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[Cari Silverwood] Defiler Preyfinders #3 [arthurian Book] Ebook

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  • Defiler Preyfinders #3
  • Cari Silverwood
  • English
  • 10 July 2018
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Cari Silverwood É 0 CHARACTERS

CHARACTERS Ý Defiler Preyfinders #3 Cari Silverwood É 0 CHARACTERS Our Earth is on the edge of destruction our cities are pocked with missile craters and beneath the surface the alien factory ueen lurksFour women of power may be our saviors The last is Talia Gifted by earth magic with a mastery of edged weapons she’s a katana wielding geek chick with a loathing of alpha men This the third and final instalment of the Preyfinders series brings four remarkable women together Considered to be witches by the evil Bak Lol ueen they each possess a kind of magic or uniue ability and Dassenze the aliens god believes their powers combined could be the answer to defeating the alien factory ueen We first met the bold and irreverent Brask in Precious Sacrifice and indeed he was a character that certainly made this reader smile Now he wants nothing than to claim Talia as his own but this warrior like human has no intention of simply rolling over for him not even if her lady parts are clearly onboard with the idea Brask is domineering and has a lot to learn about women but he has an ally in Dassenze and these two are about to lay seige to Talias heart mind and body Earth is losing in it s war against the Bak Lal that are bring released and as the story begins two of the special women are lost Ally has found sanctuary on a farm but Willow is far far away and when she returns she is no longer the same woman A perilous journey will see these survivors facing battles that are heart stopping but continue they must as the fate of the world hangs in the balanceThis was a fabulous conclusion to the series There s action numerous sexy scenes but most of all answers Finally we get the information we wanted about Dassenze and his god like abilities and at times it is such a poignant journey leaving the reader on the edge of their seat These Preyfinders have always seen the females of other races as nothing than pets which never really sat well with this reader if honest but on Earth the women they encounter cause them to totally rethink that attitude and yes these alien hunks are still domineering and anything but vanilla but they are also loving and finally finding females who can be their Mates The author wraps this plot up in great style and none of our favourite characters are left out These four women who have been so integral to this series finally get to prove just what they can do together There s a sweet epilogue that allows the author to revisit these characters if she wishes to in the future Each book has only got stronger and I didn t think this story could be better than that of Willow and Stom as I m not a huge m nage lover but I was proved wrong If you enjoy sci fi romance that s incendiary at times then you will love this series As a final note I have to say I adore the new covers for these books as they really standout I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review

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Defiler Preyfinders #3

CHARACTERS Ý Defiler Preyfinders #3 Cari Silverwood É 0 CHARACTERS Rget Talia’s man problems become the lesser of many evils for the factory ueen awaits them with her nerve chewers and her drills The price for being avenging kickass bitches could be a messy death Warning Dominance and submission themes dubious consent hot aliens and violence Mild horror too if you're sueami This book is so amazing Perfect ending for this trilogy in the Sci fi fantasy genre In book three it s all out war between the Factory ueen and her Bak lal minions the ever changing witches and the Preyfinders Wow so much action and hot steamy sex along with an amazing storyline Ally has mated and her powers keep growing Willow has evolved and Talia needs to fully mate to mature her powers to full steam ahead Brittany is still their healer and all the witches need their mates help to be the best they can be Interspersed with humor this book is fast paced a can t put it down page turner So much information in this book it s hard to know what to tell and what to leave outThere is an AscendGod who is fighting Brask for Talia s affections and fighting his own feelings for her The gang finds friends along the way to aid them in their battle and while tele porting Ally lost Willow and can t find her This is all part of the greater plan to destroy the Factory ueen and save earth But can theyYou seriously need to read the first two books before you tackle this one so you have all the information you need Just read them you will not be disappointed

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CHARACTERS Ý Defiler Preyfinders #3 Cari Silverwood É 0 CHARACTERS Although mating enhances magic she knows bonding with aliens must surely be wrong Besides her destined bond mate Brask is an Igrakk warrior of the caveman persuasion One dominant male is bad enough Dassenze the alien man god in the flesh also desires her and no isn't a word he appreciatesAs they near their ta Cari Silverwood ends her Preyfinders series with a bang in Defiler These books truly need to be read in order as it s hard to get the full impact of this third installment without digging in to the deliciousness of the first two The Earth is essentially on the brink of destruction under full assault by the Bak lal and the factory ueen There have been hints along the way that the human bond mates of our hero warriors from previous books are special in some way and now it s made fully know that they are witches with magical powers Whether they can ultimately hone these powers to defeat the factory ueen remains to be seen Our heroine Talia is a kick ass sword wielding warrior who doesn t seem to have a submissive bone in her body She certainly doesn t add up to pet material Igrakk warrior Brask doesn t have romance on his mind He s always wanted a pet of his own and despite her bratty and defiant demeanor he can t seem to get enough of her Ascend god Dassenze is inexplicably drawn to Talia as well but bond mating isn t something he can risk As both alien men close in on their female prey the fate of the world hangs in the balance What a way to wrap up this amazing series I must admit that Cari Silverwood gave me everything I wanted within this last installment It was by far the most action packed of the three with scene after scene of nail biting battles where the women play just as big of a role as their warrior aliensmates Yes it s somewhat gory This is sci fi so expect death and destruction and heads being blown off Despite there being a tinge of Ds themes relating to human women and their role as pets within alien society by this installment I felt it played a far less prominent role in the development of the relationship between Talia and Brask Dassenze is a god and his demand for obedience is eual opportunity be it warrior or female that s posing the challenge Brask s need for some coaching on seduction techniues was funny as well as the interplay between all three when they got together This is really a m nage story mfm without malemale involvement The anticipation of when Dassenze would be able to use his special euipment on Talia was KILLING ME You will NOT be disappointed As usual the sex scenes are uniue and involve just about every combo you can imagine While Talia might protest a bit she s all in eventually just as captivated by both aliens as they are by her Perhaps the best surprise for me was how seamlessly the characters from the first two books were woven into the plot line here and not just as observers to the action BrittanyJadd and WillowStom are integral to the plot throughout We also get a wonderful HEA for Willow s sister Ally No one was left out and the wrap up was final without loose ends while still open for expansion in the future if the author decides she wants to revisit these awesome characters I highly recommend this series even if sci fi isn t your thing The little bit of that genre I read as a kid certainly didn t have the hot alien dominant men in the Preyfinder series and the plot is as captivating as the men ARC provided by author for an honest reviewposted at wwwunderthecoversbookblogcom