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Characters Camp Tiger

Summary à Camp Tiger 102 D his mother is encouraging him to do things on his own just like his older brother And the most different thing of all this year a tiger comes to the woo. Some of the illustrations are truly spectacular but I could have used clarity for the story itself I think the tiger is meant to be imaginary but the way the young boy s parents behave isn t always consistent with that Even though the illustrations would be great for a read aloud I m not sure I would feel comfortable sharing it with a class because of the above ambiguity and some seeming contradictions eg tigers in general like water but this tiger is described as afraid of the water and then there is an illustration of the tiger eagerly diving into the lake with no text to explain the change

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Summary à Camp Tiger 102 Every year a boy and his family go camping at Mountain PondUsually they see things like an eagle fishing for his dinner a salamander with red spots on its. I m not sure if I even fully get this book But I kind of love itA little boy goes camping with his family dad mom and older brother As they prepare to set up camp a tiger walks out of the woods As if that s not unusual enough the tiger starts to talk He asks the family if they have an extra tent because all he has is a cave and he s kind of cold The family does in fact have an extra tent so the tiger proceeds to spend the rest of the trip with the family joining them for canoeing fishing and hikingThere s some sort of message about growing up and becoming independent but I m not sure if the tiger is supposed to represent something beyond that or if he s just a fanciful element in the story In any case the perfectly rendered illustrations won me over and uashed what few doubts I might ve had about the narrative Yes it s a bit weird and I m not sure if kids will be able to glean any hidden meaning from the text if there even is one but this is such a beautiful book to look at that they ll probably be mesmerized by the pictures The ones of the tiger diving to catch fish and the stargazing scene with the canoe are breathtakingly beautifulThis book was a pleasant surprise I picked it up on a whim from the library and I m glad I diduotable moment

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Summary à Camp Tiger 102 Back and chipmunks that come to steal food while the family sits by the campfireBut this year is different This year the boy is going into first grade an. I don t want to understand it I loved it To fully understand it would take away some of the glamour of this children s book No overthinking on my end this little boy had a fabulous end to his summer and he s ready for first grade He ll be making a big transition this fall from kindergarten to first grade and he like many other children would rather be back in kindergarten He s not looking forward to losing some of his socialplaying time and gaining time working on educational matters His parents have already started this approach at home and he s doing some things that his parents would have done for him previously It s their yearly family campout and as they get their tent and site ready a tiger arrives out of the bushes It is a talking tiger which wants to sleep beside them Now I m thinking this has to be a fantasy story as there s no such thing as a talking tiger but as I read and the tiger joins the family on their vacation there s something about this tiger that s off He s not your typical tiger The young boy and the tiger have some close moments there are also some great moments with the tiger and the familyThe illustrations are wonderful too Just by looking at the book cover you see a glimpse of what to expect inside this children s book I love the pictures of the tiger the reflections on the water the shadows the faces of the characters and the pictures of the boy with the tiger were my favorite As the camping trip comes to an end and they make their way home the boy starts to think about school He thinks back to his family s camping trip and it s a trip he ll never forget

  • Hardcover
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  • Camp Tiger
  • Susan Choi
  • English
  • 15 March 2019
  • 9780399173295