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(Free Read) Like Heaven ↠ Niala Maharaj

Niala Maharaj ☆ 9 characters

Like Heaven

Like Heaven free read Ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub Niala Maharaj ☆ 9 characters characters Í E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Niala Maharaj From an exciting new voice in fiction writing that surges with life humour and a sense of hopeThis is the story of Ved Sant an Indian from Por. Like Heaven is the story of Ved Saran accidental if unlikely millionaire being as he is concerned with his employees welfare than chasing profit Forced by circumstances into taking over his family business Ved cruises along allowing fame and fortune to happen to him without much effort Not unlike other young men in Trinidad his life is filled with casual sexual encounters sports and the wonders of carnival Much of Saran s the business he develops success is indeed the product of committed employees and plain fortuity Mostly untouched by his vast success Ved is a generous warm sexy and overall endearing protagonist However as other family members get involved in the business Ved realises that his business model is being eroded As greed and politics enter his world the book takes an unexpectedly tragic turn forcing Ved to grow up and take some difficult and for the reader deeply disappointing decisionsMaharaj s freshman effort is impressive Her writing is infused with great humour while at the same time she deftly exposes the underbelly of the political corporate nexus in modern day Trinidad Her ear for language is particularly memorable creating characters who are both compelling and uirky ridiculous and real Maharaj is obviously very influenced by early Naipaul Miguel StreetMystic Masseur and House of Mr Biswas in particular and this influence is manifested most clearly in the characters of Charlo and Ved s mother Unlike Naipaul though Maharaj writes her characters with love not resentment Also impressive is her handle on male characters and particularly their sexuality Even as venality leads to devastating personal conseuences for Ved the political story line is perfectly wrought Without being too hysterical Maharaj explores the influence of the US in Trinidad fueled pun fully intended by the discovery of oil and gas reserves Maharaj manages to balance the seriousness of this plot with the overall lightheartedness of the book without ever trivializing the moral undertones or conversely exploiting the soapbox Admittedly the book does devolve into soap opera territory towards the end but this is offset by the rest of the book with its colourful characters rhythmic dialogue delicate socio political commentary and humourously incisive portrayal of Caribbean society

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Like Heaven free read Ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub Niala Maharaj ☆ 9 characters characters Í E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Niala Maharaj Ened boss But inevitably the pressures of family and success have an impact on his personal life and lead to tragedy From the Hardcover editio. Like Heaven 2007 Arrow is about Ved Saran an Indo Trinidadian who takes the helm of the family business and makes it a huge success However Ved is not your average traditional Indo Trinidadian In fact he is heavily Creolized particularly through his surrogate sonfather relationship with Afro Trinidadian Charlo as well as his string of interracial love relationships This doesn t make him too popular at home where his mother insists he settles down and marries a good Indian girlThe book also explores how postcolonial Trinidad adjusts to managing its wealth for the first time and how racism continues to stain the nation s landscape Although the novel is guilty of over idealizing certain aspects of the country and culture Maharaj s novel is uite engaging and offers a fly on the wall perspective of everyday life in Trinidad

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Like Heaven free read Ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub Niala Maharaj ☆ 9 characters characters Í E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Niala Maharaj T of Spain Trinidad a ramshackle carnival culture which is suddenly becoming oil and gas rich Sant has a gift for business and is an enlight. I loved this book It had lots of humor and the situations and dialogue were very realistic Unlike alot of Caribbean novels it does not dwell on the results of the colonial powers and the local poverty This was a novel that focused on hope and joy in Trinidad i loved it and am waiting for another book by this author