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[ ebook / Ebook ] Fragile Lives By Stephen Westaby

Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Stephen Westaby

characters Fragile Lives Stephen Westaby ´ 4 Read & Download Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Stephen Westaby An incredible memoir from one of the world’s most eminent heart surgeons and some of the most remarkable and poignant cases he’s worked onGrim Reaper sits on the heart surgeon’s shoulder A slip of the hand and life ebbs awayThe balance between life and death is so delicate and the heart surgeon walks that rope between the two In the operating room there is no time for doubt It is flesh blood rib retractors and pumping the vital. We stop life and start it again making things better taking calculated risks Although the 2017 Wellcome Prize shortlist has only just been announced this is my early favorite for the 2018 prize for fiction and nonfiction on a medical theme What Henry Marsh did for brain surgery in Do No Harm Westaby does for cardiac surgery with this vivid compassionate set of stories culled from a long career at the forefront of artificial heart technologyA working class lad from Scunthorpe who watched his grandfather die of heart failure he made his way up from hospital porter to world leading surgeon after training at Charing Cross Hospital Medical School Each of these case studies from a young African mother and her sick child whom he met while working in Saudi Arabia in the 1980s to a university student who collapses not far from his hospital in Oxford is told in impressive depthAlthough the surgery details are not for the sueamish I found them riveting Westaby conveys a keen sense of the adrenaline rush a surgeon gets while operating with the Grim Reaper looking on I am not a little envious of all that Westaby has achieved not just saving the occasional life despite his high mortality field as if that weren t enough but also pioneering various artificial heart solutions and a tracheal bypass tube that s named after himLike Marsh he tries not to get emotionally attached to his patients but often fails in this respect Surgeons are meant to be objective not human he shrugs But also like Marsh at his retirement he feels that NHS bureaucracy has tied his hands denying necessary funds and euipment Both authors come across as mavericks who don t play by the rules but save lives anywayA fascinating read for anyone who enjoys books on a medical themeA few favorite lines We were adrenaline junkies living on a continuous high craving action From bleeding patients to cardiac arrests From theatre to intensive care From pub to party What ifs are no good in cardiac surgery they simply don t help My complete nightmare scenario body better brain buggered

characters Fragile LivesFragile Lives

characters Fragile Lives Stephen Westaby ´ 4 Read & Download Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Stephen Westaby Organ with your bare hand to sueeze the life back into it An off day can have dire conseuences – this job has a steep learning curve and the cost is measured in human life Cardiac surgery is not for the faint of heartProfessor Stephen Westaby took chances and pushed the boundaries of heart surgery He saved hundreds of lives over the course of a thirty five year career and now in his astounding memoir Westaby details some of his most. A brilliant thought provoking memoir chronicling renowned heart surgeon Westaby as he details his life and career Starting from humble beginnings the author challenges the perception that only public schoolboys get to be surgeons I was pleasantly surprised to find that the hospital predominately featured in this book was my very own local one and where I began my own career as a registered nurse in 2012 Although I have not had the pleasure of meeting the author personally his accounts of our hospital life ring true from the demands placed on the dedicated staff to the bureaucratic issues that underpin medical and nursing practice I was delighted to find the author repeatedly praised the skill and dedication of the nurses working alongside him something that I have sadly found to be lacking in other medical based memoirs Some of the stories are truly sorrowful others uplifting in the face of adversity But that is modern medicine The author teaches his readers a great detail about cardiology without too much overwhelming medical jargon Perfect for those interested in the fundamentals of cardiology

Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Stephen Westaby

characters Fragile Lives Stephen Westaby ´ 4 Read & Download Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Stephen Westaby Remarkable and poignant cases – such as the baby who had suffered multiple heart attacks by six months old a woman who lived the nightmare of locked in syndrome and a man whose life was powered by a battery for eight yearsA powerful important and incredibly moving book Fragile Lives offers an exceptional insight into the exhilarating and sometimes tragic world of heart surgery and how it feels to hold someone’s life in your hands. Anyone who reads my blog will know that I rarely if ever review non fiction It is definitely not my usual genre but when I saw it pop up on Twitter recently I was suitably intrigued I am so SO GLAD I got the chance to read and review Fragile LivesFragile Lives is a memoir written by Stephen Westaby one of the most well known cardiac surgeons and hugely prolific in his chosen field A trailblazer from very early on in his career he continued to pave the way for the use of new and unknown cardiac treatments and apparatusI started it Monday morning and by Monday night I was a ball of emotions upon finishing it Every chapter is a case story and every case is heartbreaking yet life affirming if that makes sense I found myself close to tears on than one occasion on Monday knowing that these are real people and they were meeting Westaby at possibly the worst moment of their livesThe details in Fragile Lives are extremely in depth especially with regards to the surgeries and various diseasesinjuries that are discussed in the book While it was descriptive it was not by any means difficult to follow It was very interesting to read about the anatomy of the heart and the various pathologies Westaby writes aboutI can t do this book justice with my words It was truly excellent to read I was compelled to read it trapped in the intensity of the chapters When I had to put it down I immediately wished I was reading it again That is always a sign of a great book If you like medicine with a large dose of humanity then pick up Fragile LivesHighly recommendedShare this

  • Hardcover
  • 349
  • Fragile Lives
  • Stephen Westaby
  • English
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9780008196769