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Characters ´ The Shadow Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î Sylvain Reynard Sylvain Reynard Î 2 Read A antecipada seuela de Raven Noites de Florença um romance sensual sobre a relação perigosa e inebriante de Raven e William O Príncipe voltou professando o seu amor por Raven Wood ue terá de tomar uma decisão difícil permitir ue o Príncipe vingue o passado ue ainda a atorme. The second book in The Florentine series The Shadow continues the story of William and Raven After a brief separation the two find their way back to each other despite their obvious differences Finally being honest about his feelings William and Raven seem to have found happiness in their relationship only to have William s responsibilities as the prince wreak havoc on their livesPerhaps it is just me but this time around the storyline seemed a little flat to me Don t get me wrong I enjoyed every minute but the twists and turns didn t elicit the anxiety or anticipation that I d expect in a suspenseful story Instead it seemed to flow pleasantly with minimal conflict until close to the end Then when things happened that should have been upsetting I felt somehow removed from the events There was a disconnect for me that is hard to explainAside from feeling a bit removed from the battle for Florence at the end I was captivated by this story Brief appearances by Professor Gabriel Emerson piued my interest I m dying to know how things work out for him and Julia Raven s loved ones also play a prominent role in this book Her strained relationship with her younger sister and mother is prominently displayed while she comes face to face with the cause of that strife The priest who offered her solace is also intertwined in her current life in ways that she had never imaginedOverall this was a fantastic continuation of this story It ends with a bit of a twist and I m looking forward to seeing how everything plays out in the next book

Read å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î Sylvain ReynardThe Shadow

Characters ´ The Shadow Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î Sylvain Reynard Sylvain Reynard Î 2 Read Da Galeria Uffizi E enuanto o Príncipe persegue um traidor ue o ilude a cada passo ue dá torna se ele próprio alvo de um inimigo mortal Serão capazes de ganhar esta batalha Uma coisa é certa o seu amor terá de permanecer secreto caso contrário estarão ambos em grande perigo. The Prince The Raven The Shadow connect our beloved Gabriel Series to Sylvain s new paranormal Florentine SeriesYOU NEED TO READ THE RAVEN BEFORE READING THE SHADOWAnd if you haven t already read THE PRINCE first and before that The Gabriel Trilogy This 3rd book starts with a little time travel we see how William lost his first love many 100 years ago Then we go visit the Emersons to kill themNo he promised Raven not to hurt thembut he ll have a little talk with GabrielAnd then we go back to present time FlorenceWilliam has just gotten over his stupidity and told Raven that he loves her and that he has a surprise for herThat surprise is her former step father in a cell in William s basement The step father who molested her little sister and the person responsible for her bad legBut Raven is extremely upset about all that She s not sure what to do nowThen there s still the problem of a traitor in the Prince s government And the police have still not given up on finding the person responsible for the theft of the Boticelli IllustrationsWilliam has his hands full in this book with politics and his new love life et cetera What will happen to The Prince RavenWhat will happen to Gabriel JulianneWill everybody die at the end oOOr will there be a horrible CliffhangerI m not telling you that of course I don t want to spoil too much well there s not really a Cliffhanger well maybe there kinda isbut not a really bad one First I have to say that I m not really a fan of supernatural books But since I love Sylvain s Gabriel series and Gabriel has a little part in here too I really wanted to read thisAnd I really enjoyed it It s not like all those vampire books or tv shows you always see We don t have guys running around with blood dripping all over their faces no bloody fights all the time It s a real classy story It s about love and pain and loss and politics and the past and the future About Art and the city of Florence There s suspense and intrigue and mystery and romance And it s so wonderfully written by Sylvain he has this amazing writing style that s just so different from other books This second book in the series was a tiny little bit too political for me though I want my romances to be romances and William has soooo much to do and to worry about with being the Prince so that the romance part gets pushed too far back But other readers might love that But it s still very sexy and romantic and exciting and suspensy I really love William and Raven togetherThey re soo completely different yet they just belong togetherBut it ll be hard with him being what he is I really hope there will be a very happy end for them one dayNow I can t wait for the next book in the series I need to know what will happen to William Raven next and of course we want to see the Emersons again If you loved THE GABRIEL SERIES and even if you re not a HUGE fan of vampires you need to read THE Florentine Series IT S BEAUTIFUL

Sylvain Reynard Î 2 Read

Characters ´ The Shadow Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î Sylvain Reynard Sylvain Reynard Î 2 Read Nta ou persuadi lo a deter se Mas há muito mais em jogo do ue apenas o coração ou os sentimentos de Raven uma sombra abateu se sobre a cidade de Florença O inspetor Batelli mantém se incansável na busca pela ligação de Raven ao roubo de obras de arte de valor incalculável. 4 He Was Hers StarsARC provided by authorBR with Patty In The Shadow the love story between vampire William York aka The Prince the human Raven Wood continues After being apart for about a month this unlikely couple is reunited This extremely powerful vampire who is both respected feared has a soft side when it comes to Raven She begins to resurrect the humanity in him he thought was gone They continue to fall deeply in love with one another we see a tender side to William we thought didn t exist William is absolutely delicious showing Raven how he feels about her Swoon You came back to me I never left You re a dream She sighed A dream of love I never thought I d have I like the way you feel I like discovering new things about your body how you react to my touch to my kiss to my body when it s inside yours You are a book that deserves to be read over and over again I d forgotten You d forgotten what What it s like to be loved I really enjoyed this story seeing William fall in love with Raven There is nothing he wouldn t do to be with her protect her We see him try to get justice for wrongs done to Raven in the past As leader of the principality of Florence the underworld William is considered very dangerous He would do anything to also protect his people ensure his rule over the city There is a traitor among them targeting the Prince threatening his position of power We get a lot of action there is also still the mystery over the Prince s stolen art Gabriel Julianne Emerson also show up from time to time in this book I look forward to the next installment in this series

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  • 336
  • The Shadow
  • Sylvain Reynard
  • Portuguese
  • 08 April 2018
  • 9789897102417