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[PDF] Creeping Waves Author Matthew M. Bartlett – TXT & Kindle eBook

  • Kindle Edition
  • 273
  • Creeping Waves
  • Matthew M. Bartlett
  • English
  • 08 June 2017
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CHARACTERS ↠ Creeping Waves Matthew M. Bartlett ✓ 0 CHARACTERS FREE DOWNLOAD Creeping Waves That blasted and damned path toward the Real and Truest heart of Leeds Massachusetts This is WXXT It's the witching hour when shadows take wing and nightmares stalk Turn your radio up Point your antennas to the infinite sky And stay tuned for Weather on the Sixes WXXT The bubbling blisters on the tongue of the Pioneer Valley. Originally appeared on my website the Conueror WeirdGateways to Abomination floored me butCreeping Waves WOW I knew it was going to be good but I never expected something like thisFirst you ve got that Nick Gucker cover Nick Gucker Illustrator of gross and drippy phenomena He doesn t disappoint here Look at all of the disgusting Bartlettian phenomena a ossuary WXXT booth dancing embryos playing with a hanged man this one is out of view as its cut off by the spine a man wrangling worms a black Satanic snake Ben Stockton beckoning a child whose mouth is crammed with tiny teethall under the landscape of a distorted fair clownish monoliths rearing up to the sky Holy hellNathan Ballingrud provides a beautiful introduction describing how Bartlett burst onto the scene and how he s back with a vengeance in Creeping Waves But as wonderful as it is it doesn t even begin to cover the contentsThe book opens with an eerie prologue narrated by Ben Stockton reminiscing on the genesis of WXXT and covering some ground for those who haven t read Gateways to Abomination It is followed by Spring Thaw a short creepy piece that hints at the horror to come But the real fun begins with Rampage It s a dark story A really really dark story one that seems to take some concepts from path a story in Gateways and warps them into a much morbid idea After Rampage you re doomedThe book is much intertwined than Gateways The whole WXXT gang is back and the FCC is still after them What silly shenanigans will they get up to this time Thematic elements from Spring Thaw are woven through the contents A certain narrative one about a faded cult leader named Vernon Golden is serialized throughout the book along with Anne Gare s Rare Book and Ephemera Catalogue There are seuels preuels references and opening chapters Old ideas are elaborated upon and new ideas rise along with themThe book is considerably longer than Gateways so I ll focus on the traditional narratives the first of which is Master of Worms A dark story about a twisted family patriarch Bartlett starts off restrained before delving into unbridled surrealism The opening scene is one of the most shocking things I have ever readNext up is Night Dog Wow This has to be one of the scariest stories in the book A man named Wendell working at the ominous Annelid Industries International has his world turned upside down no has his world pur ed in a goddamn blender by a strange man who proclaims horrifying revelations as the company meeting approaches There were times during this story when I was thinking No no NO as things went from bad to worse to hopeless Probably my favorite of the longer narrativesThen Rangel the next longer narrative comes along I think it s safe to assume that this is Bartlett s most successful story it s in the contents of the Year s Best Weird Fiction Volume Three ed Simon Strantzas series ed Michael Kelly and was considered by Ellen Datlow for her latest volume of the Best Horror of the Year Not only that originally published as a chapbook by Dim Shores with creepy illustrations by Aeron Alfrey it sold out of not one but two limited editions Reading it one can certainly see why I m not going to talk too much about the plot but instead I ll just say this Halloween parade in Leeds Something to see This was my introduction to Bartlett and look where I am now reviewing all of his work The Egg is a deliciously nasty tale probably one of Bartlett s most brutal compositions to date A family is raising chickens they wanted pets and chickens were just the best fit for them and decides to leave the radio on for their comfort Life lesson chickens WXXT bad news My description makes it sound almost comical but trust me The Egg is anything but and it features one of the cruelest endings in literature Little Leeds isn t that long but I wanted to pause on it becausewell you ll see Bartlett has a story coming out soon that ties very smoothly into this andwell I don t want to spoil the fun A rebellious girl joins a group of teens in the woods Needless to say things get very strange very fast The Purging of My Uncle s House The Time of the Black Tents is a continuation of the sons of ben from Gateways to Abomination This tells of a grim family reunion in an old secluded house while some sort of dark ritual takes place outside in the woods Dripping with mystery and terror this is a highlight story in the book and it also brings up uestions about the Real Leeds a ominous location referred to throughout the bookThe exploits of Vernon Golden creep through the book A bygone leader of a forgotten cult he contacts the son of a couple who once were amongst his followers telling him that he needs help fighting the devil in Massachusetts Of course nothing is uite as it seems and the plot takes frantic twists and turns in a delightfully dark formThe real climax to the book is Baal Protects the King parts one and two I honestly cannot bring myself to describe this story and to be honest I don t know if I even really could It s a onyx goblet brimming with blood a raging hurricane of nightmarish imagery and haunting ideas Its intensely disturbing scenery will stay with you for days after you read itCreeping Waves is as of this date Bartlett s masterpiece It sit sit s the best thing ever It s the most distressing reading experience I ve ever had It s dark it s devilish and it s disturbingI really can t describe it better than that

