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Free read Necrotech SINless #1

K.C. Alexander ñ 4 Free read Free read ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ K.C. Alexander review Å Necrotech SINless #1 á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Street thug Riko has some serious issues memories wiped reputation tanked girlfriend turned into a tech fueled zombie And the only people who can help are the mercenaries who think she screwed them overIn an apathetic society devoid of ethics. This book unapologetically throws cyberpunk into a sweaty m nage trios with AI madness and Cthulhu cum tech zombie foul mouthed insanity The resultant gun slinging two fisted ass kicking action is non stop as is the main character s incredibly incredibly self sabotaging bad attitude NECROTECH is so full of four letter jabber it makes PULP FICTION sound like a church sermon Seriously if you re even remotely offended by Tourette s level cursing this one isn t for youWe start out with a familiar amnesia trope and truth be told by the end of the book we don t really get the answers Want to know You ll need to get the second book in the SINless series I don t think there s a release date at this time so be warned But don t let that corrupt your software so much that you avoid this tale The main character Riko is a walking disaster of overconfidence and simultaneous self doubt The tension between her two sides usually results in her using her bionic arm to punch some poor fucker in the mouth Sometimes this results in said poor fucker s head exploding Short answer be very very careful about what you say when you re talking to RikoAlexander s prose is solid She s got some very poetic work in there as part and parcel of the non stop blood and gore She plays with established grammar structure a bit with the end result being a uniue style I think I d now recognize her writing anywhereFun book Get some

Free read ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ K.C. AlexanderNecrotech SINless #1

K.C. Alexander ñ 4 Free read Free read ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ K.C. Alexander review Å Necrotech SINless #1 á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Tween her and salvation Riko is going to have to fight meaner work smarter and push harder than she’s ever had to And that’s just to make it through the dayFile Under Science Fiction Viral Hitman | Renegade | Nano Shock | Swear On Your Life. 45 I was searching for female written female SciFi protagonists when I stumbled across this gem Even better this ualifies as Cyberpunk with the emphasis on Punk very much in the the street finds its own use for things kind of way The world is an immersive not too far away future in which climate change among other issues hinted at have forced all humanity to live concentrated in a few protected places mega cities The Ozone Layer has been burnt away completely As is usual with Cyberpunk there s two kinds of people those who work for the corporations and those who don t Riko doesn t but that doesn t mean she doesn t have nanos in her blood a chipset in her brain and a bunch of other tech enhancements but she likes flying under the radar of the massive surveillance practiced by the corps Riko is a Saint meaning she doesn t have a SIN a Security Identification Number She is not only a Saint but also a mercenary with an impressive array of profanity at her disposal and a not so small capacity for violence The story is told from her perspective 1st person and her voice is at once compelling full of snark and profanity and sometimes a bit too much in the ways of slang street jargon and clich At first it s fun then I got a little annoyed minus half a star and then the plot got just too damn interesting It all starts with Riko waking up in a lab she has a terrible hangover and she doesn t remember how she got there I find the Amnesia trope a bit tired but this execution was good maybe even great When she gets back to her team it turns out that her street cred took a big hit because of whatever she did and now can t admit that she doesn t remember All her allies there are no friends in a life like hers are suddenly wary if not hostile The first half of the book Riko is slowly trying to recover and find leads but in the second half the pace ramps up especially when it turns out the corps are involved in whatever has happened The showdown is worthy of being made into an action movie as the bullets fly and the view spoilertechno zombies hide spoiler

K.C. Alexander ñ 4 Free read

K.C. Alexander ñ 4 Free read Free read ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ K.C. Alexander review Å Necrotech SINless #1 á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Or regulation where fusing tech and flesh can mean a killing edge or a killer conversion a massive conspiracy is unfolding that will alter the course of the human condition forever With corporate meatheads on her ass and a necro tech blight be. Necrotech is one of those titles that left me feeling particularly divisive KC Alexander included a great number of things that I enjoyed but there were also just enough missteps to disappointPerhaps my greatest problem with this book was going into it without the explicit understanding that this is the first book in a series with an overarching plot line Alexander presents a story where the lead character Riko is on a mission to discover what happened to her and her girlfriend during a period of several months that she cannot recall In the book s opening moments Riko wakes up in a lab in time to discover her cybernetically augmented girlfriend going haywire and turning into a savage monster on a bloody tear The mystery behind what these two women are doing in this lab and why they were even there in the first place becomes the crux of Riko s motivation Unfortunately by the time we reach the end of the book s 400 pages there s been zero resolution Riko does get moved into a new and interesting place which is a plus but the story itself lacks any sense of closure The characters and readers are left in largely the same place they found themselves at the outset with the central mystery unresolved We had some neat developments and a few interesting scenarios along the way but the trip itself ultimately felt largely pointless and this left me disappointedOn the bright side Riko is a cool heroine and I have a soft spot for foul mouthed temperamental tough women Riko is a particular type of mercenary known as a splatter specialist and with her gruff violent no prisoners attitude and big bionic arm heroines don t get much tougher Necrotech is a violent book with nearly non stop action At a certain point though the action does get to be a bit too much and a bit too tedious Alexander doesn t slow down enough to really allow her character much in the way of introspection or growth although there are some nice moments between Riko and the other characters Her flirtatious side carries a definite charm which made virtually any scene between her and a corporate secretary named Hope fun and engaging I could have gone for a few of those moments and Riko becomes much interesting when she s placed in situations far removed from her usual elementsMake no mistake Riko s usual elements are gritty and violent Alexander does a great job building the world her characters inhabit and I liked the concept of necrotech a computer virus that hijacks people s implants and turns them into the cyberpunk euivalent of a zombie uite a lot It s a scary gruesome and highly intriguing idea and one that I look forward to seeing the author develop in future booksWhile Necrotech was not the stand alone title I was hoping for and leaves far too many plot threads dangling and unresolved to placate me I am still invested enough in this world and in KC Alexander as a storyteller to see what comes up next Note I received an advanced review copy of this title from the publisher via NetGalley

  • Kindle Edition
  • 400
  • Necrotech SINless #1
  • K.C. Alexander
  • English
  • 09 March 2018
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