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[Rebecca Stott] epub Ghostwalk free

  • Paperback
  • 340
  • Ghostwalk
  • Rebecca Stott
  • English
  • 14 August 2017
  • 9780753823576

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Rebecca Stott ´ 1 DOWNLOAD SUMMARY í M1O.RU ´ Rebecca Stott DOWNLOAD ↠ Ghostwalk When Elizabeth a reclusive historian is found drowned in a tributary of the River Cam she is clutching a gl Well that was different In theory this book should have been my jam The story opens with Elizabeth Vogelsang being found dead in a river near her Cambridge home clutching a glass prism in her hand Elizabeth is a 17th century scholar who specializes in Isaac Newton and her death interrupts her work on a book exploring Newton s interest in alchemy Elizabeth s son Cameron recruits Lydia Brooke a writer friend of Elizabeth and Cameron s former lover to ghost write the rest of Elizabeth s book Along the way Lydia tries to unravel the secrets in Elizabeth s research secrets that might have led to her death I m going to go ahead and get the most absurd thing about this book out of the

SUMMARY í M1O.RU ´ Rebecca Stott


Rebecca Stott ´ 1 DOWNLOAD SUMMARY í M1O.RU ´ Rebecca Stott DOWNLOAD ↠ Ghostwalk Ass prism and has left behind her unfinished magnum opus a book on Isaac Newton's alchemy Her son turns to I expected a fascinating ghost story literary with mysterious murders and the past coming back to haunt Intelligent and historical yes And it s full of atmospheric descriptions that I liked However the main character Lydia Brooke speaking in the first person point of view I ve been back four times I said but then telling the other main character Cameron her ex lover what he said presenting his dialogue by using the pronoun you to name the speaker So instead of he said or Cameron said the author writes you said meaning you Cameron said it This device was not only distracting but a really screwy way to write I got so annoyed after a while wi

Rebecca Stott ´ 1 DOWNLOAD

Rebecca Stott ´ 1 DOWNLOAD SUMMARY í M1O.RU ´ Rebecca Stott DOWNLOAD ↠ Ghostwalk Lydia Brooke a young writer and friend of Elizabeth's and asks her to complete the last chapter of the book THis is the best book that I have ever read that I could only rate two stars I loved Neal Stephenson s Baroue Cycle and I couldn t wait to pick up another book that might take a deeper look into Isaac Newton s alchemical experiments The research that was done before this book was written is incredible and the passages in which Elizabeth Vogelsang s The Alchemist the fictitious biography of Newton at the center of Ghostwalk is excerpted are very good We learn about glass making in seventeenth century Europe the plague in England the vast networks of alchemists operating in Europe at the time One of the major themes of the novel is that the past bleeds into the present but the a