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The Burning Boys

DOWNLOAD The Burning Boys ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Around him a fighter pilot wakes to discover his brutal disfigurement in a world he neither recognises nor remembers The fragile link b. I am so glad to finally be finished with this revolting little book Reading Goodreads mini author bio John Fuller is an English poet author and critic He is an Emeritus Fellow of Magdalen College Oxford where he was Tutor in English one would be forgiven for expecting something akin to a masterpiece One might surely at least expect decent characterisation and believable inner dialogue But no We have two main characters David and the pilot David is a schoolboy though of god knows what age as his behaviour varyingly could have fit a child of seven or a child of say thirteen The pilot of variable name is a burns victim Both have an incredibly wordy and tired inner dialogue with endless philosophising again seeming incongruous with David s youth Doubtless there is some allusion between the pilot s burned disfigurement and David s imagined exploration of attics and chimneys lit up like the burning boys at the close of the book Perhaps this is even profound I wouldn t know I m too frustrated by the rest of The Burning Boys to be interested in contemplationWhy am I too frustrated Well you might ask I m too frustrated because of the revolting privileged depiction of male sexuality herein David wanders around fantasising about caressing his aunt s breasts feeling turned on by touching her hair or sharing a bed with her thinking and talking about his penis and those of others including a cousin and a bogan he sees in a museum trying to see women naked watching a female friend on the toilet and feeling fascinated by her excretions in way TMI detail french kissing his cousin s wife considering virtually all young women s breasts as available and so on and so forth The pilot has less page time so we see less of his sexuality but still plenty enough Why should he allow himself to be fed by these girls when he should be making love to them Allow ALLOW How about you re lucky they ve saved your lifeApart from that I have no great desire to read about a schoolboy s fascination with watching his friend urinate and defecate what really pisses me off is that both main characters constantly turn all young women into sex objects Both presume willingness even desire where they think of the woman s opinion at all The women have no say David watches his aunt and her friend comparing their breasts frankly this felt like a wet dream not credible voyeuristically He has little concern for how the women would feel if they knew he was watching He might as well have been masturbating The pilot fantasises about pushing his hands under Phyllis uniform and what her body would be like but nothing about how she d react It s almost like it doesn t occur to him that she d react like as I said a presumed willingness because he s a man and it s his opinion that counts The Burning Boys was simultaneously dry and revolting but significantly a book that made me mutter angrily about privileged old men in ivory towers It might have finished on a two star were it not for the deep plop and rich smell of Jill Simpson s shit Why on earth Fuller did that merit inclusion

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DOWNLOAD The Burning Boys ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB When David's mother is killed in the Blitz he moves to a new life in Lancashire with his young aunt Jean As he watches the adult world. 1993 notebook this is good I know it but don t feel as if I m reading anything new About midway I get interested Nicely turned really Characters a little stock

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DOWNLOAD The Burning Boys ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Etween the man and the boy as each experiences his own painful rite of passage is movely described in this powerful and evocative novel. Short and simply but beautifully written The writer is a poet and it really comes through in the writing