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[PDF] The Kept Woman Author Karin Slaughter

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  • The Kept Woman
  • Karin Slaughter
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  • 18 October 2019
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Summary The Kept Woman

Summary The Kept Woman ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free A autópsia Sara Linton a nova forense do GBI e amante de Will descobre ue a grande uantidade de sangue encontrada não pertence à vítima Decerto um rasto de sangue ue não encaixa na cena do crime indica ue há outra vítima uma mulher ue desapareceu e se não a encontrarem rapidamente morreráA cena do crime pertence ao habitante mais famoso da cidade um atleta rico poderoso e politicamente bem relacionado protegido pelos advogados mais caros dos Estados Unidos um homem ue já se tinha livrado de um caso de violaçã. Wow This one had the pacing of a runaway train revelations fast and furious Will Trent and Sara Litton trying to make a go of it both scarred from past events Bodies found in a warehouse one an ex cop another an apparent drug addict A warehouse that is owned by an very rich talented basketball star who was recently the main suspect in a rape case But the big zinger is that it all related back to Will s wife the very troubled and troubling Angie Amazing back stories to the characters and a big connection to the past The above the law status of elite athletes who live in and of another world Handlers fixers manipulators and those who will do anything to keep the money train rolling Secrets one big one and a stellar ending Some graphic violence but a riveting story ARC from Netgalley

review ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ò Karin SlaughterThe Kept Woman

Summary The Kept Woman ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Maridos e esposas Mães e filhas O passado e o futuroOs segredos unem nos e os segredos podem destruí losA autora do famoso Flores Cortadas regressa com um eletrizante thriller muito completo emocionalmente e ue submergirá o protagonista nas obscuras profundidades de um caso ue pode destruí loA descoberta de um assassinato numa obra abandonada conduz Will Trent e o Bureau de Investigação da Geórgia a um caso ue torna muito mais perigoso uando o cadáver é identificado como sendo o de um ex políciaDepois de fazer. Alright I know not everyone out there is a Karin Slaughter fan but those people are wrong and clearly not to be trusted All kidding aside most everyone familiar with Ms Slaughter s work knows that she can be counted on for violence gore and disturbing content The Kept Woman provides all of the above yet delivers a side dish of softer material as well As I have had many people contact me saying This is my first Slaughter book and I wasn t really feeling it I think it s important to note that this is a TERRIBLE book to pick up as your first read by the author Her latest is 8 or if you feel as I do that Will Trent is technically just is a continuation of the Grant County series then 13 so if you are picking this up and trying to read it as a standalone I d agree that the experience would be absolutely terrible Like 1 star worthy This entire book is an installment tying up loose ends from the previous books with major bombshells and character development that would go completely unnoticed and be extremely confusing if picked up without the proper backstory That said Slaughter also just isn t for some people and I promise to respect that Back to the reviewI ll attempt to dodge the minefield of spoilers ahead as this book is filled with them so just know this book is way better than I can do it justice in this review The prologue even starts with a bang this is one of those stories where you have to try and remember the first chapter as it comes back around toward the end of the book just in a less cryptic way For those who love police procedurals as much as I do you re in for a treat because this one was really fun to try and figure out as you go It s no give away that the central focus of this book is Angie and dang it if KS didn t make me feel the slightest bit of feels for her We FINALLY get that backstory into Polaski s secret past this was by far the most rewarding of her novels since Beyond Reach OMG Karin I still haven t forgiven you for that one It took me a hot minute to warm up to Will Trent after that Of course he s been welcomed into the fold but Angie is like that irritating bug you can t shake you finally think you re rid of her just to find out you need another round of antibiotics I positively have loathed Angie from her introduction to the series but she s one of those that you love to hate and are secretly pleased she keeps popping back in and keeping all the drama ramped up In addition to all the Angie bombshells and starting to develop pity for her this is actually a darn good police procedural The author has always done thorough research into her plot lines to ensure they are realistic as possible I ve lived in Atlanta almost my entire life so its exciting to read about stories in settings that I m familiar with and can picture vividly She consistently brings back some of the best places and introduces us to new ones in each book The clues are all laid out and there for the solving although I can never figure out the entire story While I enjoyed her last two books well enough the fact that they were standalones made me particularly hungry for a new book in the series so I think she played her cards well in spacing out her books The pacing and structure in this one was fantastic we had changing POV s in the present but post crime being committed Then after about 200 pages we jump back in time to the week before the crime from another POV that was present for all the shady criminal components to get the full story Once caught up we flip back to present time to finish out strong Don t let this worry you it sounds confusing but the narrative flowed flawlessly from first to last page I simply had to limit my wording as to not give away crucial plot points There are so many things I want to say about this book and I could ramble on for days but I d rather you just read it and see for yourself DON T pick this up as a standalone your life will be over and you ll be miserable and then I ll have to say I told you so DO pre order place a hold at the library send your spouse out to grab this for you because you are clearly too busy reading other amazing books at home to pick it up yourself heck PRIME MOSES BEARD OUT OF THIS because it s that good If you are wanting to start the Will Trent series the first book is called Triptych but I would recommend going all the way back to Blindsighted Grant County 1 to fully appreciate the hard work KS has gone to in creating such deep flawed relatable characters I think most fans of the series will be extremely pleased with The Kept Woman I ll go back to my Karin Slaughter hangover that I get whenever there are no KS books to read I received my copy from the publisher via Goodreads Giveaway and was honored to provide an honest review Many thanks William Morrow Books

Karin Slaughter Ò 5 Summary

Summary The Kept Woman ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free O apesar dos esforços de Will para o prenderMas o pior ainda está para vir As provas ligam o passado turbulento de Will ao caso e as conseuências irão arrasar a sua vida com a força de um tornado causando estragos a Will e a todos os ue estão à sua volta inclusive aos seus colegas familiares e também aos suspeitos ue persegue Um suspense implacável e com um ritmo frenético habitado por personagens conflituosas ue ganham vida para lá das páginas A Mulher Oculta é um romance abrasador de amor perda e redençã. FANTASTIC BOOK Great series I m very devastated the series is over I love Will Trent one of my all time favorite book characters