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Armand Marie Leroi » 4 review Mutants On Genetic Variety and the Human Body Free download ↠ 104 Into heredity This elegant humane and engaging book captures what we know of the development of what makes us human NatureVisit Armand Marie Leroi on the web http armandleroicomindexhtmlStepping effortlessly from myth to cutting edge scienc. This has to be one of the most boring books I ve read in a long timeI m fascinated by mutations evolution DNA etc and even spent last semester cutting and making recombinant DNA but this book just bored me to tearsFor people just looking for a freakshow or whatever look elsewhere this book is not full of pictures and isn t geared towards that type of crowd anyways it s geared towards people like myself who are fascinated with how DNA works and how errors in DNA can happen through translation and transcodingThis book is also full of very technical terms that not everybody is going to understand so if you haven t take some Biology courses you re going to need to start googling some of the terms

Summary Mutants On Genetic Variety and the Human Body

Mutants On Genetic Variety and the Human Body

Armand Marie Leroi » 4 review Mutants On Genetic Variety and the Human Body Free download ↠ 104 Mutants gives a brilliant narrative account of our genetic code and the captivating people whose bodies have revealed it a French convent girl who found herself changing sex at puberty; children who echoing Homer's Cyclops are born with a si. It took a little while to get into this book What I thought would be the most interesting mutations like conjoined twins were actually the least which is perhaps why the author chose to put that chapter first Honestly the most compelling studies were of things that are not as obvious mutations like size skin color or aging The scientific jargon can get a little intense at times but it eases up as the book continues and is worth slogging through The author treats the subject manner with true humanity managing to really present cases and histories without seeming exploitative and explaining not only the what but truly the whyI can t explain it but somewhere along the way this book completely hooked and invaded my mind It changed the way that I looked and thought about things around me I m not sure if there s a tangible explanation This book is just elegant It makes you realize the beauty and delicacy of the human genome

Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » Armand Marie Leroi

Armand Marie Leroi » 4 review Mutants On Genetic Variety and the Human Body Free download ↠ 104 Ngle eye in the middle of their foreheads; a village of long lived Croatian dwarves; one family whose bodies were entirely covered with hair was kept at the Burmese royal court for four generations and gave Darwin one of his keenest insights. Trigger warningsThere are some things in here that aren t in your average book on genetics so I m going to make a little list of things to watch out for if you read this If I ve missed anything let me know and I ll add it The book as a whole is not offensive at all see my note after the list fetal development and ways it can go wrong This is discussed AT LENGTH and it s not a bad thing but I could imagine this being a TERRIBLE read if you re pregnant or have been lately discussion of research done on animals It s not condoned by the author necessarily but I can picture some of my vegan friends being really upset by some of the details of surgery on fetal rabbits or the many many things done to mice to advance understanding of genetics super sueamish people will find parts of this uncomfortable and there are a few disturbing photos the absolute minimum of this is included it s much less sensational than any other cabinet of curiosities type work and the cool things you learn make it worthwhile It s much less intense than a trip to the Mutter museum But there were a couple of points where even I thought oh god that s ugh and I am not easily grossed out When I was 12 I asked a doctor if I could have local anesthetic and watch my own wrist surgery racial stuff handled in a pretty classy way by the author but anything that discusses the history of genetics research is going to include some uncomfortable moments This includes brief Nazi stuff and other historical people did that to PEOPLE momentsThe most impressive thing about this book to me but there are many positive ualities on display is how the author includes anything that will further the text but nothing else If I wrote this there would be way too many digressions about the life stories of the mutants and scientists involved and it d be an Erik Larson style 700 pages If most scientists wrote this it probably wouldn t include such a diversity of research and case studies andor be so clear and plainly but elouently written Rarely is opinion mentioned which is refreshing in writing on genetics Nazi experiments on siblings however are appropriately called out as horrifying It s impressive that this can be so illuminating and provocative without offending As for what s great about this book I hardly know where to begin You d be better served by reading it than the lengthy thoughts it inspired If you read it on its own you will find it fascinating if at times a little dry and you will learn a lot about how genes make people If on the other hand you have a background studying biology evolution genetics biochemistry or related fields you will find it connects lots of dots and illuminates a big picture in a really satisfying way Or at least that was my experience And if you make a habit of reading pop books about biology and science you will probably like most people here be amazed how well crafted it is compared to anything like it

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  • Mutants On Genetic Variety and the Human Body
  • Armand Marie Leroi
  • English
  • 06 May 2018
  • 9780142004821