf of her mean selfish and unlikable sister Gianna The second time was when she begged Luca to intercede and help with the younger sister Liliana I was sympathetic with Lily s situation because she really needed help Gianna on the other hand was just a selfish fcking manipulative bitch who never stopped to think of the repercussions her actions would have on her older sister But it was the 3rd betrayal that brought Luca to his breaking point Aria went behind his back to return to Chicago knowing full well that it was a dumbass and dangerous situation since Dante the Capo of the Outfit mafia organization and the H of Bound by Duty had declared war on Luca and the Famiglia Dumbass Aria was caught by Dante who might have kept her in Chicago had he not discovered that she was pregnant But Dante created a lot of trouble for Luca and Aria s marriage when he manipulated a scenario with a paparazzi photographer to make it appear as if Aria was cheating on Luca with him ie Dante I love Dante from Bound by Duty but what he did was some punk ass messed up shit He forced Aria into the front passenger seat of his car and bent down to pick up her handbag which was lying on the floor in front of her He made sure that his stooge photographer was there to take long angled photos of the scene it appeared to any onlooker as if Dante s hand was fondling Aria between her legs And there were other staged photos where Dante pulled Aria close to him as if he was embracing her and whispering sweet endearments in her ears LOLWell fans of Dante will be happy to know that he just faked those situations and that he s still madly in love with Valentina But it was still a shady ass stunt to pull because he knew it would throw Luca into emotional chaos and destroy him Dante felt that the first step in winning the mafia war was to create instability in the personal life of the Famiglia s Capo Dante knew that Aria was Luca s weakness and he was right Luca lost it when he got emails with those photos attached He destroyed the living room the tv he cut his hand on glass and didn t even feel the pain because he was a man tormented I ve got to admit that I loved this scene because it seemed like retribution for that scene with the skank Grace in Bound by Honor Luca finally got a chance to be eaten alive with jealousy and it was beautiful in an intense and violent manner to read this sceneWhen Aria returned from Chicago she was shocked to see the havoc that Luca had brought to bear in her living room The arm with the knife hung limply at his side I forced myself to meet his gaze again Luca was in there somewhere Behind the anger and the hurt my Luca was in there Luca please listen to me It s not how it looks So you didn t let Cavallaro have what s mine he roared And he was upon me his bleeding hand clamped down on my forearm He was still holding the knife I would never do that You will always be the only man I want to be with I went to Chicago to meet with Val and talk to Fabi But Dante followed Val and wanted to talk to me That s all I swear And what s your swear worth You ve betrayed me before I never lied to you I never cheated I helped my sisters and didn t always tell you everything but I never lied to you Cora Reilly Bound By Love Kindle Locations 3732 3768 Kindle Edition I can t end this review without adding that the former skanky OW Grace from Bound by Honor made a couple of cameo appearances in this book too She s married to a middle aged Englishman but she s still a slutty bitch who cornered Aria at a Christmas party and tried to make trouble again This time she failed because Luca is in love in Aria and didn t have time for her skanky ass In fact Luca went as far as to put that horrible bitch in her place You listen to me Grace You will leave New York again and you won t come back I will say this only once you will never threaten my wife again or you will be the first woman I will skin alive That s a fucking promise He hit his chest with the hilt of the knife right where his Famiglia tattoo was His gaze made me shudder and Grace finally realized he was being serious Color drained from her face as she nodded And now you will go to your fucking room and you won t emerge until this fucking party is over He released her and she ran down the corridor where her room must have been Luca turned to face me sheathing his knife the remnants of the monster still in his expression Cora Reilly Bound By Love Kindle Locations 976 981 Kindle Edition Is it sick and twisted of me to admit that I found this scene so sexy I wish H s in other sub genres of Romancelandia would defend their heroines like this Grace made her second appearance during the period after the Dante episode when our MC s are going through a temporary separation and angst filled marital crisis Luca in his effort to hurt Aria tried to make her jealous by talking to Grace at another party but he didn t succumb to the former OW s slutty sexual advances I ll also add that Grace is so slutty that she even earlier in the story gave Luca s brother Matteo a blow job That happened before Matteo married Gianna Anyway I can t add to this except that I really hope the author doesn t write a future novel that ends in the death of either Luca or Dante It appears as if the Famiglia and the Outfit will be at full scale war and the skeevy Camorra will partner with Luca s group against Dante I don t care much about the Camorra guys yet because I haven t read those books but I really don t want either Luca or Dante to be hurt They re my 2 favourite heroes in Cora Reilly s books after all The novel does end on an ominous note however because Luca is prepared for full scale war with both the Camorra and the Outfit mob groups But in true alpha male form Luca is dedicated to protecting his wife his son and his daughter You still mark me she said with a hint of amusement rolling on to her back Do you really think there s anyone out there who doesn t know that I m yours I stroked the faint bruise on her throat You are mine I said in a low voice And it s not them I m reminding it s myself because even after eleven years sometimes it still seems impossible that I have you that I love you and that you love me Aria s fingers trailed down to my shoulder blade with the tattoo her eyes warm and fierce I ll go wherever you go no matter how dark the path I grasped her wrist with the bracelet I d given her many years ago and brought it to my lips kissing it Even in the darkest hour you are my light Cora Reilly Bound By Love Kindle Locations 5691 5697 Kindle Edition Safety No cheating no OM no OW

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