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Toreador review  103 D the list of schemers doesn't end there Can you say Antediluvian Each novel in the series focuses on a member of one of the 13 vampire clans Clan Novel Toreador sets events into motion with Victoria Ash a high ranking Camarilla manipulator who turns plots assassinations and wars to her advantag. Still my favorite after all these years

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Toreador review  103 The World of Darkness Exposed It begins with Clan Novel Toreador but this novel is just the beginning of a 13 book series dedicated to the Kindred It's the biggest event in World of Darkness history This epic series of over one million words will reveal the secrets of this hidden world from the. This was an interesting reading experience The whole novel takes place in one night or so and the story does pack a lot into that one night Though we are mostly following Victoria Ash and Leopold the story moves back and forth between other characters all with their different schemes and motivations If you like dark fiction with a lot of intrigue and machinations then this book is for you because the vampires of The Masuerade known as the Kindred pretty much live to pursue Machiavellian plots Our main characters are members of the Toreador Clan which are artists so you also get a lot of descriptions related to the art crafts specially sculpture which is what Leopold does I think I particularly enjoyed this novel at this point in time because it presents vampires as they should be scary powerful ruthless In other words these are not the wimpy sissy vampires a lot of paranormal romances and urban fantasies seem to favor these days These are not nice vampires even when they are at their most seductive The novel has a pretty strong dark tone overall that works nicely It does leave you with a cliffhanger leading to the next novel which I will be sure to try and find It looks like the plot will thicken but I will have to wait for the next books to find out

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Toreador review  103 Smallest detail to the grandest marvel The Nosferatu's apparent scheme to put the Eye of Hazimel into the hands of the Setite Vegel will decide the fates of Kindred legions and will determine the future of the Camarilla and Sabbat the sects engaged in a massive war along the entire East Coast An. It was a very long book It took me at least half a month to finish it I can t say I hated it though I was extremely upset and pleased at the same time as soon as I read the final pages of the last few chaptersThe idea of vampires in this novel pushed me into a whole new world I got so far in that actually forgot that the second half of the book took place in a single nightI remember it was around six or seven at night and I was screaming NO THAT CAN T BE THE WAY IT ENDED because they just left me off on a cliff hangerMy favorite character had to be Leopold My least VictoriaI liked Leopold the best because I thought he went insane in the end when he was sucking on a literal eye ball I disliked Victoria the most because she sounded a lot selfish than evil and she was the closest thing in this book to a villainThinking about Hannah I was wondering whether or not she knew what was going to happen that night None of the Tremere showed up to the summer solstice and the author brought it up than onceOverall I thought this book was pretty goodIt was satisfying in a way that I was craving for but I was so long that it was a little painful to focus on a single page and read for than two hours at a time

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