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[The Promise of Happiness Summary] PDF By Betty Neels

  • Paperback
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  • The Promise of Happiness
  • Betty Neels
  • English
  • 06 November 2018
  • 9780373023011
The Promise of Happiness

The Promise of Happiness Characters Î 8 Ema van den Eck His mother needed a nurse and Becky filled the bill Only one thing marred her new life Poor plain Becky fell desperately hopelessly in lo. A dog a cat and a mouse of a girl that is what the hero saw walking in the rain when he kindly stopped and offered them a ride to the nearest shelter This is one of my favorite Betty Neels because the description of the mouse just rankles Also because there s this memorable scene when the heroine had too much brandy to drink and she let her mouth run without filter She warned him from marrying his snooty girlfriend and counseled him to look for someone nicer who wouldn t take notice of his bad temper To which the guy hit back snidely asking her whether this paragon would be a skinny nondescript person like her Read between the lines if she s offering herself he s not buying From this moment on she withdrew into her protective mousehole to avoid his company while he in turn sought her presence by putting out cheese in the form of accidental meetings and dinner invitationsGood read Betty Neels couldn t have built a better parson s mousetrap

Summary ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Betty Neels

The Promise of Happiness Characters Î 8 She knew it was time to leave Determined to break the stranglehold of a selfish stepmother and stepbrother Becky left home She'd begin nursing again; mak. The Promise of Happiness had a different opening from other romances by Ms Neels but was 100% Pure Betty Rebecca Saunders was found on foot at the crack of dawn with her cat Pooch and her dog Bertie by the irascible Tiele Raukema van den Eck A surgeon of course and a Baron to boot Becky was fleeing from her stepmother and stepbrother emotionally abusive people who took advantage of her The good doctor had not intended to get involved other than to give her a ride and listen to her tale Becky leaned toward the right side of shy until Baron opened his mouth Then she could act snappish He convinced her to nurse his mother a temporary invalid In turn he would provide a substantial salary and a home for the short term Naturally there was The Other Woman the pulchritudinous Nina van Doorn But you and I know the truth she s a gold digger There were cars With speed Because the good doctor liked to drive fast Make sure you are not hungry because what visit to Neeldom is without thick slabs of cake thin slices of bread and butter dollops of whip cream and tea Or coffee I loved the numerous times Tiele Raukema van den Eck responded to Becky after one of his blunders My dear girl what a thoughtless man I am or Oh God that too Forgive me Becky or I must apologize Becky it was not intended that you leave like thisOne of the best scenes is when Becky attends a symphony with a coworker And the Baron is in attendance Enough said You ll just have to read the story

Review The Promise of Happiness

The Promise of Happiness Characters Î 8 E a home for herself and Pooch and Bertie the pets she'd brought with her Then at dawn on a rainy highway fate took a hand fate in the form of Baron Rauk. One of Betty Neels best Our mousy little heroine Becky is just fabulous And our Rich Dutch Doctor is so haughtyhe s a Baron as well and so flummoxed to find himself falling for the mouseBecky has escapedliterally from the hellish situation at home where she is being worked to death by wicked stepmother and verbally abused by wicked step brother So there she is walking down the road in the pouring rain with her faithful pets dog cat one each when she is rescued by our RDDHe takes pity on her and suddenly hires her to be nursecompanion for his mother The Baroness is temporarily in a wheelchair due to a broken leg and a twisted knee Becky is thrilled to be hired And the adventure begins Cruise from England to Norway drive from Norway to Holland lovely Of course there s a fly in the ointment and that s the beautiful Nina But not to worry Nina doesn t stand a chance though she does give our Becky some bad moments Even though Betty Neels used mostly the same tropes in each book sometimes they worked better than others This was one of the good onesETA The often I re read this the I am charmed so I ve upped the rating from 4 to 5 stars This one is one of my top 5 Neels books and lives on my comfort read shelf Happy book sighs