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Dream Country Read & download ¶ 100 Shannon Gibney ´ 0 Download Ith their mother for Liberia where they're promised freedom and a chance at self determination by the American Colonization Society The Wrights begin their section by fleeing the whip and by its close they are then ones who wield it With each new section the novel uncovers fresh hope and resonating heartbreak all based on historical factIn Dream Country Shannon Gibney spins a riveting tale of the nightmarish spiral of death and exile connecting America and Africa and of how one determined young dreamer tries to break free and gain control of her destiny. This is an incredible story of a family impacted by the African diaspora The book is told in a non linear fashion as seen through the eyes of one of the contemporary members of the family We begin in today s Minneapolis area with a boy named Kollie whose parents send him back to the land from where he was a refugee Liberia From there we travel back to family that grew up in Liberia then back even further to family which had been indentured servants in the US prior to the Civil War their freedom came when they left the US and headed back to Liberia We move then to the parents of Kollie and what they endured in LiberiaWhat s remarkable about this book aside from the heartache and hope seen through the characters is the history that we never learn about Gibney s extraordinary research powerful author s note explain how when black freed people went back to Liberia they brought with them the same tools used against them to harm enslave and colonize the native Liberians This book shows that through this familyI couldn t stop thinking about pairing this book with Homegoing Like with Gyasi s book some characters will resonate than others for readers I found Kollie and Angel s stories especially her s despite being the smallest part done purposefully to be the most compelling Note that some of the characters are a bit beyond their teen years and in many ways this book read to me as less YA and adult That doesn t mean YA readers won t love it but rather it d be an awesome and easy sell to adult readers too Powerful moving vital and one that is going to mean a LOT to a lot of readers

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Dream Country Read & download ¶ 100 Shannon Gibney ´ 0 Download The heartbreaking story of five generations of young people from a single African and American family pursuing an elusive dream of freedom The novel begins in suburban Minneapolis at the moment when seventeen year old Kollie Flomo begins to crack under the strain of his life as a Liberian refugee He's exhausted by being at once too black and not black enough for his African American peers and worn down by the expectations of his own Liberian family and community When his frustration finally spills into violence and his parents send him back to Monrovia. This was so hard to read but also so important I think my critiues are just that I wanted time with the characters but that also would ve been really painful There was also some historical context I didn t understand Some characters were called white but really weren t and some were called half caste I thought this was whiteblack when it was American BlackLiberian But yeah This was so heavy and so like lots of in depth ideas I had not considered combined with history I didn t even know I think I m mostly shaken that those in bondage could go on to commit the same atrocities to others It haunts me

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Dream Country Read & download ¶ 100 Shannon Gibney ´ 0 Download To reform school the story shifts Like Kollie readers travel back to Liberia but also back in time to the early twentieth century and the point of view of Togar Somah an eighteen year old indigenous Liberian on the run from government militias that would force him to work the plantations of the Congo people descendants of the African American slaves who colonized Liberia almost a century earlier When Togar's section draws to a shocking close the novel jumps again back to America in 1827 to the children of Yasmine Wright who leave a Virginia plantation w. 35 stars During the first few chapters of this book I did not think I would like it at all I totally believe that racism still exists in our schools but the stories of the modern day Minneapolis school seemed a bit unrealistic to me The thing that really tripped me up was the use of Brooklyn Center High School Why not use a fictional school since the events and characters in this book are fictional BUT once Kollie s story was done I really started to enjoy the book I learned so much about Liberia considering I knew next to nothing before The stories about the African slaves who went to Liberia to colonize were so fascinating especially to see how former slaves became the slavers Super sad I did find myself getting confused in parts for example the American Africans are referred to as white by the native Africans but this wasn t explained till much later in the book so the whole time I was so confused as to why all the people from Congo were white haha I also had a hard time following the civil warrevolutionHowever the writing was good and I really appreciate any story that brings to light what refugees are facing today as well as their past sufferings I admire the author s commitment in researching this story and uncovering history that had previously remain hidden or cloudy We need diverse stories like thisI wanted to recommend this to my husband for his ESL students but the repeated use of the C word and F word probably disualify it

  • Hardcover
  • 376
  • Dream Country
  • Shannon Gibney
  • English
  • 09 February 2019
  • 9780735231672