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[12 Great Classics of Science Fiction read online] PDF By Groff Conklin

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 192
  • 12 Great Classics of Science Fiction
  • Groff Conklin
  • English
  • 11 June 2019
  • 9782449013667

Groff Conklin ☆ 7 Summary

characters 12 Great Classics of Science Fiction 107 Summary ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Groff Conklin characters 12 Great Classics of Science Fiction Y been lost or overlooked since their original publication Perceptive witty exciting. Interesante colecci n de historias ue al abordar temas trascendentes de la vida humana a trav s de la ciencia ficci n logra confrontar al lector con sus determinaciones y su visi n m s profunda de la realidad Algunos relatos son m s dif ciles de interpretar ue otrosInteresting collection of stories that by addressing transcendent issues of human life through science fiction manages to confront the reader with his determinations and his deepest vision of reality Some stories are difficult to interpret than others

characters 12 Great Classics of Science Fiction12 Great Classics of Science Fiction

characters 12 Great Classics of Science Fiction 107 Summary ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Groff Conklin characters 12 Great Classics of Science Fiction And skillfully written every story is a fascinating voyage of the creative imaginatio. This book contains as it s 4th story the Mindwebs audiobook 33 which is The Top by George Sumner Albee also contains a Robert Sheckley Mindwebs version from Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 1962 A strange possibly satirical story about an advertising executives rise towards both the top position and floor of a claustrophobic pyramidal building within a profoundly dysfunctional corporation Privately he resents the atmosphere of stifling loyality and the obseuious toadying necessary to advance through the ranks of this paranoid organisation but he sucks it up and gets responsibility for the whole caboodle dept When he goes to meet the Boss he discovers the very pinnacle is perfectly representative of the capitalist philosophical attitude Just like working for the bank really

