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(Ebook or Kindle ePUB) Riverside Surprise by Donna Jay

Free download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF è Donna Jay

Download Riverside Surprise Free download Ø Riverside Surprise At one with each other and nature they get than they bargain forWhen Kylie goes for a peaceful stroll down to the riv. Jen and Brett are a happily married couple headed out for a weekend of camping sun and as much naked fun they can fit in During a sexy romp by the river they run into Kylie a pretty redhead who accidentally catches them in the act When spending the night by the river doesn t seem safe any the couple ends up at Kylie s country cottage where the three of them continue to hit it off over drinks The sexual tension building between the two women eventually turns into a hot sexy surprise that Brett gets to enjoy a bit of too The fantasy of being touched so intimately by another woman failed in comparison to the realityI love camping and the outdoors add a hot kinky liaison I m sold This is a playful sexy story set in the beautiful New Zealand countryside I recommend this to anyone looking for a threesome fantasy full of love and a very hot original FFM hookupARC received in exchange for an honest review

Download Riverside Surprise

Riverside Surprise

Download Riverside Surprise Free download Ø Riverside Surprise Jen and Brett couldn't possibly have predicted the day that unfolds when they head for a night of camping Hoping to be. First read by this author and I seriously loved it There just isn t enough really good erotica out there featuring FFM combos and Donna Jay completely supplied itJen and Brett are looking forward to a relaxing weekend getaway of camping While handing out by the river they get a little touchy feely on each other until they are interrupted by Kylie who is looking for her dog that ran through the bushes towards the river Jen and Brett have always fantasized about having another woman and when she shows up after they ve just gotten their motors revved they can t help but look at her with some lust The moment is uickly gone however when Kylie retrieves her dog and sets back to her little cottage in hopes of having not ruined the nice couples obvious plansHearing some crazy barking Jen and Brett go to investigate and find Kylie being harassed by a couple younger guys who are hitting on her and trying to

Free download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF è Donna Jay

Download Riverside Surprise Free download Ø Riverside Surprise Er and draws the unwanted attention of two strangers everyone's day is turned upside downEditor Jason BradleyFFM menag. This is one helluva a sexy read It s slow burn at the start but when it takes offit really takes offI read it for what it is FFM erotica or erotic romance It does kind of have an HEA but it also has a bit depth particularly towards the endI m a little torn on what I think about the gender role stuff but I m aware there are cultural differences at play here and also that in the situation I probably would be grateful for the intervention cryptic I knowI m not keen on the word bi curious it fits the way the character is thinking andwell this is a difficult one On the one hand bisexual identity is highly sexualised and simplified in general not in this story which deals with it very well in all other respects and being into sex with than one gender is potentially not being bisexual Interpersonal attraction is far complexBut anyway that s by the by and ultimately I don t think the author intended to ex

  • Kindle Edition
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  • Riverside Surprise
  • Donna Jay
  • English
  • 19 April 2018
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