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Review Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy

Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy Free download ¼ 7 This new edition offers expanded selections from the works of Kongzi Confucius Mengzi Mencius Zhuangzi Chuang Tzu and Xunzi Hsun. What a lovely compilation Yes it s incomplete but do you really want to read those seven books completely There were all the important passages those you may came across in your life those mostly cited And books are served in appropriate length Cause even thought Daodejing is beatyful boook I can t imagine reading whole book it s so repetative and it s not the only book on which I have this opinion I highly recommend this book it gives you insight in their writing styles in their philosophy but I can t tell how accesible it s for true beginner but without overhelming you with you know these books are cryptic and written in not very reader friendly style

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Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy Free download ¼ 7 Tzu; two new works the dialogues Robber Zhi and White Horse; a concise general introduction; brief introductions to and selective. Nice clear translation of a number of Chinese philosophers Kongzi Mengzi Xunzi etc The general introductions for each philosopher were also very good and helped to frame the philosophers texts in the periods in which they lived When selecting this class I was worried that my unfamiliarity with Chinese philosophy would make it difficult but having this as a textbook made all the difference

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Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy Free download ¼ 7 Bibliographies for each work; and four appendices that shed light on important figures periods texts and terms in Chinese though. I m not a specialist in Chinese philosophy but I ve been developing a teaching competency and I m now regularly teaching a lower level Asian philosophy course that includes a unit on classical Chinese philosophy This is a helpful book for beginners with mostly accessible readable translations Sometimes I wonder if maybe longer and robust introductions to each school would help but the short introductions are adeuate with some help from a teacher or other sources

  • Paperback
  • 416
  • Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy
  • Philip J. Ivanhoe
  • English
  • 10 July 2019
  • 9780872207806