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Twilight review ✓ 103 Evocably in love with himDeeply seductive and extraordinarily suspenseful Twilight is a love story with bite. I actually had to give this book three separate reviews by three sides of my personality My three star rating is the median of the three Review 1 by My Inner Fifteen Year Old Girl 5 starsBella is smart funny well read pretty and yet misunderstood by most of her peers just like me Then she meets a cool hot guy who turns out to be a good vampire and he can do really cool things like run fast and stop cars with his hands but he s still sweet and wonderful It s ultimate wish fulfillment fantasy what s not to like Meyers can make your heart speed up with some of the tense tortured we must be togetherno what if i hurt you pg 13 erotica Review 2 by My Fan of YA Lit 3 StarsMeyers can tell a pretty good story when she lets herself actually tell it the book starts out well and would have been a bit interesting if I hadn t known he was a vampire all along Then it slows down during the long getting to know you dialogue exchanges between Edward and Bella there s no plot just back story and exposition disguised as conversations and far too many I can t be with you I don t want to hurt you But I love you I don t care about danger back and forths When the evil vamps show up however the story kicks back in and the end is uite exciting When Meyers isn t dwelling on how perfectly angelic Edward is again she can get the pages turning Since there are A LOT of pages to turn I wish she would have infused that urgency into the story often While abandoning most of the conventional cliches of vampire lore stakes sunlight garlic coffins she keeps all the modern vamp romance cliches alabaster skin good hair expensive taste in clothes tragically distant and adds a few of her own unfortunate twists vampires avoid the sun because it makes them sparkle the good vamp clan play some extreme version of baseball in a scene that was far too uidich y for my taste Too many cliches or trying to hard to be original somehow both criticisms are accurate Review 3 by My Inner Feminist 1 StarMeyers describes Bella as being strong brave and independent but then shows her as a spineless cowering victim who needs to be saved by her violently jealous and over protective boyfriend She constantly goes on and on about how Edward is perfect at everything and how he s so gorgeous and she is so unworthy of him how he s so strong and he protects her In fact she never gives any reason for liking him other than how hot he is but that s fair because Edward never gives a reason for liking her other than she smells good He is frustrated that Bella is the only person whose thoughts he can t read so he eavesdrops on her friends minds to find out what they talk about he follows her whenever she leaves her house and he secretly camps outside her room when she sleeps that doesn t sound sweet it sounds creepy If girls want a romantic conflicted vampirehuman romance they should go watch the firs three seasons of Buffy not only is there the dark mysterious conflicted vampire but the girl he s in love with can kick some serious ass all on her own

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Twilight review ✓ 103 About three things I was absolutely positiveFirst Edward was a vampireSecond there was a part of him and I d. Oh my This book to me is like chocolate a delicious sinful addictive indulgence which you convince yourself has beneficial ualities zinc calcium keeps me uiet at that time of the month in order to justify your addictionBy beneficial ualities I mean that it s reading and since when is reading bad Let me say uite clearly that I m a sucker for romance especially the intense passionate tragic kind I don t read romance novels though because to me they are lacklustre Meyer s book has the extra edge I need though a great way of keeping doom hanging over the main characters heads she s human he s a vampireSound corny Yeah I know and the only reason Meyer gets away with it as well as she does is because Twilight doesn t try to be anything it s not and it has such conviction Only Meyer could get away with giving her narrator the name Isabella Swan She says in her little bio at the back that she wanted to write believable characters an interesting choice then to write about vampires but I believed in them and without such a willing suspension of disbelief the story would have been a farce True a lot of people haven t been able to suspend their disbelief with this book but that doesn t affect my reading experience Seventeen year old Bella s parents are divorced She lives with her mum in Phoenix Arizona and spends time with her dad Charlie in Forks Washington State where it rains almost constantly She hates Forks but when her mum remarries a baseball player Phil and starts travelling with him Bella decides to move to ForksOn her first day at school she notices the isolated group of five beautiful graceful siblings Rosalie Alice Emmet Edward and Jasper One in particular catches her eye Edward Cullen with his rust brown hair and topaz eyes She is than a little surprised and shocked when he seems to have developed an acute profound hatred of her Her fascination deepens especially when after a brief disappearance he saves her life She soon figures out what Edward is and the knowledge doesn t frighten her The shaky friendship between them develops into something much stronger and Edward reveals his overpowering reaction to her smell that nearly made him kill her on the spot hence the look on his face that so shocked her and the restraint he put on himself during an hour of BiologyLet s not forget he s incredibly handsome even though Bella describes almost every glance he makes and every twitch of his lips not once did I get bored and roll my eyes My fascination grew alongside hers until I too fell in love with Edward in a totally girly daydreamy way Yes I admit it I don t know if that makes this a girly kind of book these days those boundaries don t seem to matter so much and the vampire family is pretty darn cool what with Edward s extra ability to read minds Alice s premonitions Jasper s ability to affect people s emotions their speed their invincibility Bella is at one point compared to Lois Lane because Edward and his kin really are like SupermanOne of the things I love about YA books the clarity with which they are written Granted there is some repetition in Twilight but to me it s necessary repetition There s nothing superfluous in Twilight nothing that shouldn t be there and the flow the pacing is great It s a fat book but I read it in two days I read it with breakfast on my walk to the subway on the subway up the escalator through the ticket gates to work in my lunch break you get the picture I couldn t get enough of it and it left me with that same craving for that Harry Potter did I remember scrounging around for loose change as soon as I finished one of them and dashing off into the city to get my next fix It helped that four were already out when I started There s plenty of negative stuff you could say about this book the writing the characters the obsession but again I couldn t care less Another thing I loved was all the vampire myths Meyer scrapped These vampires aren t burnt to ash by sunlight their marble skin glitters as the sunlight is broken into miniscule shards like diamonds hence why they are living in Forks where the sun hardly ever shines They are not hurt by crucifixes or stakes through the heart They do not sleep at all nor do they eat human food They drive fast cars really really fast And they can fall in love AwwwwSeriously though this was one of most fun most enjoyable most romantic books I ve read in a long time and I m so happy there are two out with a fourth on the way They are somewhat predictably making Twilight into a movie still in the early development stage but it s rather fun to go to the author s website and see her own preferences for actors to play Edward etc Can t say I m familiar with most of them but her top choice now sadly too old is indeed a perfect match Who knows who they ll really cast but as with the book the characters have to be right or the whole story will be just silly and sappySince reading this the first time back in 2007 I ve started reading some romance novels Yes I ve been corrupted Or rather I ve always loved romance stories but had trouble admitting it Now I just don t care

