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The Elephant and the Flea [Pdf or Kindle ePUB] author Charles B. Handy

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Charles B. Handy ´ 0 Free read The Elephant and the Flea Free read ✓ 100 T job as an oil executive with Royal DutchShell in the Far East to a professorship at the London Busi Charles Handy the economist and author has written a number of remarkable business books remarkable in that they aren t full of energetic how to counsel intended to send entrepreneurs and business leaders off in a new certain to be successful direction Instead Handy s books offer perspective and insight combined with practical experience The Elephant and the Flea is an account of his life as an independent professional a flea after life in a corporation the elephant Having join the ranks of fleas myself almost five years ago I saw myself in his words the transition from belonging to a corporation to belonging to oneself the perspective you get on work when you do it because it s what you do not what some distant power being decides what must be done the loneliness as a flea after all the community while living with the elephant But besides all that I personally understood there is also his rather self effacing but stunning observations on the role of fleas in the present workworld and the future I loved reading this and when I finished the last page I felt I was saying a reluctant good bye to someone I d just enjoyed getting to know

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The Elephant and the Flea

Charles B. Handy ´ 0 Free read The Elephant and the Flea Free read ✓ 100 Ness School and finally to his status as an eminent social philosopher and international business gur Highly recommended by a Korean headhunter who I much admireGreat story of a man who leaves corporate life to start his own small business Good for people making career decisions

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Charles B. Handy ´ 0 Free read The Elephant and the Flea Free read ✓ 100 Discusses everything from the author's childhood in a Irish vicarage to Oxford University to his firs Since I read this than ten years after publication It is a little unfair to be too critical of the ideas It is a good read if dated in some places Having spent a good chunk of my working life in the flea pit my interpretation of his flea world I understand his premiseThere were also a number of good ideas For example1 when you were born in the year has a long standing effect on you in school this was also tackled by M Gladwell in one of his books2 snakes and ladders of education when you reach the top of one ladder you have to start at the bottom of the next one3 chunked work Home Gift Stud 10% study I would call this tithing time for your research4 why are shareholders given such priority in the Anglo American version of capitalism It is not as if they actually own the company in any real sense The shareholders aren t financing the business just betting on itA degree is not a ualification but a license to learnHis Last Thoughts chapter was interesting If the other side of freedom s coin is aloneness then the obverse of independence is selfishness for living up to the possibilities with yourself can mean ignoring the possibilities in anyone elseThe independent life is and invitation to selfishness and a recipe for a very privatized societyOther uotesprecisvirtual communitiescreate only the illusion of intimacy and a pretense of communityOne of my favourites Passion is much stronger than mission or purpose Passionate people move mountains where the missionaries can only preach Amen brother

  • Paperback
  • 240
  • The Elephant and the Flea
  • Charles B. Handy
  • English
  • 12 June 2019
  • 9781591391289