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[Facts of Life Stories Books ] Free download as PDF by Gary Soto – eBook & Kindle ePUB

  • Hardcover
  • 192
  • Facts of Life Stories
  • Gary Soto
  • English
  • 07 March 2018
  • 9780152061814
Facts of Life Stories

Facts of Life Stories Read & Download  109 Story collection in which the hard knock facts of growing up are captured with humor and poignance¬†Filled with annoying siblings difficult p. This is a collection of mostly unremarkable short stories supposedly all featuring young people with Latino backgroundsNotes on certain storiesWhere Did I Go Wrong the story does not uite go anywhere It has a slight sinister and odd tone but did not become developed One never is sure whether Raul really is a thief or a devil in disguise Or is he someone who comes to remind the boy of the good things in life even if they seemed mundane and for grantedCapturing the Moment It seems to be full of meaning and potential hope but it ends with such despair What right did a pair of egrets have to settle in her yard briefly tease her with beauty and hope and then fly away why does this story existIdentity Theft Interesting this one at least feels like a true short story with a twisty ending But what s the point The twisted ending of Ana being the new new Ana does not carry enough weight to warrant a repeat readingYou Decide another story with a somewhat down ward ending Hector is leaving his parents who no longer care for him and he no longer cares for them And the solution Running with a stray dogThe Babysitter what an odd story with a very odd ending when the girl decides to drink coffee and act like grown ups Hmm it s almost like a cautionary tale for adults and not a story for childrenCitizen of the World a nice piece at least with a hopeful and upbeat ending even though there is really not much story to speak of just a straight portrait of an illegal immigrants familyWise Uncle Joe it s amusing enough but another huh kind of storySeeing the Future it s way too didactic and too obvious about the girl who sees how her boyfriend will not turn out to be good for her What a sensible young lady but what a bore of a taleThe Ideal City what s the POINT That this girl who is idealistic can only talk to rows of chairs and desks at the end because no humans will listen or respect her Not even her teachers This one is at least interesting in its destitute attitudeD in English again another non story with a too obvious message delivered didactically

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Facts of Life Stories Read & Download  109 Arents and first loves these stories are a masterful reminder of why adolescence is one of the most frustrating and fascinating times of life. Facts of Life Stories is a compilation of short stories that contain similar themes Each story has a young Latin American student who struggles to accept reality in their situations For example Laurita is a young teenager who learns that she is an illegal alien Before she thought she was American until she looked for her birth certificate and could not find it Her father explains to her that the world is her home and that a paper should not determine that She feels the same way and is passionate about it after she learns that she is in danger of being deported Other stories show similar threads like the boy who was tricked into stealing His circumstances were a fact of life There was nothing that he could do I would offer this novel to a middle school audience or a high school audience that faces reading difficulties The language is simple and basic yet discusses deeper concepts Also the Spanish words intermixed with English could distract readers who do not understand Spanish There is a glossary in the back

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Facts of Life Stories Read & Download  109 What do Gaby Lopez Michael Robles and Cynthia Rodriguez have in common These three kids join other teens and tweens in Gary Soto's new short. This book is a collection of short stories Each story is narrated by a young Latina and offers a snapshot into their life Some of the stories tell of a major life event finding out they were born illegally while others deal with daily adolescent traumas feeling as if you don t fit into your family This book would fit in nicely to any middle or high school unit that deals with examining lives None of the stories are sugar coated or overly done In most the narrator is better able to articulate their internal thoughts and feeling better than the average teenager but the content is real enough to pull most kids in