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(ebook) 재즈처럼 By Clarju

Clarju Æ 3 summary


재즈처럼 review é 3 Ow dare he smile How dare he say he loves jazz “If I ever catch you playing the piano againthat’ll be the end of you” And with that begins Taeyi and Seheon's story as unpredictable and visceral as jazz. Taeyi is far from over the death of his brother and he is nothing but miserable One day he hears a familiar melody and makes his way to the music room hoping it is his brother even knowing he is dead but instead he finds Seheon the transfer student playing the piano Taeyi is enraged that Seheon would dare play his brother s song But nothing will stop Seheon s love of playing the piano What drew me to start Jazz for Two was the captivating art style And let me tell you I am a sucker for gorgeous art styles I feel like this story had the potential but I just wasn t uite there And I feel like stories revolving around music are hard because obviously you cannot experience the music with the characters But that doesn t take away to how beautiful this story is as you can obviously see that through the art style Taeyi s pain and also Taeyi and Seheon s deep connection So like I said the story has potential but I m not uite there yet Looking forward to season 2 though But Taeyi and Seheon Oh my god I swear they are one of the cutest couples in a Manhwa that I have ever come across and those kiss scenes Be still my beating heart I m definitely looking forward to seeing their relationship develop further

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재즈처럼 review é 3 Ng When he slams open the door however he finds Seheon the new transfer student at the piano Disappointment comes crashing down and Taeyi can’t control his anger How dare Seheon play his brother’s song H. That was cute and sweet And the art style was exceptional

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재즈처럼 review é 3 Taeyi hears a familiar melody fill the empty halls and makes his way to the old music room He knows his brother is dead but he can’t help but hope maybe just maybeit’s his brother playing his favorite so. High school delinuents listening to Chet Baker and Art Tatum falling asleep on rooftops IN THE RAINMaybe I m too old or a snob but I kind of find it hard to believe