Summary ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Groff Conklin

characters 12 Great Classics of Science Fiction 107 Summary ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Groff Conklin characters 12 Great Classics of Science Fiction Groff Conklin here presents 12 masterful tales of science fiction that have incredibl. 12 Great Classics of Science Fiction as told by Mr Conklin himself is a collection of hidden gems of science fiction interspread through numerous science fiction magazines from the late 1950s through 1965 Each story is varied in how the storytelling is portrayed and what the focus is from robots to philosophy to simple fun to mind bending plot twists and the uestioning of your own existance Let s get startedThe first story Due Process written by Algis Budrys and first published in Astounding Science Fiction December 1960 is a confusingly written little tale about a Mr Hertzog who owns a tour business focused on cruise ships for tourists Also the story takes place in Atlantis On the surface Maybe This was certainly not the story to open up a short story collection but at least the worst is over with At least the dialogue is somewhat interesting 25Second is Earthmen Bearing Gifts by Fredric Brown first published in Galaxy June 1960 Being the shortest story in here at about 3 pages it also brings with it confused emotions that make you wonder if you should feel bad or amused The basic gist is that psychic beings live on Mars a peace loving race that hasn t had war in almost 10000 years Apparently Martians have had psychic contact for years but can t communicate with us This comes at a bad time because we re about to nuke Mars they explain that we re doing it to have information about the atmosphere and the surface but surely there s a better way of doing it The Martians are at peace with this though because they are a dying race and have made peace with it A little paradox is also thrown in with our technology possibly letting Mars thrive again and their peacefulness and evolved psychic abilities possibly bettering the human race as a whole But it was never meant to be 35Third is Things by Zenna Henderson first published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction July 1960 The story is about a group of aliens on a unknown planet and their interactions with what is hinted to be Earthmen but only called The Strangers throughout the story These interactions however invite greed to this peaceful race and sometimes death also making it difficult to establish contact with each other In the end their hidden colony is exposed and they must move before The Strangers find them A good story with probably the most strangest and foreign style of writing in the book This works for Mrs Henderson however because it really exposes how alien this alien species is compared to us and how the writing becomes clearer when focusing on those who come in contact with The Strangers having modern language but also the eating force of greed 45Fourth is The Top by George Sumner Albee first published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction August 1962 The story involves a man named Jonathan Gerber a advertising agent for a company named Allied The company building is in the shape of a pyramid with almost no windows throughout the building except for the top piller the 14th floor where almost nobody is allowed up to Jonathan has been working at the company for years under his boss L Lester Leath but it recently turns out that Leath may be dying Jonathan is told with Leath s dying breath that Jonathan will succeed him as the new advertising executive and he must meet with the CEO on the 14th floor told to be the CEOs suite with the CEO himself a man named Hanscomb Ludlow Satherwaite the 2nd what a mouthful a man never seen by any employees except for his photograph which doesn t seem to age from year to year Jonathan makes his way to the 14th floor where the twist hits here the 14th floor is empty Unpainted unfurnished almost abandoned There is no Hanscomb up here at the top only a empty room Jonathan sees the town below smiles and walks back down the stairs No I don t get the significance of the ending either 35 for that confusing ending but otherwise good Fifth goes to My Object All Sublime my personal favorite of the book published by Poul Anderson in Galaxy June 1961 The story consists of a unnamed narrator and a man named Michael Michael is a nice man unremarkable but nothing harmful Our narrator and Michael strike up a fast friendship eventually bringing us to Thanksgiving dinner over a year later Night comes fast and while Michael s wife and kid are sleeping the narrator and Michael strike up conversation while overlooking the city Michael then begins to ask and describe about a hypothetical scenario about time travel and the future of which he seems to know suspiciously much about The topic turns to time travel as a punishment which by all means is talked about here as a interesting topic We also learn a bit about Michael he survived the Holocaust and was able to create a business despite the hardships on himselfThen here comes the twist our narrator was a enforcer or cop not really described much from the future Michael is also from the future his punishment being sent back in time to suffer in the Holocaust But Michael survives and is happy which does not suit well with the future council Michael is taken and dropped off in even ancient times to suffer further A good story with a decent but unhinted at twist The best part is both the narrator and Michael discussing time travel as it makes for a interesting topic 45Sixth is Human Man s Burden another favorite published by Robert Sheckley in Galaxy September 1956 This story is humorous then the others but still serves as a good tale to lighten the mood Edward Flaswell is a pioneer who buys a planetoid to mine along with some bots to help farm the land and make a nice home there Attending is his faithful robot servent Gunga Sam a robot loyal to the end Over the months Edward gets lonely While flipping through a catalog he spots a ad for mail order brides try to read this as pulp then the last few stories you ll enjoy it better Edward orders a bride that s supposed to be able to work hard and act as of a farmhand then a housewife When the order comes however the wife is completely different from what was expected For one she s much fancy Two she doesn t look like she s worked a day in her life being too prim to do so Edward is furious and the bride named Shelia is also not satisfied Edward calls for a replacement but over the next week or so we find that Shelia isn t so bad she decorates but also can work on robots to fix them and is not so bad of a person in personality either Edward also finds himself drawn to her eventually falling in love When he asks to propose to Shelia however even though she seems to show affection she denies it and tells him to buzz off When the replacement arrives though the twist is revealed that she purposely came here and drew him on to fall in love which she did because she loves him too She also reveals that there is no replacement since she staged that so everything is happy A charming story somewhat sexist but the writing is actually funny 45Seventh is On The Fourth Planet by J F Bone first published in Galaxy April 1963 The story covers living blobs that live to eat and one blob discovering that a rocket has landed in his