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characters Ç E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Kerr Thomson

Washed Ashore Summary Ì E-book, or Kindle E-pub Kerr Thomson ↠ 9 Download R's younger brother Dunny is distraught by the discovery He hasn't spoken in years and lately he's been acting strangely than everTogether the three meet a man living in the abandoned caves nearby They st. This review is also available on my blog Read Till Dawn Washed Ashore showed up unsolicited on my doorstep one day I picked it up shrugged and read it with basically no expectations about the story except that there would probably be a whale involvedNow that I think about it it s good that I didn t read the description too closely because it basically has nothing to do with the actual story I mean the bare bones idea of the bodies washed ashore and Fraser Hayley and Dunny s presence in the story is right but I m still not sure who the synopsis is talking about what it says that one of them must learn to listen I have inklings but no firm ideaAnyway moving on What did I think of the book I thought it was pretty good I think it s awesome that it s set in Scotland and written by a guy who lives in Glasgow because I m actually moving to Scotland in a few months to attend college in the essentially small fishing town of St Andrews Scotland My copy of Washed Ashore actually came before I d made my final decision to go there and then I read it soon after the decision was made That s a pretty cool coincidence I like getting a peek at what life is like on the small Scottish isles definitely Though I have to say that I struggled to connect with Hayley at first I just couldn t believe that there was no part of her that could stop moping about leaving home long enough to look around and appreciate the fact that she was living among the natives on a beautiful little island in gorgeous freaking Scotland Honestly travel is simply wasted on some people The only time she ever seems to acknowledge the other ness of Scotland besides one time when she notices that the shoreline looks kind of nice is when she s referring to Fraser as the Scottish boy This phrase is thrown around almost constantly throughout the book and from context I think it s basically supposed to have the same connotations as the boy next door ie the boy we ve put a special label on and who will eventually be a love interest for the female protagonist Meh Both of these phrases really don t tell us anything about the boy in uestion so I don t really like themAnyway the romance plotline is actually handled uite well and I enjoyed watching how all the characters interacted with each other My favorite character may have been Dunny who is autistic though the way Thomson chose to incorporate that into the plot was interesting just because he seems really sweet and Hayley and Fraser aren t all that nice to or understanding with him I also felt for Hayley who is struggling big time with her parents separation and upcoming divorce after her father left them for another woman and I m rather horrified about what her mother almost does while on rebound I liked Fraser least of the three main characters just because he has the most advantages knowing everythingeveryone on the island unlike Hayley and being able to communicate with other people in a way that Dunny can t and yet is still such a jerk at times to both of them He s especially thoughtless with Dunny which is hard to see Fraser does grow on me thoughAs for the plot itself I can t discuss much without spoilers There are some interesting themes explored that s for sure I can t say that I love the way everything ends up it s a little too mystical for my tastes but I suppose that could just be part of the Scottish culture There are some interesting ethical dilemmas brought up in connection with immigration and the like which really got me thinking I can t go much into this here so I suppose I ll just say that I don t blame immigrants for fleeing hopeless situations but I also think countries should have the right to decide who they admit into their bordersAnyway though Washed Ashore was a pleasant book that I enjoyed reading but which didn t blow my socks off It would make a perfect summer read for any of you still looking for something to pass the time with in the next few weeksDisclaimer I received an unsolicited complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher

Read Washed Ashore

Washed Ashore

Washed Ashore Summary Ì E-book, or Kindle E-pub Kerr Thomson ↠ 9 Download Art to wonder if he might lie at the center of something darker than they had previously thought For the whispering sea conceals a terrible secret and to discover the truth one of them must learn to liste. I couldn t put this down Intriguing take on the worldwide problem of human trafficking they way the people are used to transport drugs etc A nice change from the normal format depicting teens dating and family relationships I was fascinated by the younger brother s talent for calling the whales This is something I had not read about before and now I have research to do on this topic

characters Ç E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Kerr Thomson

Washed Ashore Summary Ì E-book, or Kindle E-pub Kerr Thomson ↠ 9 Download On a wild Scottish island a tragedy washes up on the storm beaten shore the bodies of a whale and a man Fraser desperate for adventure and Hayley visiting from Texas become tangled in the mysteryBut Frase. See of my reviews on The YA Kitten My copy was an ARC I got from the publisher for reviewSo I m right in the middle of a big reading slump It s rare that I want to read lately Instead I d rather play video games and though someone could say it s because I ve been absorbed with the new Pokemon game that just came out it had already been happening even before the game s release I ve also been doing puzzles on my phone because I looooooove puzzles I think I just need a really really good book to kick me in the pants but Washed Ashore was not that book At allThe ableism baked into the worldbuilding was a massive problem so we re gonna talk about that first According to the novel gairmies are people on the Scottish island of Nin who can speak to and summon whales Willie McGregor an old man who lives on the island tells our fourteen year old male lead Fraser about how gairmies were boons to the island s whaling industry in the past but gairmies were usually a bit peculiar on land Willie then presents the example of a man who always found whales in the water but uncontrollably sweared at people when on land Fraser s brother Dunny has autism and it turns out Dunny is a gairmie tooSo yeah neurological disorders mental illnesses and developmental disorders are explicitly tied to one s ability to summon whales The book carries the implication that something must be wrong with a person s brain to connect to the whales in such a way Its Othering of people who live with these conditions is both vomitously disgusting and poor worldbuildingOh and Tourette s is reduced to swearing but you can t help it like that s the only way the neurological disorder ever shows in people How reductiveOH OH and this is the single vaguely paranormal bit in a novel that s otherwise a straight contemporary about two kids who meet a man named Jonah who s fled Lesotho via human trafficking and wants to get to London so he can find his brother The gairmie nonsense feels out of place when considering the book as a wholeOur main characters Fraser and Hayley are as thin as thin gets and the portrayal of Dunny s autism in conjunction with the ableist worldbuilding above isn t particularly flattering The Jonah plotline is the only thing in the novel with any potential or good points but it manages to feel out of touch as well considering the refugee crisis that s been going on in Europe for the past few years Millions of people like Jonah have risked their lives trying to get to Europe but he feels secondary in the book when he absolutely is notFrankly the only reason I finished reading the book instead of abandoning it for something better was to tell people about the ableist worldbuilding For that I felt I needed the context of the entire book Try Shannon Gibney s Dream Country instead if you want a novel featuring refugees and the desperate desire for both freedom and a better life

  • Hardcover
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  • Washed Ashore
  • Kerr Thomson
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  • 03 October 2019
  • 9780545904209