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[Summary I Have Lost My Way] E-pub by Gayle Forman – Kindle ePUB, eBook and Epub Download

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Read & download ô I Have Lost My Way ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Arriving in New York City after a family tragedy leaves him isolated on the outskirts of Washington state After the three of them collide in Central Park they slowly reveal the parts of their past that they haven't been able to confront and together they find their w. 4 CharacterDriven Stars This was a book filled with amazing charactersFreya meets Nathaniel after falling off a bridge and landing on top of himHarun is a witness to the fall and so the friendship between the three of them begins I realize this seems like an unlikely way to meet but it really worked in this bookFreya is an emerging singer who has lost her voiceHarun is gay and than just a little afraid to come out to his parents Nathaniel is just a lost boy who will break your heart I really was drawn to each of these characters I found them all so raw and real I also found the bond and friendship they formed in such a short time uite realistic given the circumstances and the fact that they all really needed one anotherThe only problem I had with this book was it was very short it was almost like a tease you are given these amazing characters who are very well developed and then that was it I just felt as though there was so much to be discussed and so much room for growth and yet we didn t get to see that part however I do have to say I do like how one of the situations was resolved it was very sweet and on the audiobook you get an additional treat of singing Strongly recommend to fans of books with some pretty darn amazing characters

Read & download õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ú Gayle FormanI Have Lost My Way

Read & download ô I Have Lost My Way ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ay back to who they're supposed to beTold over the course of a single day from three different perspectives Gayle Forman's newest novel about the power of friendship and being true to who you are is filled with the elegant prose that her fans have come to know and lov. About three years ago I discovered the online book community I devoured every popular YA author I had missed in my absence and Gayle Forman was one of them I had before this point read largely thrillers and classics and had little to no knowledge of the young adult genre beyond the names of Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth I delved into this unknown realm of literature and sampled from all genres and authors without discrimination Or so I thought But the discrimination was that each of these authors and books were all ridiculously hyped I read every it book I had missed out on and looking back seemed to form an affinity with most of them Now this could be because every one of these books was wholly deserving of its hype but I believe it was of a case of me initially struggling to understand what books best suited my reading tastes in this unknown genre and becoming swept up in the enthusiastic adoration of much of what I discovered Not to say I ever lied about loving a book I secretly hated but that when some books worked less well for me I managed to preserver and find the positives using what others adored about it as a guide rather than forming my entire own opinions first of allLooking back on past reviews I sometimes find it hard to trust my own opinions I don t alter them as they are still reflective of who I was when I read them Now however with a solid knowledge of what works for me in a broader range of literature I m not sure all of my five star rated reads would still appeal to me Gayle Forman was one such author that fit into this categoryI rated her novel If I Stay five stars and waxed lyrical about my love for the deep emotional impact it had on me Looking back I m not entirely sure if I would feel the same way about her writing now So when I was given the chance to read her most recent release I was excited to find outI Have Lost my Way follows three lost souls battling the New York metropolis and their own crises of identity A chance meeting sees their three worlds collide and proves that being lost with someone else is far less terrifying that wandering the unknown aloneThis novel was for the most part an intricate character study and I really appreciated how diverse the representation was The three individuals chosen were dealing with disparate inflictions and came from opposing cultures upbringings and religions For a relatively short read this still managed to fully confront each of their immediate personal issues whilst also discoursing on the topics of mental illness the detrimental effects of social media on teens racial identity familial troubles authority and trust gender stereotypes racism homophobia and so much This did not isolate the three individual s trial but invited the reader to understand where they stemmed from and how easily it is for similar scenarios to play out in the wider worldThe thrice split perspective conveyed three individual characters and Forman did a terrific job of consistently separating their identities I felt I understood each of them with my empathy enlarging as their backstories were slowly and simultaneously revealed to the reader and the other two other points in this three sided friendship Flashbacks padded the story line but also heightened my affinity with all three This begun as an enjoyable contemporary story but enlarged into so much Whilst I initially enjoyed this for the interesting story line it was it was the latter half that secured my love And it was the emotional depth of the narrative that honed itDespite discoursing on some heavily dark topics this is a novel that left me with some measure of hope It was a bitter sweet feeling as there was so much left to discover about these characters but I also appreciated how Forman gave less to ultimately deliver The potential that this novel closed on cemented my feelings and alleviated my prior sorrow and tinged it with faith So the roundabout answer to my initial uery over whether I can still enjoy this author is a resounding and absolute yes

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Read & download ô I Have Lost My Way ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF A powerful display of empathy and friendship from the #1 New York Times Bestselling author of If I StayAround the time that Freya loses her voice while recording her debut album Harun is making plans to run away from home to find the boy that he loves and Nathaniel is. You gonna be okay she says How can you know that Harun asks When a broken bone heals it s stronger than it was before the break she replies Same holds true for broken hearts Better than I Was Here and Just One Day but not uite as wonderful and memorable as If I Stay and its companion novelGayle Forman does not write to impress Her writing style is simple though effective and even lyrical at times But I can share with you a list of at least fifty other authors whose writing styles are impressive However this is not why I am always happy to get my hands on her novels A book that has only its writing style going for itself while everything else is dull will very rarely make my list of favourites The reason why I keep on reading this author although she disappointed me in the past is because her stories have heart I Was Here was boring it s true but it was atmospheric regardless and explored important topics I Have Lost My Way is the story of three separate characters who each deal with their own problems Freya is a singer who cannot sing Harun is gay but afraid to come out to his religious parents and Nathaniel must relearn to live and let go I recently read a book that was also narrated from three points of view The Beauty that Remains and that one did not work for me because there was never a strong connection between the three protagonists In this case there is The connection is sudden so perhaps not entirely realistic but it did ring true to my ears possibly because I knew from the start that all three teenagers were good people that were hurting and needed someone to be there for themIt is a pleasant read Not surprising a little short and frankly uite corny at times but I m proud of Ms Forman for finally writing a book with diverse characters YayBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

  • Paperback
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  • I Have Lost My Way
  • Gayle Forman
  • English
  • 14 August 2019
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