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Summary ê E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Andy Taylor

Summary ê E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Andy Taylor Summary Wild Boy My Life in Duran Duran ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Andy Taylor ↠ 9 review Wild Boy is the explosive first inside account of the rise and fall of Duran Duran The band rose to conuer the globe with a string of unforgettable hits such as Rio Hungry Like the Wolf and The Reflex With Simon Le Bon as their frontman they were the defining pop act of the 1980s but Andy Taylor the enigmatic lead guitarist is widely acknowledged to have been their musical driving force Then at the very height of their achievement in 1985 Duran Duran. Things I learned from Any TaylorHe really hated making the New Moon on Monday videoHe single handedly wrote every Duran Duran song ever done minus lyricslove ya Andy but not buying itHe and JT were giant coke heads through much of the 80 sJuliane was DD s Yoko and my inner Duranie could not be happierDD tours had loads of excitement including bloodshed and knife fightsThey had to cheat to beat Spandua Ballet at British trivia game show C mon guys Like you could not have done this legit coke headedness asideAndy had a low tolerance of Nick and his control freak pretentiousnessAndy blew the coup again instead of being forced to work with people like Justin Timberlake Can t blame ya Andy the new record suckedDespite it all Andy remained a good hubby and father good for him Andy s father seemed like a wonderful man tooFun read whether Andy truly wrote it or not I liked his take on things and would gladly read a tell all by any of the remaining four I miss Andy in the band DD is not the same without him

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Wild Boy My Life in Duran Duran

Summary ê E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Andy Taylor Summary Wild Boy My Life in Duran Duran ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Andy Taylor ↠ 9 review Rs worth of rock 'n' roll anecdotes Andy tells of his time in the band The Power Station and explains why Duran Duran reformed with its original line up in 2003 But Wild Boy is also a moving story on a human level as Andy describes how the pressures of fame took a terrible personal toll on him and his family Moving from hilarious to harrowing at the turn of a page Wild Boy is a must read for anyone who lived through the 1980s or who cares about music. When I read some of the comments on this book at it looked to me like this book was going to be a bitchfest and finger pointer about everything that went wrong in one of the biggest acts of the 80 s Duran Duran I was very skeptical about getting this for the following reasonIn highschool I was an absolute KISS freak Ate lived and breathed the band and they had a magic on stage that was a beautiful thing something that was like a place in your heart that made life joyful Then Gene Simmons released his autobiography KISS and Makeup and within the time it took to read the book he destroyed the magic and beauty of the band unmercifully for me From that point on KISS was decimated in my eyes I became a casual listener of anything they released afterwards but this this special thing that I felt a part of was dead Then about a year ago I read original drummer Peter Criss s autobigraphy and it was a total bitchfest from someone who should not be throwing stones at anyone Between Peter and Gene I don t even bother looking in the KISS section any when I go to music stores Sometimes private things should be kept privateDuran Duran was the second major rock act I got into before discovering metal in the 80 s and like KISS they had a magic all their own that just pulsed through my body every time I listened to them so I was seriously on the fence about reading this BUT after having such a wonderful experience reading Duran Duran bassist John Taylor s autobiography I figured I would give Andy a chanceI am very happy to say that the customer comments on are very inaccurate Andy gave what I felt was an honest account of being in a band that was dubbed The Fab Five From their meager start in England to worldwide fame that led them into the usual vices of the rock and roll lifestyle Andy is very on point about everything and I never felt like he was pointing fingers at anyone he merely described certain situations with DD keyboardist Nick Rhodes that were less than savory but at the same time he had no problem taking responsibility for his own misgivings and faults that led to Duran Duran s eventual breakup and reunion in the early 2000 s after which he mysteriously left again due to friction within the band By the same token he also spoke of the magic that he formed with Nick Rhodes that helped define the Duran Duran sound and gave much credit to Nick He also spoke very candidly about his family and wife of 25 years both of which encountered some pretty big obstacles in life I thought this book was very endearing and I m glad I read itI think the only thing I would have liked to see was Andy talk about his guitars which models he used throughout the years how he dealt with an ever changing musical atmosphere what kind of amps he used etc but that is just the guitarist in me talking

Summary ê E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Andy Taylor

Summary ê E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Andy Taylor Summary Wild Boy My Life in Duran Duran ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Andy Taylor ↠ 9 review Imploded Now Andy shares the story of what went wrong With searing honesty he charts every moment of Duran Duran's roller coaster rise from their early days as club musicians through to international superstardom He captures the glamour and excitement of the band's epic video shoots and the opulence of their world tours He reveals the truth about the allegations of drug abuse and wild hedonism that dogged Duran Duran Packed with than twenty five yea. I was an obsessed screaming drooling Duranie in my early mid teens and Andy s autobiography reminded me of all those idolised good times as well as filling me in on the bad times I was mostly unaware of as a suealing fangirl He writes from the heart his passion for music his mistakes his adored wife and family lovely to know he s still with Tracey and of course his life as a member of the world s biggest pop group from the 1980s It s all there the albums video shoots tours and hedonistic partying as well as the bust ups and break downs and his version of him twice leaving the band Despite the split he talks about Simon John Nick and Roger with respect and affection acknowledging their differences but appreciating the amazing times together I came away from this feeling that I knew Andy that I knew Duran Duran They had their fair share of problems behind the scenes but their glossy exterior fuelled my teenage dreams and this book was a wonderfully nostalgic trip down first love lane

  • Hardcover
  • 324
  • Wild Boy My Life in Duran Duran
  • Andy Taylor
  • English
  • 06 August 2017
  • 9780446509305