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[PDF/EPUB] Only Child BY Rhiannon Navin

  • Hardcover
  • 352
  • Only Child
  • Rhiannon Navin
  • English
  • 15 August 2018
  • 9781509855582
Only Child

Download æ Only Child 102 D in a matter of minutes will have taken nineteen livesIn the aftermath of the shooting the close knit community and its families are devastated Everyone deals with the tragedy differently Zach's father absents himself; his mother pur. Once again fiction takes us into reality a reality that I wish wasn t true A school shooting taken out of our recent headlines a six year old boy named Zach survives his ten year old brother does not Our narrator is Zach his voice as he takes us into not only his feelings but those of his parents Heartbreaking for sure Am somewhat of an outlier with my rating Seems like because of the subject the young narrator that this book should garner a higher rating butI had trouble believing a six year old could reason his way through do much that Zach does from finding a way to express his feelings in colors to uniting people who are so emotionally injured I have five boys none like this at six just couldn t go there Plus though having the narrator do young does bring an emotional uotient to this read that an older child or adult wouldn t an innocence that is appealing it also made it repetitive at times and just over done at others How long can one be in the mind of a child The message of the book is a good one reminding us that those left behind also need care but I just didn t like it as much as I thought I would It is being compared to the novel Room on the basis of the child narrator but I wasn t a fan of that book eitherMany readers have embraced this book fully I wish I could as I said it does impart a perfect message but in an imperfect in my view way ARC from Edelweiss

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Download æ Only Child 102 We went to school that Tuesday like normalNot all of us came home Huddled in a cloakroom with his classmates and teacher six year old Zach can hear shots ringing through the corridors of his school A gunman has entered the building an. My reviews can also be seen at Zach s story starts on the worst day of his life and takes him on a journey no one could have expected The book opens with six year old Zach his teacher and his classmates hiding in a closet A gunman has entered the school and they can hear shots being fired It was extremely intense I could feel the anxiety of the characters Zach tells us how they had just come in from recess and they were about to start math lessons when the noisy pop sounds started And then Zach heard them yelling lockdown lockdown lockdown They had practice lockdown drills before and Zach thought it had been fun Lockdown meant don t go outside like for the fire alarm but stay inside and out of sight But Zach knows this isn t a practice drill In the closet he remains as still as he can Even though the closet is small and stuffy He can still hear the pop noises and screams coming from outside the closet Yesterday we did all the things we do every Tuesday because we didn t know that today a gunman was going to come Then it s over But in the chaos of the aftermath so much is happening Normal rules don t apply Zach is still scared In the days that follow for Zach everything looks the same but nothing feels the same While the adults around him try to cope he finds his own way of coping He has a secret hideout a place he can read and lock up negative thoughts in his brain safe But he still has nightmares where he hears the pop noises over and overZack sees and hears so much of what is going on around him The adults are all trying to cope in their own ways ways that Zach doesn t understand The adults don t see that Zach is there listening to everything they say and doI couldn t help but fall in love with Zach He was a wonderful narrator His feelings were so honest and at times he seemed older than his years In many ways this child had better coping skills than the adults around him And amidst all of the confusion and uncertainty this six year old boy helps starts the long process of healingIn my opinion this was a well written novel with many excellent characters Though I ve read other books about school shootings this is the first I ve read that is told from the perspective of a young child I think it made it even emotional It s incredibly sad how timely this novel isAn insightful and honest read about life death loss anger guilt forgiveness and hope Only Child was an incredibly powerful read that will likely stay with me for a very long time I m certainly looking forward to reading from Rhiannon NavinI d like to thank Mantle Publishing for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review

Summary Only Child

Download æ Only Child 102 Sues a uest for justice while Zach retreats into his super secret hideout and loses himself in a world of books and drawing Ultimately though it is Zach who will show the adults in his life the way forward as sometimes only a child ca. 5 STARSI d give it 10 if i could I think sometimes you can make other people happy by letting them take care of you I Am Emotionally Destroyed I started this book and finished it within 3 hours and I couldn t stop reading it It was so much than what I was expecting and for being a debut novel this was incredible I read this for my book club and I m so glad we chose to read itThe opening scene in this book will hit you hard Imagine An elementary school and kids are shuffled into a closet The teacher has to lock the door and tell them to continually uiet down All the kids can hear are Pop Pop Pop Some scream some get sick and some are in total shock about what s happening They ve done lockdown drills before but nothing uite compares to having to do the real thingA knock on the door and it s the police they usher the kids out and into a safe place the church Zach the 6 year old that this book is narrated by is trying to take it all in as he passes people on the floor Dead Covered in Blood He just wants his Mom Dad Eventually his mom gets through to the church and gets him His Dad shows up and they start to look for Zach s brother Andy The story goes on to take us through the grieving process of a school shooting how to deal with the shooters family and how mental illness can effect even the smallest in our community our children We watch Melissa Zach s mom turn into someone completely different we watch the family start to tear apart and we watch Zach start to blame himself and take on the burden of trying to fix everything that s gone wrong He reads and comes across four secrets to happiness and he tries to use them to heal everyone Can you imagine a six year old trying to fix this truly horrific disaster What a miraculous childThere s so much to this story than what I just wrote but I can t because I don t want to spoil anything I cried no less than 5 times while reading this book As a disclaimer I don t have kids but this devastated me and I can only imagine if you have kids this book would effect you in an even deeper way I could literally feel the emotion coming off the page through each and every character Clearly this is an emotional book so brace yourself before you read itThis book is told in the narrative voice of Zach the six year old boy and how he views all of the decisions and conversations that his family and people around him are going through I think sometimes we forget how smart children are and how their perspective of things can sometimes be the best They can help us heal and they tend to see the best in situations Does Zach go through some serious emotions Of course He just lost his brother and his parents are fighting However he is still able to see perspective when it comes to the situation and tries to bring everyone together to make it good againIf or when I ever have kids I hope to God that I have a kid like Zach He is the kind of kid you want to raise and the kind of kid you would want when a tragedy occurs in your life As I was reading this I also kept thinking about the kids at Sandy Hook and their families I can t imagine what that day was like and I now have a tiny bit of insight and emotional empathy towards the parents who had to go through this devastation Unfortunately this book is so relevant in our society today and I hope that people read it and take action There are things we can do and we need to keep fightingWhich brings me to my last topic that was important in this novel Mental Health Again most of the school shootings happening in today s day in age are done by individuals who are getting guns in their hands who may not be mentally fit to have them We need to keep talking about this and continue to protect our children Remember School should always be a safe place for your kids Always So in remembrance of those beautiful Sandy Hook soles we lost I will continue to keep talking about this and fighting to keep our schools children etc safeEveryone should pick up this novel I think it s powerful amazing fantastic beautiful emotional relatable and strong Hats off to the author for her debut novel I will be a fan for life