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[The Sunflowers Are Mine [BOOK] Free Read DOC ↠ Martin Bailey

  • Paperback
  • 240
  • The Sunflowers Are Mine
  • Martin Bailey
  • en
  • 27 June 2017
  • 9780711241398

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REVIEW · The Sunflowers Are Mine Van Gogh’s life and his path to fame Based on original research the book is packed with discoveries – throwing new light on the legendary artist ?. I have been an Van Gogh fan ever since I stumbled upon Lust for Life by Irving StoneLust for Life I have read other books about Van Gogh and his work and I would place The Sunflowers are Mine The Story of Van Gogh s Masterpiece as one of the best I ve read The biography section was concise but telling The relationships between Van Gogh and other painters of his period and the way they exchanged paintings was something I had not known much about I especially enjoyed the second part about the influence of his sunflower paintings It was a thrill to see plates of paintings I have never seen before and I liked how the author showed Van Gogh s influence on the flower paintings of other artists The history and travel of each Sunflower painting was very interesting to me I would definitely recommend The Sunflowers are Mine to anyone who is a fan of Van Gogh or who may want to know about his famous Sunflowers

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REVIEW · The Sunflowers Are Mine He then explores the subseuent adventures of the seven pictures and their influence on modern art Through the Sunflowers we gain fresh insights into.

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REVIEW · The Sunflowers Are Mine This is the story of one of the world’s most iconic images Martin Bailey explains why Van Gogh painted a series of sunflower still lifes in Provence. This is a very readable study of Van Gogh s life as seen through the creation of his 7 paintings of sunflowers the second half gives us the histories of the paintings since Van Gogh s death The reproductions are excellent and there are a lot of fascinating old photos too As always Van Gogh s words as drawn from his letters are touching and enlightening The author uses these and the correspondence of those who know Van Gogh to good effect