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Free download Wen VLG #6

Free download Wen VLG #6 Read º Wen VLG #6 ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Laurann Dohner ¸ 5 Download When Gerri’s VampLycan stepfather died her mother moved them far from his clan As a teen it was the most devastating day of her life because it took Gerri away from Wen the boy she’d loved since childhood Fifteen years later that boy has become a gorgeous man straight out of her wildest fantasies and when he reuests to meet her Gerri suspects ju. Ugh I didn t like this book at all In fact lately I am not feeling Laurann Dohner s new series one bit I almost didn t finish this book I am overtaxed of reading the same book over and over again The world building in VLG has gotten tedios and redundant The fantasy behind the plot is unoriginal and static Thereupon everything else is also repetitive same romance same problems same plot same characters same dialogues Further is it me or are these books getting sexist every single time I am tired of reading a series where all the females beside the heroins are portrayed as bitches as irrational as selfish bad tempered and mean Stories where the main female has no good friends and family or even an actual life of her own so she drops everything in a second for the male since she had nothing important before him So yeah leaving your entire life behind easy after all it was worthless What kind of message is that It is getting distastefulTo make matters worse in this particular book the male protagonist is such a coward that is incredibly hard to even want to root for the romance To top it all out he doesn t even grow out of that cowardice by the end but instead he has the solution handed to him by other people so he can finally do what he wanted to without too much exertion Ugh unbelievable I loved the New Species series I miss that style those characters and romances Now I don t know where that Laurann Dohner went she is definitely not in here So disappointingVLG 1 Drantos 3 starsVLG 2 Kraven 3 starsVLG 3 Lorn 25 starsVLG 4 Veso 2 starsVLG 5 Lavos 15 starsVLG 6 Wen 1 star

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Wen VLG #6

Free download Wen VLG #6 Read º Wen VLG #6 ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Laurann Dohner ¸ 5 Download Ds a human to pull off his current mission for his clan hunting a rogue Vampire in a human city And he’ll take any stolen moments with Gerri he can get As the danger surrounding the mission mounts so does their passion until it’s eually perilous It will take everything in him to keep Wen from claiming his matebecause doing so could mean her deat. of SpoilersStar RatingsHeroine Gerri 30yrs oldHero Wen shrugPlot 25Grovel noneCheating noneHEA yesTriggers OW dramaAverage score 255Best Line I said I d never sleep with a guy prettier than me You blew that one out of the water Worst Line You re keeping her far from this mess and I m the one you re willing to sacrifice Personal ReviewA romance between a guy who can t stand up to his parents and a girl who wants to fit in so badRandom Ramblings I hate that cover I m pleased she gave him hell in the beginning I hope she does become pregnant just to piss him off I still don t understand what the mission was I was getting bored and skipped bits in the middle Micah s dad was hilariousOverall Feeling Isn t it time you stood up to your parents

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Free download Wen VLG #6 Read º Wen VLG #6 ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Laurann Dohner ¸ 5 Download St seeing him will set her up for heartbreak all over again The petite blonde he fell for as a young VampLycan is still beautiful and all human Though Gerri’s always been the one he longs to be with Wen can’t mate her After the death of his brother Wen was forced to assume the duties of firstborn which include mating another VampLycan But he nee. 5 Wen Stars HELL YES I loved this book I love this series I want MORE It is no secret I love Laurann s uniue way with romance And Wen is no exception I loved Gerri she was so Gerri Ha I can t explain her she is strong of mine and body and she knows Wen back in her life would break her heart I love that she put up a fight and made him see her for who she was and even though he messes up he fixes it I loved his clan leader he really put it all together for me I loved that she had someone in her corner she really needed that Seriously if you re a paranormal fan you don t want to miss out on Laurann Dohner s work because she is fabulous and her narrators are icing on the cakes I swear I could listen over and over to her books and never get boredYou don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion and I am allowed to have it

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