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Charis Cotter {Free} The Ghost Road

review The Ghost Road

The Ghost Road Free read ´ 6 review Ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ð Charis Cotter Charis Cotter Ð 6 Read & Download Ghosts a family curse buried secrets and two girls who have to figure it all out A new book from an acclaimed author for fans of Coraline Doll Bones and The Night GardenerFor the first time Ruth is heading to Newfoundland to stay with family she's never met instead of spending the summer traveling with her dad When she arrives she finds Newfoundland is very different from her life in Toronto people there are much friendly but also superstitious believing in gho. Canadian writer Charis Cotter starts out The Ghost Road with a strong description of the Maritimes in Canada She describes a lovely setting that includes the natural area cute lighthouses cottage type housing and the coastal shore One of the best lines in the book is You re walking on a fairy path my love and just because you don t believe in them doesn t mean they won t come after youWe start to get a sense of the magic that might lie just beyond or within the coastal area Unfortunately the first few chapters are easily the best part of this one Boring MysteryI hate to say it but this was just a boring book I know it s written for middle aged kids and all but that doesn t mean that things have to happen so slow or be obvious I pegged the outcome very early on and was about 85% correct in the end There s just no fun in a book that sets up a mystery but doesn t really churn the intrigue throughout I want to feel the mystery have theories experience the characters theories etc Instead in The Ghost Road I just knew how it would eventually end up and was barely along for the ride Childish WritingAgain I come back to the idea that middle aged kids do not need to have their books written as though they are lesser readers I like middle aged books that are moderate to read with some larger words thrown in that the kids can learn I was a voracious reader as a child and as an adult lol at 12 was into Lord of the Rings and The Eye of the World yet I still think the average 12 year old reader can be given credit than Cotter hands out My 15 year old nephew complained to me for years about how boring the books were in the middle grade genre He s a good reader but not advanced per say than the average kid I know he would have asked me when something exciting was going to happen for 90% of The Ghost Road Additionally I had a moment while reading Cotter s Canadian story that made me feel like I had written pieces of this book when I was a pre teen At 13 I had an idea about a hill that held magic and secrets Mine wasn t in the Maritimes but in my home area that includes foothills prairies and the Rocky Mountains The general premise was very similar to that of The Ghost Road This is telling to me If this book isn t smarter than 13 year old me then it could definitely be improved OverallWhile our lead girl characters are fairly well developed and there are some interesting moments in The Ghost Road overall it s just too dull A bit magic is needed to really bring the story alive and off the page The biggest improvements that need to be made are to make the mystery complex and to really add some juicy information into the book Were Cotter to make the historical mystery interesting and add some complexity to the writing and characters then I think she could really have something here As it is I m probably being generous at 3 stars However I did finish reading The Ghost Road and didn t hate it I just found it very lack luster by the end To read this and of my reviews visit my blog at Epic Reading Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review

review Ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ð Charis CotterThe Ghost Road

The Ghost Road Free read ´ 6 review Ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ð Charis Cotter Charis Cotter Ð 6 Read & Download Sts and The Sight and family curses Ruth's cousin Ruby is also staying for the summer and the two discover they have a lot in common they both lost their moms when they were two years old they're the same age and they even like the same food But while Ruby believes in spirits and fairies Ruth believes in science and cold hard factsWhen they find ominous information on some tombstones in the local cemetery Ruth and Ruby start investigating their family's past an. Oh goodness Second but far from last book by Cotter I don t even really like ghost stories either Now you my followers know that I reserve five star ratings for books I recommend to just about everybody those books that are of the most universal appeal This may not be uite that perfect special but young me would have read it over and over and over again So I m letting her tack on a full star right there onto current me s strong four starsThe thing is though I m having trouble saying why it s so appealing It s muchly a mystery and I m not any interested in mysteries than I am in the paranormal I guess it s of a puzzle than a whodunit though and I do like puzzles Things I really like are the details of life in rural Newfoundland and all the sensory writing that makes me feel like I m right there with the girls sharing the scents and textures and tastes of their adventures and the love joy in almost all the characters souls I ve not much to say about it that wouldn t be spoilery Like The Swallow A Ghost Story it s best if you go in not knowing too much ahead of time If you trust my recommendations try to make time for one or the other I bet you read the other too

Charis Cotter Ð 6 Read & Download

The Ghost Road Free read ´ 6 review Ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ð Charis Cotter Charis Cotter Ð 6 Read & Download D discover that twin girls are born in every generation and every set of twins dies young leaving their children without mothers What's one of the twins always has The Sight and can see the Ghost Road that leads to the mysterious lost settlement of Slippers Cove What happened there What does it have to do with their family And who is the ghostly presence that keeps visiting Ruth late at nightThe answers lie somewhere along the Ghost Road if they can only find i. Another fantastic atmospheric ghost story from Charis Cotter Satisfies that family curse twins are creepy Irish ghost stories are the best ghost stories kind of itch Also doubles as a love letter to Newfoundland complete with partridgeberry desserts

  • Hardcover
  • 368
  • The Ghost Road
  • Charis Cotter
  • en
  • 21 October 2019
  • 9781101918890