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[read Jefferson's Daughters Three Sisters White and Black in a Young America] Ebook AUTHOR Catherine Kerrison

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free read Jefferson's Daughters Three Sisters White and Black in a Young America · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The remarkable untold story of Thomas Jefferson's three daughters two white and free one black and enslaved and the divergent paths they forged in a newly independent America Thomas Jefferson had three daughters Martha and Maria by his wife Martha Wayles Jefferson and Harriet by his slave Sally Hemings In Jefferson's Daughters Catherine Kerrison a scholar of early American and women's history recounts the remarkable journey of these three women and how their struggle to define themselves reflects both the possibilities and the limitations that resulted from the American Revolution Although the three women shared a father the similarities end there Martha and Maria receiv. I can not reccommend this book In fact I m somewhat shocked this was even printed in 2018 The information included is dated inaccurate and slavery apologist in toneThis biography while extremely approachable is heavily and not respectfully edited in respect to chattel slavery This biography includes 2 white women who exploited enslaved peoples and one enslaved person The enslaved person is presented as a labor exempt worker If an author is too fragile to acknowledge that enslaved peoples were never workers it doesn t bode well for the text The white women are never once clearly identified as slave ownersI know very little about the everyday life personal thoughts expectations customs and manners of southern white chattel slave owning women during this time period so that s interesting The clothing education and socialization expectations are all new and a fascinating addition to what I know about British and French women of comparable class and social standing The featured exchanges between Martha and her contemporaries at her French Boarding School over their lifetimes is enlightening Ms Kerrison mentions Annette Gordon Reed s groundbreaking research into The Hemings Family with great respect but seems to use the facts provided therein minimally and to flat effect Gone is the verbose richness and detail of setting which highlight the recounting of the histories of Martha and Maria Jefferson and their familiescontemporaries There seems to be a bare bones almost outline approach with facts connected but barely fleshed out with appropriate period detail Not many facts are known about any of these women and their lives but a much richer narrative is created for Martha and Maria Also as this is published in 2018 by a Professor of History and Women Gender Studies I expected the current verbiage of enslaved peoples which is now considered moderately standard in academia Those expectations were in vain Worse yet Kerrison actually adds the title slave to various enslaved peoples and never once the title slave owner in referencing the multiple slave owning white people in this book Example Slave Isaac Jefferson Whereas Thomas Jefferson is never once referred to as Slave Owner Thomas Jefferson While this treatment of enslaved peoples is not uncommon in historians who heavily study white slave owners it s still blatantly biased and a racist treatment of enslaved peoples There exist centuries of historical precedent to ignore dismiss and downplay the evils of chattel slavery in biographies of slave exploiting white people This text includes no mention of the methods white women used to exploit enslaved labor nor typical punishments enacted by white women towards enslaved people especially those in the house The author tries to insulate Martha and Maria from any hint of the exploitation that made up their normal daily lives They exploited enslaved peoples who they also held in captivity for their labor this is never even indirectly addressed It s bizarre If I m reading about this period in the UK about women of comparable class the roles of servants would be prominent as well as the names of personal attendants This lack results in the inclusion of inaccurate information about the lives and skills of Martha and Maria For example it s highly doubtful Martha or Maria had than a theoretical knowledge of cooking and household management as we understand these chores today Householdexploited slave labor management would largely have been handled first by Betty Hemings and then likely by Sally White wives and daughters on plantations like these planned menus and read aloud recipes to enslaved women who already knew the recipes by heartWhite women who had that much exploited labor at their disposal across multiple plantations didn t do much of anything That is after all the main purpose of stealing oppressing and exploiting whole families of people a desire to NOT labor yourself These women didn t labor beyond child birth They didn t suffer want or privation no matter how strained their circumstances The system of forced labor that was chattel slavery existed expressly so white women of this class could have no real expectations of labor either mental or physicalThese women weren t even responsible for their own kids They didn t breastfeed change diapers stay up at night with unsleeping babiestoddlerskids and would only have been minimally involved even in the care of sick children Enslaved women would have provided the vast majority of the care and discipline for Martha s large brood of kids None of this is mentioned or detailedThe narratives of enslaved peoples in the US feature white women directly oppressing enslaved peoples especially women working in the house White women were often instigators of slave punishments the sale of individuals away from their families and the sale of enslaved children fathered by white men These white women had an active not passive nor spectator role during this time period This well documented history is completely missing from this narrative with the exception of single story in which a daughter of Martha personally whips an enslaved womenThese facts are left out because the author wishes to distance Martha and Maria Jefferson from their harmful and exploitative behaviors These women lived and breathed exploitation and oppression Biographers must effectively place their subjects in their appropriate historical place and time Ms Kerrison has published multiple non fiction historiestexts on the lives expectations customs education and hobbies of southern slave owning white women during this time period Clearly she is aware of the role these women played in slavery that she would choose to edit that from a biography about white female slave owners is concerning This unfortunately calls into uestion the validity of all of the information provided in this text as it clearly is heavily edited to reflect the author s own bias prejudices and racism

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free read Jefferson's Daughters Three Sisters White and Black in a Young America · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook They were in their teens as well as letters written by members of the Jefferson and Hemings families She has interviewed Hemings family descendants and with their cooperation initiating DNA testing and searched for possible descendants of Harriet HemingsThe eventful lives of Thomas Jefferson's daughters provide a uniue vantage point from which to examine the complicated patrimony of the American Revolution itself The richly interwoven story of these three strong women and their fight to shape their own destinies sheds new light on the ongoing movement toward human rights in America and on the personal and political legacy of one of our most controversial Founding Fathers. I read this book slowly as I wanted time to research a few items that I d read OMG The author outdid herself This has to be one of the best researched novels of Jefferson s daughters If you ve read First Daughter then this book is a MUST read You will gain insights that you would not have even thought of prior to reading this story It s a standalone novel you do not need to do prior reading but it does help you understand the Jefferson family and their role in forming this countryI did not realize that his wooded retreat was three days from Monticello Everyone else made out like it was just a few miles in the woods Jefferson s architectural building concepts were so far ahead of his time it s not funny Though I found it very odd that he chose to give himself the best lit rooms and then locked the library To visit his sanctuary was by permission only An absolute treat for the mind A book that I am sure I will re read than a few times in the coming years

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free read Jefferson's Daughters Three Sisters White and Black in a Young America · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ed a fine convent school education while they lived with their father during his diplomatic posting in Paris a hothouse of intellectual ferment whose celebrated salonnières are vividly brought to life in Kerrison's narrative Once they returned home however the sisters found their options limited by the laws and customs of early America Harriet Hemings followed a different path She escaped slavery apparently with the assistance of Jefferson himself Leaving Monticello behind she boarded a coach and set off for a decidedly uncertain future For this groundbreaking triple biography Kerrison has uncovered never before published documents written by the Jefferson sisters when. A well written biography of Thomas Jefferson s three daughters Martha Maria and Harriet the first two born to his wife the third born to his slave Sally Hemings Martha has already been the subject of a full length biography but Maria who died as a young woman and Harriet who disappeared into obscurity after being freed have been given less attention Much of the book is devoted to bringing the latter two out of the shadows Kerrison looks at Maria who has suffered in comparison with her accomplished sister in her own light and attempts to reconstruct Harriet s post slavery life I recommend it

  • Hardcover
  • 425
  • Jefferson's Daughters Three Sisters White and Black in a Young America
  • Catherine Kerrison
  • English
  • 06 August 2017
  • 9781101886243