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CHARACTERS ↠ Creeping Waves Matthew M. Bartlett ✓ 0 CHARACTERS FREE DOWNLOAD Creeping Waves Where is the real Leeds How does one get there Is it floating on the air words and music you can almost reach out and grab like wriggling worms of sound and ether Is it in the carnival that seethes under the corrupted church drawing the lost along shadowy corridors and through the strangely angled Funhouse doors to the place. To my way of thinking I have read pretty much all of Matthew M Bartlett s to this point that I have been able to get my hands on and all of it these last couple of monthsWith Creeping Waves subtitled Broadcasts and Blasphemies the author has given us an amazing amount of reading containing much of his previous output such as the much sought after Rangle and portions of the impossible to find self published chapbook Anne Gar s Rare Book and Ephemera Catalog 945493 HMr Bartlett has in a relatively short span of time created a mythology rivaling authors who have spent a lifetime creating their work Of all the work by Mr Bartlett that I have read there has not been a single letdown or inferior fragment of work In his introduction to this collection Nathan Ballingrud states You ve come here for a horror story and what you get is one of the purest and most audacious expressions of horror in the modern day The writing here is truly transgressive literatureEverything that has been written by Mr Bartlett manages to tie together in one solid picture of the evil possible in the town of Leeds or in its most subtle voice WXXT broadcasts Within the stories you will encounter missing children and lost souls cult leaders reaping their vile rewards bloody and evil events that take the reader just a step too far This is an astounding accomplishmentThis copy is signed and inscribed by Matthew M Bartlett

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CHARACTERS ↠ Creeping Waves Matthew M. Bartlett ✓ 0 CHARACTERS FREE DOWNLOAD Creeping Waves Where the city fathers perform secret rites with the goat headed masters of the dark Do you seek the Real Leeds Venture out to a secluded spot turn on your radio and spin that dial down to the murky low numbers somewhere just around 879 That music that voice calling on the edge of static and distortion it might lead you to. Well hell Matthew M Bartlett went and managed to top Gateways to Abomination Collected Short Fiction my favorite book of 2014 I liked it so much that I published a limited edition chapbook from Bartlett in 2015 Rangel sold out uickly and the story was selected for inclusion in Year s Best Weird Fiction Vol 3 Rangel is also reprinted in Creeping Waves and I m very pleased people will get to read and be creeped out by it Creeping Waves has many of the 1 3 page vignettes that made Gateways to Abomination so surreal and affecting and it also has some longer stories I was going to say meatier stories but felt a little sick when that phrase came to mind in connection with this book Trust me you ll see The longer stories are just as suirmy and creepy as the vignettes Time periods and characters shift and intertwine with a cohesive narrative developing as it goes Taken together it all fills in some of the sinister past and present of devil haunted Leeds MA and its unnervingly horrid radio station WXXT Everything builds up to a trip to Real Leeds and oh the sights you will see there Bartlett s style is a uniue blend at times almost darkly whimsical while still making your skin crawl and your guts churn He has a gift for descriptive prose that is on par with Thomas Ligotti in being beautiful and repulsive and absolutely enthralling all at once and Creeping Waves is an exemplar of that particular emotional space Witch cults body horror bizarre history desecrations goats doom if these words catch your interest read this book NOW