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Twilight review ✓ 103 Idn't know how dominant that part might be that thirsted for my bloodAnd third I was unconditionally and irr. It turns out we don t need Dr John Gray to tell us that men are from Transylvania and women are from Venus We just need to read Stephenie Meyer books For example from this book we learn that the millions of women who have wolfed down the Twilight series pun intended want men who1 Talk about their feelings Either Meyer s husband is the single most communicative male on the planet and she doesn t realize how unusual he is or she like most of her female readers is using her fiction to imagine a world where men not only have deep emotions but want to admit to having them and talk about them over and over articulating even the most subtle of their internal dramas 2 Make them flutter But just being a sensitive new age kind of guy doesn t cut it A man has to be hard bodied chiseled dashing and have eyes that pierce the soul if not the skin even as they never look at your chest This book suggests that a real man makes you constantly stumble over your words bite your lip to refrain from exclaiming adulations and lose yourself in the sweet smell of his breath 3 Are fiercely devoted That a girl of no spectacular beauty who lacks any trace of conversation skills whose only virtue is that she smells really yummy can inspire an immortal creature of godlike power and grace to alter his entire existence to serve and protect her watching over her by night on that in 4 This is a woman s ultimate fantasy to have the perfect man perfectly devoted for no good reason at all4 Want them so bad that they won t take them This alas is the most transparent aspect of this book s appeal It speaks volumes about the differences between men and women to have so many women toss their bodice ripping romances aside in order to read how a feral man with otherworldly physical desires can contain his passion and lust out of his pure and perfect love for his beloved It says that women really do wish they could have it both ways to be an object of lust and devotion at once to fulfill a man s desire without actually slaking his thirst for her To have a man watch you sleep and not want to have even a little peek under the covers now that s hot fantasy for today s woman who is otherwise told on a regular basis that to be her best self she has to enage in casual and risky sexual behavior To see just what an indulgent fantasy this book is just imagine the male centric version of Twilight in which a troubled teen boy moves to a small town to find the hottest girl in town is a vampiress Such a book would be about 100 pages long all the unnecessary internal dialogue would be removed No one would talk except to comment on the awesome size of um one s videogame library The vampiress would be simple relatively dumb incredibly hot wearing almost nothing and with no expectations of her man but drawn to him only by the smell of his gym bag She wouldn t hold herself back from trying to bite her intended but would get so distracted with his bedroom techniue that she would never get around to it We would laugh at such a book in fact we know it would never be a book since men don t read it would be a movie and it would be a smash summer hit called American Vam Pie er I ll start the screenplay right away Somehow when this story is told in a similarly indulgent female centric vein we don t reject it but sympathize with it I believe this is because women get to indulge in their fantasies so rarely outside of Jane Austen novels while men are surrounded with theirs So far I have yet see spam email inviting one to read hot things devoted husbands would say to their wives or see pictures of hunks promising not to get nasty out of respect for their women or buy this purple pill so you can stay up late and share your feelings seven times in one night So hats off to Stephenie Meyer for figuring out what it is that women really want and giving it to them

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