yard blocking him off from his food source The rocket opens however to reveal food inside and he greedily eats it all A fellow blob tries to get in too but burns to death because the rocket is super hot Eventually the blob inside reproduces aesexually due to the pleasure and uses his offspring to throw himself out of the ship Just in time too because the rocket seemingly blows up and all returns to normalConfused I am too but at least the writing is alright 35Eighth comes The Ballad of Lost C mell probably one of the few stories in here with some fame in singular sci fi circles published by Cordwainer Smith in Galaxy October 1962 The story involves a place somewhat similiar to Earth except for ruled by a council of psychics and also has genetically created Underpeople the splices of humans and animals as mere slaves to the population A councilman named Jestocost who seems stuck up and has almost a orgasmic fetish for justice has it for a good cause he wants to bring up the status of the Underpeople and let them be eual citizens He works with a catwoman named C mell who works as a prostitute at a airport and the leader of the Underpeople a bird man with incredible psychic powers that sometimes uses C mell as a communication source by controlling her body C mell falls in love with the councilman for seemingly no reason but Jestocoat cannot return his affections for he loves justice too much and cannot enjoy personal relationships that is his excuse Eventually through some odd plots the Underpeople get rights and Jestocoat is a folk hero to the Underpeople but he doesn t think of it Ok story but really odd choices and a unlikeable protagonist I think we re supposed to root for 35Ninth is Thirty Days Had September another favorite published by Robert F Young in The Magazine For Fantasy and Science Fiction October 1957 The story focuses on a future society where education is taught from the television and teachers are ruled obsolete but with the added emphasis that the TV is sponsored by cereal companies who spread their commercials through daily lessons Our protagonist is Danby a father of a little boy who discovers a antiue Schoolteacher bot incredibly lifelike and able to do other things like dish washing and laundry it was the 1950s it was expected in the window of a antiue shop Schoolteacher bots used to teach in classrooms until the rise of education on the television where the bots were abandoned Danby has nostalgia about the Schoolteacher bots though and decides to buy it His wife and kid don t approve the kid disliking it for criticizing his education shows that turn Romeo and Juliet into Westerns which is admittedly funny to think about and the wife because of the defect that has Schoolteacher bots beat kids Danby doesn t believe it and wants to keep it Eventually things come to a head when the kid and wife accuse it of almost beating his kid When Danby speaks to it personally though we find out that the kid kicked her and was about to kick her again before she grabbed the kid s arm to stop him which is the scene that the mother discovers first The robot and Danby seem to share some chemistry when they recite poetry together but the wife discovers them and demands the robot out Danby sells it the next morning to the antiue shop where he discovers later that the bot is converted to work at a hot dog stand Danby convinces the owner to let him work there on evenings so he can spend time with the reprogrammed Schoolteacher botDespite my personal review not doing it justice the story is great Characters are good plot is interesting and the prediction of education television replacing actual teachers is a prophecy scarily being answered back today My personal recommendation to start with if you buy this book 55Tenth is The Cage published by Bertram Chandler in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction June 1957 The story follows a passenger cruise crashing on a uncontacted world that s always wet but with no predators and fungus to eat The survivors become somewhat tribal organizing a council and ruling that men must fight each other honorably in order to gain mating rights with the women The story shifts though when a spaceship takes some of the survivors including our narrator and drop them in a alien zoo Without the ability to communicate and to prove that they re intelligent enough to not be sealed up in a zoo they must endure being treated like cattle including two of their own being taken to be dissected on While in captivity they come across a mouse like creature and decide to take care of it by trapping it in their own designed cage Later survivors are taken but instead of being dissected they return with new clothes and a message they re going home When the other survivors ask how the aliens found out they re intelligent enough to go home they reveal embaressingly that only rational beings put other beings in cages Good story with a neat twist with the side story about the alien zoo 45Eleventh is Star Crossed Lovers published by William W Stuart in Galaxy 1962 The story follows a unnamed narrator who starts the tale by confessing that all the bodies buried near his house were not murdered Glad we established that But after that we hear about how he got into all of this troubleOur narrator decides to walk a old lady across the street Before they completely get across though he slips and pushes the lady onto the other side before he falls over and gets hit by a car The lady is stronger then expected though and is able to pick him up and drag him over to the other sideImpressed the narrator brings the old lady to his house where the old lady reveals herself to be a living atom with the voice of a woman The living atom also reveals that the old lady isn t just a persona the old lady is a corpse the living atom took from the morgue and inhabited her body it s purpose for coming to Earth being that it s race is dying and they could use new genes to mix to make children But our narrator doesn t mind After burying the body near his aunt s rosebush the living atom takes the form of a model that the narrator likes Then they get married Seemingly sweetWhen the atom switches bodies that body becomes a corpse Then the narrator buries it One day the atom becomes pregnant somehow When it gives birth however it does not make a new child however It splits apart eliminating the wife entirely and giving our narrator two kids instead Our narrator is pissed but his kids tell him they ll visit sometime and leave back to their own planetDrunk the narrator buries the last corpse This proves to be his downfall for his neighbor hears him loudly singing drunkly of course and burying a corpse near his garage The cops come find the bodies and arrest our narrator which is where the story begins Good story fun perspective and actually interesting idea for a short story 55Our final story is Immortality For Some by J T McIntosh first published in Astounding Science Fiction March 1960 This is probably the best story in the entire collection and also the only story I can t accurately portray here without making the story seem complicated then it is If you buy this collection buy it for this and Thirty Days Had September Overall this collection is great for the stories it offers I completely recommend it if you can find it cheap which it usually is at 3 5 Four stars out of five only because of some of the medicore stories I hope you enjoy it as much as I did