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Janice Y.K. Lee ( ebook PDF ) The Piano Teacher – eBook or Kindle

review The Piano Teacher

Free read Ò eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB · Janice Y.K. Lee Janice Y.K. Lee · 7 review The Piano Teacher characters ¿ 7 Exotic Hong Kong takes center stage in this sumptuous novel set in the 1940s and '50s It's a city teeming with people sights sounds and smells and it's home to a group of foreign nationals who enjoy the good life among the local moneyed set in a tight knit social enclave distanced from the culture at large Comfortable clever and even a bit dazzling they revel in their fancy dinners and fun parties But their sheltered lives tak. 45 I ve never thought of a title for a book to be either a good name or a bad name but after reading this brilliant historical fiction book I have to say this is a dumb title for this particular book Looking at the cover you think it s a white female that is a piano teacher probably having an affair and it is all about her BUT NO I thought Claire was the most boring protagonist in the whole book The story alternates in Hong Kong between Will Truesdale British and Trudy Liang Eurasian Portuguese Chinese mix in the year 1941 before the start of the second world war Then there is Claire s story with Will in the year 1952 Claire British married to Martin ultimately unknowingly entangles herself with the rich through piano tutoring lessons with the Chen s daughter Locket and then in having an affair with their British driver WillThe story slowly weaves in the beginning untangling itself in the middle It is such a good WWII book with nothing to do with the Holocaust The British have colonized Hong Kong trying to separate itself from China There are many rich having to do with the government living at that time Then the war hits Hong Kong is invaded by the terrorist fascist Japanese living in the abandoned homes taking shits in every room to celebrate beheading anyone in their way raping amah s and any woman caught on her own The rich are now living in jails in their own feces contaminated waters little to eat with so many dark secrets The British get the worst treatment by far which in this period is understandable The Americans get treated the best and have the most to eat which makes one wonder whose side they were on originally before it all went downThe story is the best in 1941 Trudy and Will s story and the corruption of the war There are many shady characters and so many twists I didn t see coming War shows what a person is willing to do to get by and shows one s true character in a time of crisis I would HIGHLY recommend this story to WWII or historical fiction readers esp those looking for Japanese based stories I couldn t get to the end fast enough now I can take a breath SO GOOD

Free read Ò eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB · Janice Y.K. LeeThe Piano Teacher

Free read Ò eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB · Janice Y.K. Lee Janice Y.K. Lee · 7 review The Piano Teacher characters ¿ 7 E an abrupt turn after the Japanese occupation and though their reactions are varied denial resistance submission the toll it takes on all is soon laid bare Enter Claire Pendleton from London Months after her husband is transferred to Hong Kong in 1951 she accepts a position as a piano teacher to the daughter of a wealthy couple the Chens Claire begins to see the appeal of the sweltering city and is soon taken in by the Chen's. Lee alternates between two different time periods to tell the story of betrayal in war time Hong Kong Does anyone just write a linear story any Seems like every book I pick up these days uses this kind of device I really enjoyed the 1940 s story line of Will and Trudy during the war An Englishman and a Eurasian woman who are in the thick of the pre war social scene and how their lives change when the Japanese invade Hong Kong Will is interned as a prisoner of war and Trudy decides to collaborate to survive Which of course goes awryThe 1950 s storyline is thinner and less compelling Will is now a driver for a rich Chinese businessman Trudy s cousin and he takes up with a naive young Englishwoman who is fresh off the boat with her husband Claire is the piano teacher of the title and unfortunately she a fairly bland and uninteresting character who simply becomes an empty vessel for the story to flow through I enjoyed reading this book but the journey was satisfying than the destination Read this book for the sense of setting the vivid image of pre war Hong Kong the social scene of ex pats and rich locals vying for status but don t expect a plot that will pull you towards a resolution of importance

Janice Y.K. Lee · 7 review

Free read Ò eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB · Janice Y.K. Lee Janice Y.K. Lee · 7 review The Piano Teacher characters ¿ 7 Driver the curiously underutilized Will Truesdale A handsome charmer with a mysterious limp Will appears to be the perfect companion for Claire who's often left to her own devices But a further examination leaves her with uestions than answersAn intricately woven tale of lives changed by historical events Lee's debut brings this hothouse flower of a city alive with passion and imagines characters both unforgettable and tragic. the salespeople at Borders did me wrong in their defense i had but 10 minutes on my parking meter and made a hasty decision to buy this book and what a book what a dumb book boring story i kept waiting for the story to get moving and it never did this is a slow story about a bunch of english ex pats living in hong kong and going to parties having affairs stealing things Part 2 gets only mildly interesting when the japanese invadeboring boring boring characters i didn t really care what ended happening to themi found claire to be as chiffony i just made that word up as her dresses which were incessantly describedi found will to be exceptionally dull just like his name will my apologies to any wills out there maybe he was totally hot and good in bed and trudy ah trudy could i punch her in face pleaaaase she was so terribly annoying i couldn t take it spoiled brat would sum her up every time her name came up i was irritated perhaps the author is anitcipating this becoming a movie so many visual details of dresses and surroundings and sweat beads running down claire s back that had nothing to do with the story so the scene was set for what a dumb story ug i hate dumb books and what s with the name locket it reminds me of michael jackson s kid Blanket

  • Hardcover
  • 328
  • The Piano Teacher
  • Janice Y.K. Lee
  • English
  • 03 May 2019
  • 9780670020485