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[PDF/EPUB] William II Penguin Monarchs by John Gillingham – Book, eBook or Kindle eBook free

William II Penguin Monarchs

READ & DOWNLOAD ê William II Penguin Monarchs In this elegant book as the son and successor to William the Conueror it was William Rufus who had to establish permanent Norman rule A ruthless irascible man he freuently argued acrimoniously w Master historian John Gillingham paints an illustrious picture of a king famous for being assassinated by devoting not than a couple of paragraphs to his demise The author focuses instead on William Rufus hidden record as a powerful ruler much in the model of his father his rule shaped by the complexity of the new Anglo Norman world he inherited Gillingham dispenses a professional assessment of the ways in which the king s near contemporary monastic biographers sought to damage his character and legacy to further their own narrative praising the archbishop he was often at odds with

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READ & DOWNLOAD ê William II Penguin Monarchs William II 1087 1100 or William Rufus will always be most famous for his death killed by an arrow while out hunting perhaps through accident or perhaps murder But as John Gillingham makes clear 355I wanted to like this a bit but it was very interesting I ve mainly heard not great things about William II or William Rufus And I like that Gillingham decided to take the line that it s wrong He s mainly seen as preface to Henry I and even in this biography it felt like it was going that way

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READ & DOWNLOAD ê William II Penguin Monarchs Ith his older brother Robert over their father's inheritance but he also handed out effective justice leaving as his legacy one of the most extraordinary of all medieval buildings Westminster Ha A good solid and short account of King William II or William Rufus filled with the lively prose of the John Gillingham

  • Paperback
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  • William II Penguin Monarchs
  • John Gillingham
  • en
  • 27 October 2018
  • 9780141989884