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( Pdf ) The Poems The Collected Works of W B Yeats #1 ✓ W.B. Yeats – Kindle ePUB, TXT or Book Download

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The Poems The Collected Works of W B Yeats #1

review Ì The Poems The Collected Works of W B Yeats #1 S the most comprehensive edition of one of the world's most beloved poets available in paperbac. I came away from Yeats complete works with very few lines of his poetry stuck in my head I ve always held The Second Coming in high regard and I though there would be like it but not really

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review Ì The Poems The Collected Works of W B Yeats #1 Revised and corrected this edition includes Yeats's own notes on his poetry complemented by exp. Yeats is a really interest poet to explore primarily because his distinction in retrospect not at the time from other poets is largely in subject matter rather than style Overall he is a typical structural modernist and most of his poems didn t really feel uniue in their aesthetic or even in their poetic flare This was the biggest drag for me not that Yeats isn t an exceptional poet but just that after reading a lot of classic and contemporary poetry there isn t much about Yeats specifically that sets him apartHowever his subjects are compelling The most famous Irish poet Yeats talks extensively about Irish folklore and mythology implements classic tales and heroes without shying away from contemporary topics Yeats was a clearly pre confessional poet As much as I love confessional poetry it s sort of a breath of fresh air to hear a certain objectivity and disconnect from him an air of storytellingAll in all a good collection of good poetry Not my favorite but it all comes down to personal preference

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review Ì The Poems The Collected Works of W B Yeats #1 Lanatory notes from esteemed Yeats scholar Richard J Finneran The Collected Poems of WB Yeats i. WB Yeats is incredible I have so many favorite poems Easter 1916 Now and in time to beWherever green is wornAre changed utterlyA terrible beauty is born Or An Airman Forsees his Death I know that I shall meet my fateSomewhere among the clouds above Those that I fight I do not hateThose that I guard I do not love My country is Kiltartan CrossMy countrymen Klitartan s poorNo likely end could bring them lossOr leave them happier than before Or the chilling lines of The Second coming Things fall apart the center cannot hold Mere anarchy is loosed upon the worldThe blood dimmed tide is loosed and everywhereThe ceremony of innocence is drowned The best lack all conviction while the worstAre full of passionate intensitySurely some revelation is at hand Surely the second coming is at handAnd what rough beast its hour come round at lastSlouches towards Bethlehem to be born