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review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô Garry Disher Garry Disher Ô 0 Read characters Crosskill That Wyatt’s revenge won’t be showy impetuous and futile; it will be pragmatic elaborate and still possibly futile He holes up in Sydney preparing to return home to Melbourne to play his enemies against each other in a dangerous double cross that will Wyatt continues to try to recover his money and get the Outfit off his back As before he runs up against the problem of dumb venal people who outsmart themselves and trip him up as well

review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô Garry DisherCrosskill

review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô Garry Disher Garry Disher Ô 0 Read characters Crosskill Tear down the notions of loyalty and obligation “A cold hand grips the imaginative nerves and tightly” Robert Hood “Violent gripping realistic impossible to put down” Sunday Age “As hard as it gets and very entertaining” Weekend Australia The fourth Wyatt novel who is the Australian Parker There s even a nod to the Parker novels with a crime group called the Outfit and a character named Charles WillisEveryone is after Wyatt The Outfit has a forty thousand dollar contract on his head He s already killed two hitmen in the last six months A third a woman has missed himthree times and he s dealt her damageWyatt needs this resolved because he wants to hit the Mesics a Melbourne crime family They interfered in one of his jobs and cost him 300000 The old man had recently died and his two sons were at odds One wanted to continue as before and the other wanted an alliance with an American Mafia family in the casino business Now is the time to hit themTo demonstrate his power Wyatt and an associate hit several Outfit businesses then boldly works into a meeting with Kepler head of the Outfit They make a deal together The contract is voided and Wyatt hits the Mesics rifling the safes and leaving them handcuffed allowing the Outfir to walk in and take their business records The Outfit had wanted into Melbourne for a while nowUnknown to the new partnership was a couple of crooked cops independent of each other horning in Not to mention a double cross of Wyatt by even another partyEveryone wants Wyatt s head He s a man who always sticks to a deal Unless crossed Then he becomes even dangerous

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review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô Garry Disher Garry Disher Ô 0 Read characters Crosskill Wyatt is meticulous demanding and implacable and this may be the toughest coolest and most uncompromising series in Australian literature Wyatt made some powerful enemies in his first three outings and the time has come to confront them But we know by now Great seriesVery enjoyable recently discovered series Though somewhat of a rip off of the old Parker novels by Richard Stark still a worthwhile adventure

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