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[holocaust Books] eBook Sins as Scarlet ✓ Nicolás Obregón

Summary Sins as Scarlet

Sins as Scarlet

Sins as Scarlet Free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook L follows him Approached by an old contact whose daughter has been murdered and the case laid to restunsolvedIwata agrees to take on the case out of loyalty But what seems initially like a cold blooded murder takes a different turn when a homeless witness recalls the murderers parting words Im sorryFrom the depths of Skid Row to the fatal expanse of the Sonoran Desert Iwata tracks the disparate pieces of a mysterious and heartbreaking puzzle But the he unearths the clearer it is that things are not as they appear and people are not as they seem Lives untangle fates converge and blood is spilled. Second outing for Japanese detective He s now back the USA where he grew up and working as a PI in Los Angeles To be honest I loved the first novel in this series and was disappointed that this one moved away from Japan There are so many crime novels set in the US that I enjoy those set in other countries especially those with a culture so different to my own Great writing and storyline just not enamoured of the setting

Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Nicolás Obregón

Sins as Scarlet Free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook As Inspector Iwata returns More Praise for Sins as Scarlet Masterpiecethats the only way to describe Sins as Scarlet Obregns brilliant novel is at once a classic noir a psychological thriller and a riveting examinationsometimes dark sometimes moving to the point of tearsof life in a less than angelic Los Angeles And what a delight to see Inspector Kosuke Iwata back again You will love every minute spent with this one of a kind hero Jeffery Deaver New York Times bestselling author of The Burial HourIn the heady tradition of Raymond Chandler and Michael Connelly Sins as Scarlet lays bare the bru. uite honestly this was as faultless as a second novel in a series can ever beAlthough I thought Blue Light Yokohama was one of the best crime novels of the past few years this seuel expanded everything there was to love and loathe about the characters and the story and somehow Nicol s Obreg n has managed to grip me with this one even all whilst completely changing the setting from Tokyo to Los AngelesA huge part of the reason I picked up Blue Light Yokohama was because it was set in Japan a country I love reading about The fact that this book carried the same visceral intelligence as the first the same plot gravity the same intriguing mystery the same brutal realities but is just MORE in every way and therefore I enjoyed it eventhough it s set outside Japan for me is just hugely surprising I can enjoy great crime novels set anywhere but the fact that I loved the new Californian setting something that s been done time and again when I initially began this series for it s Japanese essence is all down to Obreg n s writing The descriptions and comparisons transported me to the city of angels effortlesslyThere were extremely hard hitting topics in this part of Iwata s story but I felt everything was handled with the perfect amount of respect and reality To sugar coat or skim over some of the horrific and traumatic themes in this novel would be an injustice to them but likewise none of the scenarios felt as though they were included with the sole intention to shockSaying anything about the plot and characters would spoil the twists and surprises but I will say that Kosuke Iwata is as ever the authentically troubled detective that leaves that bittersweet aftertaste in your mouth and I ll be continuing with his journey in Unknown Male very soon

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Sins as Scarlet Free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A dark brutal ride through the underbelly of LA Anthony Horowitz author of Magpie MurdersIn this follow up to Nicols Obregons critically acclaimed Blue Light Yokohama Inspector Iwata returnsin a murder case in his new home of Los AngelesAfter a brutal murder investigation ripped apart his life Kosuke Iwata uit both his job as a detective with the Tokyo Police Department and his country leaving Japan for the hopefully sunnier shores of Los Angeles California But even though hes left his old life behind he still has to make a living and Iwata sets up shop as a private investigator But murder stil. It s not very often that I find myself moved when I m reading Crime Fiction it s usually a rare occurrence but a totally appreciated one when it does happen and Obregon managed to touch a part of my soul with his painfully beautiful writing and stunning imagery It was a little like reading high brow literary fiction without the pretentiousness and with way gritThe real appeal of this one for me was two fold the main character Iwata was just the kind of damaged and broken leading man that always gets under my skin and then there was the setting When an author can make me truly feel the location they re describing and make it a living breathing entity I am blown away and Obregon did a phenomenal job creating a strong sense of place It takes place mainly in LA and this isn t the glittering mecca we ve all seen on TV this is the dark underbelly the very depths of humanityOne last thing that made this a standout was that you can clearly see this is written by an author who is not only extremely talented but he has a social conscience This examines the marginalized community of transgender individuals and it was explored in a sensitive yet honest and raw manner It was also diverse with Iwata being Japanese and I learned some interesting things about the culture and their traditions that was really cool This whole book was just really cool it mixed a modern vibe with current social issues with an old school noir style that is entirely the authors ownSins as Scarlet in three words Intoxicating Smooth and Sophisticated

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